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I believe I've found a bug: Buy an Urchin at the very end of your turn, and then *don't place him*. On your next turn, the price for an Urchin is now +1, even though you *didn't* buy an Urchin this turn.

That's not a bug (though the game doesn't do a good job explaining this) - it's meant to discourage "urchin hoarding" (also "thug hoarding") where you all of a sudden swamp the board with characters your opponent wasn't able to see coming and therefore couldn't counter. (Originally, the game didn't work this way, but after a bunch of internal play testing we changed the rule because that strategy was no fun.)

Oh, I see. The text in the box should certainly be updated then, because it currently implies that the reason for the higher cost is that one was hired this turn..

It's also an extra punishment for getting your urchin stunned by a trap. Since he's in the field at the start of your next turn you're at +1 cost. I think the mechanic makes sense.