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Read. This. First. Sticky

A topic by Unknown Developer created Mar 03, 2017 Views: 44,066 Replies: 147
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I am honestly so confused with this, can't wrap my head around it.

Dont worry about your self I will make sure to get the truth of this and while you're at it please spread the word @HACKTHETRUTH!


Hello There I honestly like the style of the game but dont know what to do. Do i listen to the main person, or the person in the background. Overall, very good game if i knew what to do.

The background voice just seems to be an echo/repeat of the main voice, with the pitch slightly higher.


I feel like some of whats being spoken is backwards, cant figure it out


As far as I can tell, the voice in the background just seems to be echoing the main voice.

Can't make sense of the letters, really. I s'pose the right thing to do is just not play. Doesn't seem like there's a solution.


What the fuck? this is fucking spooky.

like zoinks


seems like a good game dont really know how the figure out what to do next, and dont know how to continue the game


I just dont understand whats it saying... any help, please?


The speaker is showing symptoms of an aquired language disorder


YamaMaya is correct. The person speaking has a language disorder. In some ways I feel like the person is talking directly to me, and when being asked if I can understand him, I feel like giving an answer. The game is pretty cool, and mysterious in many ways. I'll keep messing around with a bunch of things to see if I can figure this puzzle out.


If possible, UnkownDeveloper, please give a hint as to what I am looking for in the end game. The game is great and is full of mystery, but I'd like to figure this thing out. Please leave a hint if possible, if you aren't wanting to, I will keep working on the game to figure it out.




Agreed. (BTW nice videos...)



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I found out that the Solution.png says what the person in the game is saying when you turn it upside down. Also in Morse code it says LOOK INSIDE. I don't know what that means. I can't seem to find what it means either.

Deleted 1 year ago



If you "look inside" the picture(open it with notepad for example), there's a text
Do you understand me? Nobody does. The truth is deeper inside. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again.


Hypno-467767 by Unknown Developer


holy crap! Are all his games connected?

Same in the hex file, Do you understand me? Nobody does. The truth is deeper inside. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again.

Offset 00001EA1 in solution.png


All his games have weird little bits of information. This is what I have so far. (yes I played all of them)

MO - 9+
HN - 467767
NY - idk
DPTG- Look inside. 467767
TB - idk

Could I ask how you got 9+ from the MOON OMEN.

I, too, am trying to solve this puzzle and I can't quite figure out your steps to getting 9+

the 9+ are the number of +s that you get until the weird jump scare thing happens.

Ah okay, mine seems to trigger on 12+


is this the order that the games came out.

The fox jumps over the lazy dog. 1234567890

thats for fonts

That sentence has every letter in the alphabet along with numbers. You probably opened the font file and saw that. Sorry but not useful.

it does not have the letter B? or C? etc?

It is missing the words 'quick' and 'brown'. Whether this is relevant or not is undetermined. It could be relevant if he saw it somewhere other than the font file.

How did you find that

This is normal for a windows font file, its the default text by windows.

Its not missing quick and brown by the way, I think Yancha just forgot to put it.

He found it by opening the zip as archive, it is in data

(1 edit) (+1)

Okay, so I think I'm getting close to something here, thanks to Deszip and a little playing around myself.

I think that the six books cypher (LHFDMY/HDYLFM) combines with the HYPNO/DPTG clue: 467767 and LOOKINSIDE within The Painful Box somehow.

I've attemped both L4,H6,F7,D7,M6,Y7 and H4,D6,Y7,L7,F6,M7 but neither seemed to have done anything.

The only other thing I can think is that T&Bs reverse instruction refers to either the Cypher or the Numbers (As reversing the AV only gets "Lick my Ass" and "F*ck me in the pussy", which I don't think is a hint) but that's a lot of variables to test.

Hey I Found something and sense you also seem to be trying this and made some progress I wanted to share something I found. In this game the number/780 is made after 30 letters are said. The last 780 is 30*26 because of 30 letters with 26 in the alphabet. The first number is weird you have to assign a number value. A=1 B=2 etc but dont include repeats and that equals the first number. Hopefully this helps you make progress if you find anything it would be awesome if you could share


Hey I discoverd that in the painfull box you can also press the letters A B C D E F G H I at the part that you have to press the number. So that may refer to your idea of the A=1, B=2, C=3 etc.

Yea whats wierd is thers is no zero yet thats a option

That may be an allusion to a hexadecimal format being the solution, I'll try putting the codes mentioned so far through a hex converter and see what I get

Did anyone take their time to check every box?

The solution when opened and rotated 90degree shows the weird dialogue said by the voice in DPTG

plz help

The name title is 430495... hm

I'm thinking there is a reason why there is a counter in the middle, maybe thats how many times you have to listen: I'm going to set up a clicker to automatically push L. I'll be back with an update soon. Im on 227/780. Lets see where this goes

Conclusion: It displays a letter sequence, and a number out of 780... At 00:00 it is YMAGTMRCXGHQDHNLMQEHBCMVAKPCZG with 271 / 780. I wonder what this could signify

In a letter decoder the letter sequence is 25-13-1-7-20-13-18-3-24-7-8-17-4-8-14-12-13-17-5-8-2-3-13-22-1-11-16-3-26-7

These numbers mean something, I dont know yet

(3 edits)

The 30 letters on top equal the ???/780


Take out the repeats


Change into numbers A=1 B=2 etc


Add all those numbers together and you get 240


TQUDMWJXVEKPFGRSYOH = 20-17-21-4-13-23-10-24-22-5-11-16-6-7-18-19-25-15-8 = 284


VQLUANBETXGFPOSCZ = 22-17-12-21-1-14-2-5-20-24-7-6-16-15-19-3-26 = 230


HLAWIOGJVQUXYCNEB = 8-12-1-23-9-15-7-10-22-17-21-24-25-3-14-5-2 = 218

I've done this with several more but yours doesn't seems to work. "YMAGTMRCXGHQDHNLMQEHBCMVAKPCZG with 271 / 780"

YMAGTRCXHQDNLEBVKPZ = 25-13-1-7-20-18-3-24-8-17-4-14-12-5-2-22-11-16-26 = 248

Also, the "counter" is just your computer's clock. I think the clock somehow determines the ???/780 but I havn't found any proof of that yet or how it works.

Maybe doing it at a specific time will get an outlier, and maybe that is the one you need to find

SO mine that I got at exactly midnight, is the outlier?

I havnt found any others that havnt worked yet.

Just ran some test with the clock at 00:00:00 and can not get the same results twice while turning the computer clock back. Starting to think the clock is just a red herring.

How did you get that number and the first number is adding up the letters wit a=1 etc and don't include repeats the second is the 30 letters time the 26 letters in th alphabet

You type the letters in a letter to numeric decoder

May I join in?
If you open the game using notepad, you can find something written in italian language hidden along weird symbols. Dunno if it is of any use, but still, thought you wanna know


Here's a question: Has your sequence of 'games' ended? Or do you plan to add more to this line of mysteries?

I extracted the files using win.rar and I found some interesting things. I found a file called decterm.ttf I open this file and saw something weird. I see the words "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 1234567890". The quotes weren't there tho. These words progressively get larger on the file. There are multiple other files but it is a bunch of code and the letter ÿ repeated thousands of times. I have no clue if any of this is important but it could be a step in sloving this mystery

(1 edit)

Thats normal for a windows font file, it has that for every font.

The ÿ thing is just you are opening a data file as a txt file, it isnt being read right.

Try opening solution.png as a hex or text file though, it says "Do you understand me? Nobody does. The truth is deeper inside. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again."

(1 edit)

Anybody good at Photoshop, can you get the opacity right and minus his profile pic from solution.png for clearer text?

There's no way to do that. The image is still too small.

(1 edit)

Best I could do is this:

No Filters:

Filtered to be clearer:

Raw photoshop file for anybody that can filter more

(Right click, open image in new tab to zoom in)

the image is so small the quality decreases when enlarged making it hard to make out anyway

setting this pic as your desktop picture make it a little less blurred

Font name: DEC Terminal Modern TrueType Outlines abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890.:,; ' " (!?) +-*/= 12 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 1234567890 18 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 1234567890 24 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 1234567890 36 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 1234567890 48 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 1234567890 60 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. 1234567890 72 The quick brown (FOUND IT IN GAME EXE, DONT KNOW WHAT DOES IT MEANS BUT ANIWAY...)

Its normal for windows font files. Maybe the font he used is a clue, but the "Quick brown fox" bit is in every font file

(1 edit)

Here's something I saw with the LHFDMY/HDYLFM. First off, both contain the same letters (obviously), but the order of the letters in the second phrase is not random. When comparing the phrases as a whole (LHFDMYHDYLFM), starting at L in the second phrase, the distance between the two same letters is decreasing. L is 9 letters away from it's partner, F is 8 letters away, M is 7 letters, H is 5, & Y is 3. 4 & 6 are excluded. Now, this isn't all. Start off in the second phrase. Hop from each letter in the order of the first phrase. This works best if you draw it on paper. After you're done, you'll see it makes a consistent pattern. L to H, then back to F. F is to the right of L. Hop to D. D is to the right of H. Hop to M. M is right beside F. Hop to Y, competing the sequence. Y is right beside D. Now, whether any information can be gathered from this, I'm not completely sure. I am just showing that the second phrase is not arranged randomly and does, in fact, share a pattern with the first.

EDIT: Didn't play the Six Books game. Didn't realize that's how we got the second phrase. Whoops.

I feel like this pattern hides the Box Solution in it once discovered

What if
Y=25 (or 2+5=7?)
L=12 (or 3)
M=13 or 4

Has anyone tried using the painful box and inputting



I'll try this when I have time.
Each time you input something into painful box it has a different sentence, so maybe the first word of the sentence comes together to make a new sentence or phrase? Or something like that.

so I made a thread dedicated to solutions and clues we've found and summarized everything we've said here already so if anyone is reading this and doesn't want to go through the whole thread to find something, it's all there


after extracting On The Edge I found a file called On The Edge.dat I played it with a media player and it seems to play some random sounds starting at 13 seconds ( it jumps to 31 seconds ) there seem to be other time jumps in the sequence too

when i flip the solution photo i see like a poem looking thing with 11 lines.

Its whats being said when you press listen. Problem is, he has put his profile picture ontop so we cant read it

when you flip the photo i think its the clear msg of what the voice is saying


Ok, so i have really tried to decipher what it is saying, it probably isn't right but this is what I have atm:

Do you like the fact I don't know which (something about missing poster person)
Why don't you throw fuel on it?
Same reason as ever.
Hide under the table cloth punk.
Do you understand me?
Nobody does/died.
Listen, there's a bob (policeman) knocking at the door.
Should I go arrest him?
Find me a gun for real/gun reel.

I took this script as someone who cant say all words properly and slurs some together at times. If I am right, we are hearing half of a criminal conversation. But idk. I gave it a shot.

I tried messing up with the solution.png on Photoshop and some words seem to be off and not like what the voice says I need more time to be able to come up with what it says exactly

ok. If that's true. Are we playing a game from a criminal from NY (en wye

While looking for a translation for some of the word on the internet, I found this pastebin page :

"Cue larak (light it?) the fact I don't knowwhich FOR SOME poster musting

Why don't YOU GREW ON IT

Same FOLJEN AS ever

Over the tablecloth punt

Do you understand me?


Listen, THERE'S A BOJENS at the door

Should I garest him?

Find me a grom friel"

Some words seem to be in german or albanese. For example "garest" would mean "simmer".

so this guy speaks multiple languages.

"Garest" might also mean "to cook"

As in, "Should I cook him?"

If we extract all the extractable .exe files we find the .ini files inside the folders some of them have different names than the titles of the exe files

DPTG : leave.ini

en wye: en wye.ini

Hypno-467767: hypno.ini

On The Edge: where.ini

Six Books: books.ini

The Painful Box: drown.ini

Tits & Boobies: erect.ini

Unforgettable: utwya.ini

I feel like we can mess with the ini files in order to change how the game is scripted specially for the on the edge since both choices when the game asks us if we would help the voice or not seem to directly go to the same choice ! which is Fuck You assuming it'll say no automatically !

what does it say at the end of unforgettable? did anyone slow it down and take a picture?

it literally says this ( the same text twice but different letters are highlighted I'll put them in quotes ) combined it says See You

Unforgettable in every way

And forever more, that' "s" how you'll stay

That's why, darling, it's incredibl "e"

That som" e" one so unforgettable

Thinks that I am unforgettable too

Unforgettable in every way

And forever more, that's how you'll stay

Unforgettable in ever "y" way

And f "o" rever more, that's how yo "u" 'll stay

That's why, darling, it's incredible

That someone so unforgettable

Thinks that I am unforgettable too

Unforgettable in every way

And forever more, that's how you'll stay

Those are the lyrics to a Nat King Cole song - Unforgettable.

I managed to capture most of the message, and the highlighted letters spelled out "eye can see you", like from the part of the game where "unforgettable" turns upside-down.


If you zoom in the .png file, there are some dots at the top and bottom of the picture. It seems that it is a morse code, but I am not sure about this.

This is what I found:
Top dots translates to the word -> "Look"
Bottom dots translates to different things as it is not clear where the beginning and ending of the dots are (the "or" is not part of the translated morse code) ->

I A S A D E or
F 5 B or
I 6 I B or

Maybe there is more to this?
I'm not sure if I found every combination of it, or if its something at all...!?
Have fun

The Morse says LOOK INSIDE

Ups, my bad then..but thanks : )

I run the image through some steganalysis tools -> nothing found so far. Maybe someone should consider doing this with the audiofiles?

(1 edit)

Hex reveals the number and look deeper.

I doubt its steganography with these kind of images, there would be too much distortion.

Audio files wont be directly accessible, exe, so I doubt it again

I think its gonna be more surface wise than that. A missing connection between games that is word based, or number based

HxD shows the message at the end of the solution.png if your wandering what I mean, look at older posts for the message, with look deeper and the number

We are repeating what has already been found.

hey if possible can i have a exact copy of what the guy is saying in the game

Exact copy? Don't think so; some words are incomprehensible and there's a voice in the background. The BG might tell us smth, but I think it's just the echo of the Voice.

The solution.png has it, but he has overlayed his profile picture on it. Flip horizontally then vertically



I don't know if I've figured something out but just listen to it and replace the words that dont make sense with words that sound similar and actually make sense like it says something about a file that came with it and google it or something just a thought

(1 edit)

So, i tried to read into what was on the "solution", by editiing it in Photoshop, comparing it to what is said in the game, and comparing letters of the phont that comes with the game - that's what i got

Cue jairia is the fact I don't know

Which iraserujost are missting.

Why don't you grew on it?

Same function as ever

Over the tablecloth punc

Do you understand me?

Nobody does

Listen there's a bajans at the


Should i garest him

Find me a gromfriel

Highlighted words are the words i'm not that sure about, mostly cuz it sounds like gibberish. I presume they are not english words, but i'm not sure. Anyone else tried to make sense of the text?

This is the kind of words am seeing too ! I am sure there is a pattern in order to solve the words !

i tried to google them, and some of them DO come up as words from other languages... for example "bhajans" -- A bhajan (Hindi: भजन) literally means "sharing".[1] It also refers to any song with religious theme or spiritual ideas, in a regional Indian language
or "garest" -




  1. Second-person singular subjunctive I of garen.

    Maby the other words are the same, i just can't spell em out right, cuz it's hard to read...

In previous comments some people mentioned that there are patterns to some words in the clues, they are somehow related and maybe this too has a pattern I mean like we have to transition the letters to the next ones by a certain number in order to come up with the exact words needed

(2 edits)

The "solution.png" is mostly readable. CAPPS are what I couldn't read but could mostly hear clearly

Cue larak (light it?) the fact I don't know

which FOR SOME poster musting

Why don't YOU GREW ON IT

Same FOLJEN AS ever

Over the tablecloth punt

Do you understand me?


Listen, THERE'S A BOJENS at the


Should I garest him?

Find me a grom friel.

i want to add, that there's a clear "are" in the second line before the "m" word in the solution pic
also, for some reason, even if we hear "punt" there's a small letter that resembles a "c" in there, insted of "t"... for some reason, i think the text on the pic and the text in the game aren't the same letter to letter...

and what on earth is grom friel? I tried googling it, but it's just random staff...
Also, i'll try to work on the hard words later on again, and will post pictures, so that other people can try to see what's in there..

I am working on this she sounds like she says in the first words Cue Latin I hope I get some progress I recorded the voice and playing it in slow motion so I can manage to get all the letters I am sure she pronounces several random letters when combined come up with a word or something

there were 30 letters at the top so i though i would multiply 26 by 30 which added up to 780 (the number it shows at the end) so i thought maybe the letters at the top all have to be a z to get 780/780, but after adding up the other numbers it did not add to the other number that appeared :/

The letters that come up when you finish listening change every time and so does the number before the /780 maybe the number is actually the Decryption code so we can guess the message, and I think that all the letters that come up to every single one of us actually are the same message since the key to decoding it is changing every single time too and that can not be random

(2 edits)

I did some image processing to clean up solution. Its not perfect and it cuts a bit out, but its a bit clearer.

No Filters:

Filtered to be clearer:

Raw photoshop file for anybody that can filter more

(Right click, open image in new tab to zoom in)


i suggest someone try to write out the text in the same font, and just keep switching letters until it matches up with the text...

So, you know how the top and bottom of the solution picture gives a message in morse code? My first thought before knowing that was to tile the picture so that the top meets the bottom and the result seems to look like braille on it's side...I think? I tried to translate some of them and they seem to be a letter paired with a number, which may correlate to The Painful Box game. idk just a though

- From a guy that's probably trying too hard

We already found out that the morse codes translate to Look Inside but this can be interesting we need to experiment more with it

Yeah, but my point was before I knew that I tried the morse code thing :P soz if that wasn't clear

nah no problem ^_^ we're all working together to figure this out :D

in the Book Of Sins there is a reversed music at the end of the dialogue

Feel free to post anything on this drive, enhanced images, reversed sounds or edited ones I'll be putting my progress there !

Please any ideas on what it is ?

Just for info in case its not mentioned until now:

You can extract every game .exe 2x and will find other stuff (.text, .data, icons, .bmp, another .exe with the same name which is much smaller than the original .exe etc.).

After extreacting 2 times go to folder .rsrc/1033/Bitmap (hypno and painful box game):

QUIT.bmp -> which says : "quit? Your progress is automatically saved at the beginning of each chapter."

I did not find further information with steganalysis & HxD in these 2 images!

how do you extract it twice? i can only extract it once..

if i remember well :

extract the the .rar, extract the .exe, then extract the .exe again (you'll see a .rsc folder, .data file, .rdata file and a .text file)

(1 edit)

Since I didn't see anyone doing this, I might as well post what I found. I don't know how to use html neither how to read it, the further I went with it was to use tumblr themes. However, my curiosity told me to convert the notepad file from the .png picture into html and for that I used this website . (I won't post it here since it got so big but you can do it as well) After it was converted, I copied the text to my microsoft word and it had 45 pages (even though some of them were actually blank?) and some words kept repeating: grave, dagger, thorn and some variations which ended with "acute", like this fragment of the code:

j õŠ'Tê46Oƒ/\hN¦ ƒS{Ͻöä“ÞÚ,_{eýÂ÷ÿîå…ÉÉááþR“P¨ó‡,v§Ûå5 lP#‑aR°Rùo]©¥t?d2I§r@÷\¦„'Ï4·Êã{
¬‑¾vóFk OœýÚʏ¦çº{Û 9™DÛÂÁ Ç"‡_¤²|.$ÿÃ\Á:è°öƒÊ‚mr¹|™D¸³-•È&2åêØÊêòc×ïTÎ,ïo½tâ»ëï‑œ›®Û²ùt| $ŸQC¯DEP‘€ÇaBwñIWÀ ¬KÄ:,TžÊ¹}žPwΔn ؽ

I don't know what to do with it, however I figured that someone who understands HTML could make some use of it.

I just saw an interesting comment under the video from Thomandy - btw big thanks to Thomandy for playing this game and posting the video (and all other stuff from you, i like it : ) )

"David Lechuga - 1 day ago
i have solved this, it is very simple, the game is a clock, open all files in hex editor if you want more info, the solution is inside, no from you, is inside him and if you look at cerctain adress 467767 at your hex you will get the key to stroke ... i come up in 15 minutes to the solution, i posted in and the developer is an ass and banned me from his community page and i also post on the release thread, but he delete that... so please help propagate the solution. ps. press f9"


"David Lechugavor - 5 hours ago
well if you press f9 you will get a pretty little clock in the last screen, its everything i get at least, maybe the solution is incomplete but as i say before, this program is a clock. If you need proof i have screenshots of my process and, try yourself press f9 at the end of the dialog, if the clock dont appear press L. Maybe te message is, dont play this game... is a waste of time... because of the clock, im pretty sure is about time."


"Mani Monibi - 5 hours ago
no but 467767 isnt a hex value lmfao"


"David Lechuga - 3 hours ago
Mani Monibi you have reason, because of that i search for 0x467760 and search in the row for the seventh term, it is F9"

-> myself ->
I wasn't able to reproduce this (pressing f9 didn't do anything, no clock showing up), could someone please try this and share their experience with this approach? Thanks alot everybody

& Thanks to David Lechuga if this helps, and if not, thank you anyway x)

erm... I have a clock... but not because i pressed f9, it's just there every time after i listen to the messege... i even tried to do staff with it, like, what if the code 467767 was somehow related to the clock? I tried different combinations with setting up the time, but it didn't work...

well this seems strange, i tried 2 pc's (inlc. different screen resolutions) and i don't see any clock !?
Does this occur to anybody else?

I have always had a clock, I tried pressing most of the buttons on my pc when it hit an hour but nothing happened. The clock is in sync with my computer so it must have some form of access to it.

Here are my notes from watching people play it on Youtube:

Moon Omen:

The number of "+"s goes up every passing day, and matches the number of days since DPTG was released. I watched a kid play it and for him he got the jumpscare at 18, but a day after it's 19.

En Wye:

The letters 'NY' are shown at the end. This obviously means New York.. But it could also mean "No, Yes". In On the Edge, has someone tried answering 'No' and then 'Yes'?

Six Books:

H, D, Y, L, F, M - Order said back.

  • Love (Love) "Kiss your Lips"
  • H (Hate) "I'd rather Burn your Face"
  • F (Life) "Breathe your Breath"
  • D (Death) "Gouge your Eyes Out"
  • M (Me) "Drink your Sweat"
  • Y (You) "Melt your Skin" - {Related to Hypno quote "Warm on your cheeks"?}

Tits and Boobies:

I watched someone stream this part, and it was mentioned that the parts that were spoken backwards sounded like "Fuck me" and "Lick my ass" - Sounds like a joke, but it's what we heard! Possibly related to this reoccurring couple - Jake and Melissa.

Don't Play This Game:

Each letter must have a set numerical value, but we don't know what it is yet. Is it our job to hit 780 somehow?

(2 edits)

I solved your algorithm! In Don't Play This Game, each letter is numbered throughout the alphabet, A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, E = 5, F = 6, G = 7, H = 8, I = 9, J = 10, K = 11, L = 12, M = 13, N = 14, O = 15, P = 16, Q = 17, R = 18, S = 19, T = 20, U = 21, V = 22, W = 23, X = 24, Y = 25, Z= 26

Figure out which letters are given to you in the 30 letter code and then add their pertaining numbers, once you do this you will find your score /780 Logically the highest you can get is 351.



Contains letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z (Not including: G, P, Q, R, S)

1+2+3+4+5+6+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+20+21+22+23+24+25+26 = 274 (Not including 7, 16, 17, 18, 19)

The /780 looks to be the number you get from adding 30 Z's together, given the following algorithm Z = 26, Z x 30 = 780

Although it doesn't seem to play a part in the algorithm so I wonder what it could be for.

I wrote this a couple pages back yesterday. Take out the repeat letters, add them up, and you get your ???/780. 780 would be if you got all Z's. My theory is it has to do with the clock which is just your system time, but I haven't found anything to back that up yet. Setting the computers clock to the same time and "listening" at the same time several times in a row came up with different letters every time.


Audio recording for faster access (Not the original audio file):

End screen when I recorded it (The time might be a few seconds out):

With your help( about first audio) I could hear some words.
I don't know why, but I clearly hear :"....You let on/in the fire and I don't know which/witch that (you)( supposed/support/)/from) to master(maybe ritual??Satan??).... Why don't you prove on it?....Same fortune as ever.....However, the table/tape (of) cloth print....Do you understand me? Nobody does...Listen, there's bogies(bogy) out the door...Should I gather(???) him? Find me a/at grove frill. "

I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy, because understood some of those words just in 5-10 minutes.

Spectrogram of the sound files:

Btw I checked all files (dptg, hypno, painful box) with HxD -> only the solution.png seems to have information. Hidden file search didn't reveal much either.

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I think that creator just cut some sounds ,breaking them to make words more multiple like words which have one pronounciation, and the point of the game is only to , maybe, show us how mad or crazy we are. Because my thought is that those letters never reach 780 points, and it's just like distraction.

Well here is what i found out at the end she says should i arrest him then find me at nom or something like that thel or tel please i want further clue help me if you guys can !!

I might be hearing things, but maybe "Find me at Room 3"?

I don't think so, because there is sounds "GR"(at the beginning) and "l"(At the end of the last word)


The solution.png clearly says "Should I garest him? Find me a grom friel. "

But maybe there are different words? I mean, there can be these words , but needed another.

find me at game title

maybe this is written at the end of solution.png

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I don't know why, but I clearly hear :"....You let (me??) on/in the fire and I don't know which/witch that (you)( supposed/support/)/from) to master(maybe ritual??Satan??).... Why don't you prove on it?....Same fortune as ever.....However, the table/tape|shape (of) cloth print....Do you understand me? Nobody does...Listen, there's bogies(bogy/body) out the door...Should I gather(???bury) him? Find me a/at grove frill. "

I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy, because understood some of those words just in 5-10 minutes.
And I think that those letters make no sense there. Just to confuse us.

Im super smart and can think outside the box, but this is seriously making my brain hurt.


These are just my thoughts about it.

Ok, I didn't write this, someone on Mark's channel in the comments did (I forget their name, sorry) but they came up with this:

"Can you imagine the fact that I don't know which I'm supposed to be in? Why don't you go rule me on it. Same old few things as ever. You under the table trade off punts. Can you understand me? Nobody does. Listen, there is a body at the door. Should I get rid of him? Find me at grave field"

Since the person has receptive aphasia it's more of "what are they trying to say" instead of "what does it mean"

467767 spells HORROR look at the mobile keypad

credits Lolrs 64 .


Inside the exe files, if you paste them into notepad and turn on Wordwrap under Format, mess with the window size, you get an ASCII art of the icons for the games,


Credit to Blondebro7 for discovering this!

Just saying.

This is all I believe it's worth taking from the game, regardless of any hidden message. Even if there is, and I'm pretty sure there isn't, doubting the conclusion just enforces it.

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i think i found something in the .exe files. Unknown Developer What engine did you use to create this? i would like to delve deeper into the coding of your creation

L.-.. O--- O--- K-.- I.. N-. S... I..D-.. E.

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I tried some online steganalysis tools on the Solution.png image but with no luck. Granted, I was only able to do the most basic of steganalysis due to a massive lack of knowledge of the field (and because StegSecret is entirely in Spanish).

Tools/sites used to no avail:

For things asking for passwords, I tried LOOKINSIDE and 467767 together and separately, but nothing came of it.

I tried StegExpose but I apparently don't know what I'm doing regarding Java because I couldn't get it to work. Anyone with more advanced knowlege of steganography having any luck on that front?

i know more with java so I could help with that

You say they're not viruses.

But my anti-virus keeps blocking me from opening the file, then deletes it, claiming it to be malware.

Is there any way around this? Or do I just have to deal with it?

I Found a TON of secrets. (I THINK!) no spoilers here, but if you want to play this game series, just know that you will have to make ALOT of notes... so, y'know, keep a pen handy. and maybe a dictionary jus saying! ;)

Okay, so from the things I read I think I found a solution.

The speaker seems to have symptoms of an aquired language disorder.
She's saying this:

"Can you enlighten the fact, I don't know which for sim-pasta mosting?
Why don't you go gruel on it?
Same foldgen as ever.
Hover the tablecloth punk.
Do you understand me? Nobody does.
Listen. There's a bodgins at the door. Should I garest him? 
Find me a gromph reil." (or this is what I heard)

If she has that language disorder, then I guess this is what she should be saying:

"Can you imagine the fact that I don't know which I'm supposed to be in?
Why don't you go rule me on it. 
Same old few things as ever.
You under the table trade off punts.
Do you understand me? Nobody does. 
Listen, there is a body at the door. 
Should I get rid of him? Find me at grave field"

So, as many of you found out, the letters might form a 'code'

A = 1
B = 2
Z = 26

26 * 30 (the number of letters) = 780
I guess if you manage to have the 30 Zs, then you might have a jumpscare of the body and the one that murdered him/her. 
This is my guessing, I don't know very well.

Anyways, I think the games have a story behind it. I haven't played them yep, but I'll do as soon as possible

this is a very interesting game