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if i remember well :

extract the the .rar, extract the .exe, then extract the .exe again (you'll see a .rsc folder, .data file, .rdata file and a .text file)

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I checked for hidden Streams in the files (.dat, .txt etc.) -> nothing found

Spectrogram of the sounds available here:

Spectrogram of the sound files:


Btw I checked all files (dptg, hypno, painful box) with HxD -> only the solution.png seems to have information. Hidden file search didn't reveal much either.

well this seems strange, i tried 2 pc's (inlc. different screen resolutions) and i don't see any clock !?
Does this occur to anybody else?

I just saw an interesting comment under the video from Thomandy - btw big thanks to Thomandy for playing this game and posting the video (and all other stuff from you, i like it : ) )

"David Lechuga - 1 day ago
i have solved this, it is very simple, the game is a clock, open all files in hex editor if you want more info, the solution is inside, no from you, is inside him and if you look at cerctain adress 467767 at your hex you will get the key to stroke ... i come up in 15 minutes to the solution, i posted in itch.io and the developer is an ass and banned me from his community page and i also post on the release thread, but he delete that... so please help propagate the solution. ps. press f9"


"David Lechugavor - 5 hours ago
well if you press f9 you will get a pretty little clock in the last screen, its everything i get at least, maybe the solution is incomplete but as i say before, this program is a clock. If you need proof i have screenshots of my process and, try yourself press f9 at the end of the dialog, if the clock dont appear press L. Maybe te message is, dont play this game... is a waste of time... because of the clock, im pretty sure is about time."


"Mani Monibi - 5 hours ago
no but 467767 isnt a hex value lmfao"


"David Lechuga - 3 hours ago
Mani Monibi you have reason, because of that i search for 0x467760 and search in the row for the seventh term, it is F9"

-> myself ->
I wasn't able to reproduce this (pressing f9 didn't do anything, no clock showing up), could someone please try this and share their experience with this approach? Thanks alot everybody

& Thanks to David Lechuga if this helps, and if not, thank you anyway x)

Just for info in case its not mentioned until now:

You can extract every game .exe 2x and will find other stuff (.text, .data, icons, .bmp, another .exe with the same name which is much smaller than the original .exe etc.).

After extreacting 2 times go to folder .rsrc/1033/Bitmap (hypno and painful box game):

QUIT.bmp -> which says : "quit? Your progress is automatically saved at the beginning of each chapter."

I did not find further information with steganalysis & HxD in these 2 images!

I run the image through some steganalysis tools -> nothing found so far. Maybe someone should consider doing this with the audiofiles?

Ups, my bad then..but thanks : )

If you zoom in the .png file, there are some dots at the top and bottom of the picture. It seems that it is a morse code, but I am not sure about this.

This is what I found:
Top dots translates to the word -> "Look"
Bottom dots translates to different things as it is not clear where the beginning and ending of the dots are (the "or" is not part of the translated morse code) ->

I A S A D E or
F 5 B or
I 6 I B or

Maybe there is more to this?
I'm not sure if I found every combination of it, or if its something at all...!?
Have fun