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So I'm working in Construct 2 to make my entry for the jam. 

i set my window size to be 64x64 ,but when i play the game it scales out like you see in the image. I feel like it's too large for this.

my sprites are around 4x4 give or take. The environment (Walls, Platforms, and etc) are 8x8.

Obviously the art isn't anywhere near final. I intend to make a fuller version of this after the jam which could potentially be my next release after my current main title Bit Bot.

But, back to size. Is this okay ,or am i doing something wrong?

Hey Voia

My soon to be released game that is up for pre-order on isn't horror ,but i think you may find it interesting.

Not only is it up for pre-order ,but there is also a 3 level demo available on my page

Get in touch with me so we can discuss working together to get some coverage on the game leading up to its 5.5.16 release date.

Thank You

I want to set my game Booty Diver up for pre-order. The game has a release date of 5/5/16 ,and i'm working up to that release date to squash bugs ,but i see the pre-order asks for file. Does it have to be the actual game file at this point or could it be a dummy file i replace on 5/5/16?

My original idea was to have a pre-order demo that you got once you pre-ordered ,but my understanding is the customer doesn't have access to the file right away that is covered under that pre-order.

Can anyone please shed some more light on this?

Thank You,

Jason of Xavier Orion Games