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Turn-based space-disaster sim I’m Not A Monster is a fascinating little thing. Blending old parlour game Mafia (or Werewolf, depending on how goth you’re feeling) with XCOM, a team of six players are dispatched to rescue civilians from a spacecraft under attack. 

The twist: Two of those players are secretly shapeshifting alien lizards, capable of transforming others into more of their kind. While there’ll be more modes, threats and scenarios in the final game later this year, a multiplayer beta rolled out onto Steam today, free for all to try.


I'm not a Monster

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The Ministry of Recent News reports!

At the latest meeting of the Cabinet, the Wise Leader sharply criticized the policy of lootboxes (from Latin lutis boxum – civilized robbery). 

According to the Wise Leader, it is unacceptable to force the citizens to pay through the nose for what should have cost nothing; instead the Government must stick to socialistic values!

By order of the Wise Leader, the Ministry of Social Justice announces a Happy Week and 50% off the full price!

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Great games collection. Hope you'll add Beholder I guess it have some special atmosphere. :-)

Спасибо за Let's Play! Рады что понравилось.

Well, the Core team- 13ppls.


Dear Lady Shadow,

Thank you for your interest! Yeah, we know about wording in the current version. We will release an update with a clear texts and with a lot of improvments at Thursday 6.

Great Let's Play!

Thank you again,

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Thank you for your review! It's really great to see that you like it. Hope your followers will like Beholder too.

Hi Nerdysylveon,

Well we will try to add bindings for Zoom in/out keys in Setup menu right with WASD camera controls. But yes, it's really comfortable to use mouse instead touchpad atm.


You are right Chunky

We have a lot of Let's play reviews from youtubers and it's seems they liked it .

Thank you coldbeat

Yeah the current Beta has some glitches, misstypes e.t.c. We decide to focus on a release atm. Sorry for that.

Hi frail,

Thank you for such warm words. Yeah we got a lot of suggestions regarding "sandbox mode" and it's not a really hard to implement from a technical side but it's really hard to make this mode interesting for players. So we decide to focus on story driven quests. May be we will add this mode in future.

BTW, "son" will have his own unique qest lines and they are really intersting :-)

Hi Thomandy,

Thank you for your comment and your Let's play video. Hope you and your followers will enjoy.

Thank's a lot! Hope your friends will enjoy

Thank you very much for such positive feedback! We are glad to know that we are on the right way!

Thank you for your review! :)

Hi Maineiacs,

Thank's a lot for your interest and review! Hope you will enjoy full version.