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Love the game, but there is one thing worth mentioning. If you record audio in Audacity, DO NOT CLOSE THE GAME - before saving and closing Audacity! You need to leave the game, while it's still running, cause closing the game in any way will just completely erase all the audio in Audacity. Audio gone, no chance of saving cause it does something strange to the file itself. This was CRAZY frustrating when recording this game! I have recorded 500videos, and this has Never happend to me before.

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Hi, first impressions of this game is awesome! I did record it, might start a series, here it is: Beholder Introduction

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Here is my gameplay... a swede tried to have sex with an canadian at one point, strange game. Ps- how do I get the video to show, and not just a link?

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I took it down, the tiny rant review, its a really cool game and my frustration over bad luck with the gltich shouldnt affect peoples view before they try it! :)

Just uploaded my full play through, really enjoyed the game, took me a bit by surprise how amazing it was! Bravo!! The House Abandon

Thank you!!!! No, I dont know, Ill do it now! Thanks!

I delete everything... re-install it... still not able to re-start 1-1! And I have no clue to pass a comand line to -exe ... where can I delete the save?

I need to re-do the intro but I have no clue how to pass some reset stuff to what exactly??? What???

I want to visit World 1-1 again! "If you pass -resetPrefs as a command line argument to NoMariosSky.exe then you'll restart at World 1-1."

what does this even mean?

Also, is there a way to get the screen bigger? I have to literally sit on top of my monitor so see the text.. ?! :)

Bug? Im not able to close the game without it crashing or freezing my pc and I have to close it by ctrl alt del.