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Solving The Game?

A topic by amndka created Apr 16, 2017 Views: 54,889 Replies: 365
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So I don't know about everyone else but I have been losing my mind trying to figure out Don't Play This Game. I figured that a bunch of heads were better than one so I made a new thread that can be dedicated to solving the game(s?) where we can focus on sharing things we've found and hopefully organize it a bit more. I'm more than willing to make summary posts will all the information to make it easier on all of us and I hope we can make some real progress! Cracking whatever this is will be incredibly satisfying, I can feel it.

Below I have gone through the Read. This. First. Thread and picked out all of the relevant information that has been shared.

  • Yama Maya pointed out that the speaker in Don't Play This Game likely has receptive aphasia
  • Deszip first noted that when you open solution.png and flip it upside down, the words that are being spoken are printed faintly on the image
  • Half Punch Man "looked inside" the picture file to find text and the number sequence 467767
  • This led to the discovery that all his games are connected
  • Deszip also gave us the things they've discovered in the other games
    • MO 9+
    • HN 467767
    • DPTG Look inside. 467767
    • two are unaccounted for
  • KupaRizu gave us their testing results
    • "Okay, so I think I'm getting close to something here, thanks to Deszip and a little playing around myself.I think that the six books cypher (LHFDMY/HDYLFM) combines with the HYPNO/DPTG clue: 467767 and LOOKINSIDE within The Painful Box somehow.I've attemped both L4,H6,F7,D7,M6,Y7 and H4,D6,Y7,L7,F6,M7 but neither seemed to have done anything.The only other thing I can think is that T&Bs reverse instruction refers to either the Cypher or the Numbers (As reversing the AV only gets "Lick my Ass" and "F*ck me in the pussy", which I don't think is a hint) but that's a lot of variables to test."
  • As well as Punderstatement's theory
    • "Hey I Found something and sense you also seem to be trying this and made some progress I wanted to share something I found. In this game the number/780 is made after 30 letters are said. The last 780 is 30*26 because of 30 letters with 26 in the alphabet. The first number is weird you have to assign a number value. A=1 B=2 etc but dont include repeats and that equals the first number. Hopefully this helps you make progress if you find anything it would be awesome if you could share"
  • Xavierou noted that opening the solution.png in notepad will bring up a block of symbols with some hidden Italian. Any elaboration would be great
  • TEAMRAGEXD pointed out that the series of games might not be over yet and we might be missing one to get the full picture

I myself am still noodling around in the files and haven't found anything extra quite yet, although I can't seen to find any hidden Italian when opening the solution.png as a notepad file. Good luck to all of you as you try to piece this all together and I look forwards to reading the developments that come forwards!

See , I think like the guy is warning us! We shouldnt be playing the game!.... Its Creepy like Welcome To The Game (WTTG) AND ....may also come true!

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I think he is talking about the characters when viewed as text, but it isnt text, the "Italian". This is normal when you try to view a non-text file, it shwows you the hex instead.

Try a hex viewer on solution.png, like HxD, at the end, "Do you understand me? Nobody does. The truth is deeper inside. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again."

Also, new game, unforgettable. I found this in unforgettable, "http://imgur.com/a/v4W75".

Someone else, Pix Player said, "Morse code for "unforgettable" photo : theanswerlayshere.

He also mentioned the morse code in solution.png which others have found

green letters also spell out "eye can see you" ?

That's Unforgettable by Nat King Cole. It was released in like 1951 but the real question is how does the dev take it and how does it fit in

I hate to say this, but what if you have to read it 467,767 times? Doesn't seem likely but it does repeat itself saying "Listen again".

I have just loaded the game file and 'Listened' twice and if you actually listen carefully then you can head a second audio faintly in the background. Even when the main overlaying audio has pauses in between phrases the background audio is playing. Maybe if someone can separate the two audios you may find extra clues.

does the 467767 refer to somethibng?

The game Hypno 467767 by the same guy.

I've tried typing it in games but nothing.

I looked in hex for it, but nup


467767 Translates over to Horror? Maybe somehow, I mean the structure would make sense as 4 being H, O being 6, and 7 Being R

Ok, I think you and I are on to something. If you number the alphabet so A equals 0 and Z equals 25, then there are 9 letters which correspond to a prime number: C, D, F, H, L, N, R, T, and X. If you translate each of these to numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 respectively) and have a 0 before A, then you have a ten-number alphabet, perfect for making base 10 numbers. So, if you take 467767 and run it through the decoding mechanism, then it translates directly to HNRRNR. So if you make it so that when a letter is encoded it corresponds to the single-digit number assigned to the prime-numbered letter that came before it (or 0), then HNRRNR can translate to HORROR.

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We need someone who is good at photoshop to remove his profile picture, he overlayed ontop of it, from solution.png. Get rid of it so only the text behind it is left. Then we have an accurate version of the text without his profile picture blocking it out, so we can read it properly

I've tried but its hard to match up the images by opacity etc,and I cant find a high quality version of the profile pic



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I did some image processing to clean up solution. Its not perfect and it cuts a bit out, but its a bit clearer.

No Filters:

Filtered to be clearer:

Raw photoshop file for anybody that can filter more


(Right click, open image in new tab to zoom in)


I attempted reading the photoshopped text, and found that the words I could make out matched the script of the person speaking in the game. From there, you can suspect that it is sadly just the script of the character, but I hope this helps.

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I used the auto-level feature in paint.net.


EDIT: dunno if you guys noticed but what the person in the game says is the same as in these pictures

I think the text on the picture is what the guy says on the game Don't play this game. The voice says "can you imagine the fact that..." and the text starts the same way.

Also, this is what I could read from the picture:

"Can you imagine the fact I don't know which frases _______ missing.

Why don't you ________?

Same _____ as ever.

Over the _______ot_ punt.

Do you understand me?

nobody does.

Listen, there's a bo___ns at the door.

Should I garest him?

Find me a _rom friel."

decrypting it (467767) shows 'DFGGFG'

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DFGGFG seems like a color code. What if someone tried to overlay this color (with some transparency, of course) over the picture. It may reveal something.

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#dfggfg is not a valid hex code as g is an invalid character. Hex codes go from 0 to F.

[EDIT] However, #467767 is a valid hex code and outputs this colour, a dark teal: http://www.color-hex.com/color/467767

What if the code isn't on Hexadecimal, but on another numeric system? Question is: what numeric system will it be on? Base 17

i did, but it does nothing, or maybe i just don't understand yet

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4 6 7 7 6 7

g m p p m p

h n q q n q

i o r r o r

See the hidden word? Horror. That what 46776 means. 46776 is referring to the numbers in a phone. A phone with buttons. (like a Nokia)

But I dont think taking his profile picture is gonna help

I meant taking it out of the solution.png. He put his profile picture ontop of the text showing what is being said. If you can take his profile picture out of it, then there is just the text we can read.

thers nothing i tried! not clear image!

You would have to match the transparency first, then minus the colours.

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Looking at solution.png, the last line says any of the following:
• "Find me algorithim."
• "Find me a gram filet."
• "Find me a gram friel"

[EDIT] What if the words/phrases we don't understand are anagrams?

I believe it says "find me a groom fuel."

Maybe it's a name and he's talking about a specific person

It says Find me a grom friel.

Well, I wento to a Anagram making website and found out that it may be "Find me Logarithm I (Ignoring the extra I, its math...) ,"Find me a Grate Film (band)" and "Find me a Gram Rifle (Gun)"...these may be kind of stupid but it could mean something...

If it is the one about the rifle, maybe the message is from someone suffering from depression, and wants the gun to kill him/herself. Just a thought, probably wrong.

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i believe it says, "find me a g-rom file!"

More likely, it says "Find me a cron file." Which refers to a file set to run at a specific time of day. Do with that what you will.

Well, in DPTG once you get to the screen that has all the letters and asks you to listen again or quit, it also shows the time in military form.

Also I just realised that in the version I have on my computer of DPTG, there's a clock that displays the time it is in 24 hr format but some lets players (like Markiplier) don't have that clock on their screens? Is it just me?

I as well have the clock, it's appears to be linked up to my computer's clock and was displaying what time it is where i live

even i have it!

same here

Could the clock be controlling what letters appear in the sequence? As in, if at 17:00 today a certain sequence shows up, will the same sequence show up at 17:00 tomorrow?

You know that could be something. i will have to test that. at 23:00 is one i will check one tomorrow

okay i did the math. it always shows 30 letters, 26 letters in the alphabet. so that means that is 30 different choices if they were fixed letters. but since not it is 26 choices in one space. when you do the math you come out to 20,280 different choices

markiplier dosen't leave clocks in his videos. don't really know why...

It's probably distracting so he removed it, which could be similar with other youtubers that you've seen play i

somebody said something about the sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." right?

because on urban dictionary it says "A popular sentence that uses all the letters in the english alphabet, a phrase called a panagram. Due to its shortness and coherence, it has become widely known and is often used in visual arts."

those people are most likely opening the font file and seeing that phrase from there as thats the sentence used when installing fonts and such

Thats the default text inside a windows font file. They use it to give an example of every letter in the alphabet. Its in every .ttf file

ah I see should have tried it out myself first :/

Ello folk. I got into this mystery from Mark's video (great video, love that guy), and am just commenting here to keep up with y'alls posts. hope things get figured out soon


I think we shouldnt be playing this! cuz after some accident , he can say that he 'warned' us!

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i feel like the /780 is something more. If you guys (and girls) see the same text wall for the the same number (say you get 356/780 twice and you get the same text twice) then if you put the text in order (from 1/780 to 780/780) we could get a HUGE text wall that might mean something in the future

Maybe the /780 is some kind of score?? Like the game takes into account how you respond to it and you need to reach a specific number that might be 356 or close to it

how would it record things like what you say? And if it did how's it a score? Like I said if we get the same text (the text that slowly appears) for the same number. then putting the text together will give us something to solve.

The number 39 added with all positive whole numbers that come before it equal 780.

where did 39 come from?

(Edited 2 times)

780 is 30 (the number of letters in the string) multiplied by 26 (number of letters in the alphabet). I theorise that in the situation that there would be entirely "Z"s it would be 780/780
*edited to add: Alternately all "Z"s might be 0/780

*New edit: I've checked, it doesn't work I tested with the last string of numbers. Alternately it's possible that there's an alternate method of numeral assignment, but I've hit the end of my normal limit with this

the /780 refers to the Alphabet in alphanumeric... IE. 780= z * 30 were z=26 in the alphabet so it is 26*30=780... if you took a calculator and added all the 30 letters at the top of the screen for there numerical value it would be X/780 were X=the letters combined numerical value.

anybody tried to look if this means something? https://puu.sh/vmgJG/b8eed9048b.png

googled it, looks like tags for PGP or some form of encryption, not 100%

To me the first two lines look like someone went on a phone, changed the keyboard from text to symbols, then typed normally as if it were still set to text. I did that all the time a while ago. The third line though I could only assume is morse code.

~random useless guesses by someone that doesn't know what they're talking about~

It's symmetrical - it's unlikely to be an encrypted word

if it is itd be one of those words that are the same word forwards and backwards like racecar

So a palindrome?

third line can't really be morse code since it's _-_-_-_-_-_-_-

Did the phone thing.

First line: Lsijjtjjisl

Second line: Zsodyuydosz

Done on iPhone

if you do it on a pc its "/87_3_78\"


underscores are in place of a symbol that isn't on my pc

I don't know it this helps or if it's just gibber

This is doing my head in :'D

I did a similar thing to you but I got this:



-_-_-_-_-_-_- (7 dashes, 6 underscores)

I flipped it all round to the opposite symbol on each key of the keyboard. I have a feeling there is something in this to reveal a code but I have no idea how to work it out :'D maybe all the numbers/symbols correspond to letters? Not all one word, but a phrase? Complete shot in the dark really.

the underscore there called section symbols it looks like 2 s's ontop of eachother

They're perfectly symmetrical, it might just be a red herring which would be genius because it seems like it's so obviously a clue

on the solve picture theres green dots of morse code, it spels out 'LOOK IN SIDE'---

Can't be something like a palindrome (exp. RaceCar > raCecaR) since there are only 3 palindromes in english and none of them would make sense (kinnikinnik detartrated aibohphobia From WikiPedia)

In the original post, amndka said:

  • Xavierou noted that opening the solution.png in notepad will bring up a block of symbols with some hidden Italian. Any elaboration would be great

Perhaps it's not a palindrome in English.

there are actually more than 3 palindromes in english the issue would be finding a palindrome that fits the amount of characters and has 1 letter in the middle that isnt repeated


If you cross your eyes it looks like a skull and cross bones.

I have some theories too. Maybe let's try to look in to the source code of the games webpage? Developers hide stuff usually in weird places.

I thought the same and checked as well. Nothing out of the ordinary thus far. Will continue to look into it and send it off to a few friends of mine who are more web-savvy than me.


Anyone know how to extract that audio file? Recording it wouldn't be clear enough. I could look into the actual waveforms and see if we get anywhere!

I recorded it through my stereo mix, would that really not be clear enough?

You can go into the files and copy and isolate the audio file (copy and paste in a separate folder)

That should work. If it doesn't, I can try and do so tomorrow


I clicked through the painful box a little, seems like no matter which you chose it just gives one of a number of set messages.. all these games seem to be focused on self-hatred, the inevitability of death, the pointlessness of existence.. and maybe the games reflect their message. We are hunting desperately for answers when maybe there aren't any, maybe its all just a pointless journey with nothing at the end, just like life.

If anyone's familiar with the Enigma code during WWII, what if there's something similar going on with the seemingly random letters in DPTG? There could be a letter that never appears in each position.

Just a thought I'd share before I head to work here shortly. I won't be able to test my theory until I get home.


tbh I thought about something like that too because I saw a movie recently xD

Maybe if someone creates a googledoc or something, we can all input the 30 letters to see if that theory holds true?
I started doing that, but it takes a minute

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I'll set up a folder on Google Drive and see what happens.

EDIT: Here's the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9NSRS6Wxh...

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Problem with enigma is we need a base message, where we know what it is saying, to look for matches. In WW2 they used the weather reports

I think it is based on system time, the codes, and how many times it is ran.

EDIT: Unless he gave us the switchboard and rotor codes! The numbers and letters people have seen might be right, and it would make sense if it is based on time and the counter of how many times you ran it!

We need to try getting the switchboard, rotor, reflector, and inital positions of the rotors


But the long number doesnt help. Or Most of this so far. Maybe not enigma

At first I thought it was just a simple replacement cipher, and that the letters at the top added up to the number reported after the cipher. Unfortunately it looks like that number is just adding everything up with (a-1, b-2, etc) after removing duplicates :(


What I really want to know is what was the thought process behind making any of these games. Work like this takes quite a lot of time and dedication. Restraining ones self from answering any questions is quite difficult.. now I just want to have a conversation with this developer

Does anyone know if there is a typed transcript of the audio yet? If so, where can I find it? My BF is watching SAO and I can't hear to get a firm grasp on the nonsense words.

I have an idea...

The script is written backwards on the Solution.png, although its almost impossible to see.

Then you're on the same page as us. Someone discovered that if you take solution.png and flip it upside down, you can see the transcript ever so slightly overlayed on the image... but sadly, it's too small to make out. Some people, including myself, have taken it into Photoshop to extract the text from its background. So far, to no avail.


Should we try writing up possible transcripts?

Yes. I recommend a single person compile them and post Pastebin links to keep it organised.


Here is my transcript. The nonsense words or words that don't make sense are in CAPS.


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I'm not usually one to do this kind of thing, but I can read a few lines of the transcript.

Line 1: "Cue ____ the fact I don't know"

Line 10: "Should I garest him?"

Line 11: "Find me a gromfriel"

I'm fairly sure on my first two guesses, but as far as my last one goes, I'm unsure.

Another possibility to line 1: "Que Latin the fact I don't know"

I translated it to Que Latin The Fact I Don't Know, Que in Latin translated in "That", That the fact I don't know. Just guessing at this stage though...

Should we be looking for possible translations then?

I actually am pretty fluent in Latin. I'm going to take an educated guess and assume that there is a grammicatal error and that the line in full english is supposed to read "The fact that i do not know"

Oi i checked the morse code look like on solutions.png

i got . ..- .. ... .- .. -.- --- --- .... as the morse code (or what looks like..)

the translation?? EUISAIKOOH

(i accidentally posted this in the wrong thread oop)

i mean it could just be translated to letters n smth but i dont know

someone said the morse code reads look inside if you flip the image upside down

Checked it myself. Depends on how you flip it. But I'm sure it's supposed to be LOOK INSIDE or INSIDE LOOK

I can confirm it's supposed to be LOOKINSIDE. When you have it right side up (transcript being upside down) you get LOOKINSIDE.

I genuinely love and am creeped out by mysteries like this. Im currently trying to see is the letters that pop up have any correlation with the messed up words. I was thinking that maybe that x/760 is how many letters you got that are correct. and those letters at the top are ones that you didn't get but not necessarily on the order the phrase is spoken. so your first letter might be an H but that was supposed to be in like that 12 word or something.

If anyone needs it i can be a transcriber for at least a few hours until I have to work.

we've got that the x/760 is if you prescribe the letters to numbers i.e a=1 b=2 c=3 then they add to x if you dont include repeat letters

Apparently, the score you get is the sum of all the letters at the top, A=1, B=2, C=3 etc. That would explain why it's out of 780 (30 * 26=780)

Ok that makes more sense, but how would that corelate to the phrase, if it even is part of the solution

That's for you to find out... BWWAAAAAAHHHHH *INCEPTION THEME PLAYS*


ITS IN THE IMAGE, THE IMAGE OF THE GUY (solutions.png). TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN, AND YOU SEE THE LETTERS. Trying to edit the photo rn to see what it says, will repost when I get the correct edits to see the letters.


we knew this lmao we just cant edit the photo right to see the letters


Yeah we've tried that but photo shopping it dosen't do much. I wont condemn you for trying though. Keep at it and maybe we'll find something.

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(Right click, open image in new tab to zoom in)

we've all done this already, your like super late if you didnt read the first page of comments


Yo, anybody interested in the solution for Tits and Boobies? I do not know the slightest if this might help, but I found out, that you have to play some of the text in that game backwards in order for you to understand it: SO the first message is: I like soup and I love coffee, so remember to fu** me in the pu**y whenever you want. Yes, this is actually it. The second is: Breathe through my mouth and lick my *ss, thank you....dunno if that hlps

(Edited 1 time)

Here is my transcript. The words that were nonsense, I couldn't understand or just didn't make logical sense are in CAPS.

EDIT: I did some messing around with the solution image, and I was able to see some of the words I was unsure of. Words I still need to work on are in CAPS and have a ??


(Edited 1 time)

Hey I just found out that the Mustang reversed sounds like *need some* would also make sense in that context. I think we could find out, what the others mean by playing them backwards, this is also used in en wye

according to solution.png The first word is Cue not You

I messed with the image and came up with this:


i've been listening to what the person says and looking at solution.png at the same time and here's what i got:

Cue (latrak, lack, latrack, lactrak) the fact I don't know

which frase is post are musting

Why don't you grew on it?

Same folgen as ever

Over the tablecloth punc (punt?)

Do you understand me?

Nobody does

Listen, there's a bodgens at the door

Should I garest him?

Find me a gromfriel

(Edited 1 time)

I've always heard folgen as folly, and bolgens could mean burglar, explaining why some see gram rifle and garret could  be arrest

This is probably wrong, but I just hope this mystery can be finished soon

So you weren't sure about Grew, I think it might mean Grue, witch is a mythical beast. It's an ocular man bat. It's known for hunting prey in the dark. So maybe it's saying he's in the dark? Or he's left us in the dark.

(Edited 1 time)

Hey I dont know if this helps but im digging in the files and there was one called 'leave' when i opened it this was the text that showed up


title=Don't Play This Game




Seldesc1=Don't Play This Game












thats just the config for the game

OK thanks for the clarification, It seemed like it was i was just throwing out information i found that i thought could be useful

sorry lol didnt mean to be rude <3

Oh, no i didnt think you were rude.

Someone earlier pointed out that #467767 is a valid hex code that results in a dark teal color. I could be completely misunderstanding how the files work, but would it possible to replace either selscreenbgcolor1 or Selgamebgcolor1 with this instead? Maybe eliminating the black background would reveal another clue?


Maybe "ATXPWJLA" gives us something if we... Idk what it is called, but it's that thing where A = (For example) C and then B = D and so forth.

i could run that srting of letters through a ceaser cipher and see what i get with different values. MIght take a bit though

Ok for me i distictly herd towards the end. "There is a body by the door" Thats all i could understand

yo! To me thats what it sounded like at first, but then later I discovered that it actually sounded like "there is somebody at the door... should I follow/play with him? (enter a 'no, I really think you shouldn't ' response), no one ever does."

(Edited 1 time)

So I might be not seeing this right, but at the end of the "solution" file, I've flipped it and did a little tweaky to it and I swear to God it looks like the last line says something like "Find me a rom file!"

I don't know how to dig into folders and whatnot of the games... I'm just kinda intruiged (thanks Markiplier) and was looking... Yeah... any way to "find" the game and give it anything? or prove we've "found" it?

EDIT: Find, not Give.

well i looked through the DAT file in the game and found nothing i could understand

Dang... ok... Just throwing out ideas and hoping one hits gold

It looks to me like grom friel (sounds like it, too), but Google is coming up empty on that one, and so is Translate.

I found out that if you spell "grom friel" backwards, that it translates to "Campfire tomorrow"

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

My, and people notes so far:

You can open any exe file with 7-zip or similair. Though, the only thing you can really get are icons and C++ runtime library stuff.

==Don't Play This Game==

  • leave.ini
  • 467767 - Listen again.
  • The sum of all letters (A=1, B=2, C=3, ...) without repeats give you the left number.


  • hypno.ini
  • 467767
  • 5-3-10
  • horror
  • h=4, o=6, r=7

==On the Edge==

  • where.ini
  • Haven't notice anything besides that your choices don't natter.

==The Painful Box==

  • drown.ini
  • Opening all boxes seem to not do anything.
  • Game reacts numpad keys from 1 to 9.


  • DEATH.ini
  • The cross appears for every loop, with D jumps to the end of a loop, and a jumpscare occures when the moon is filled up.

==Six Books==

  • books.ini

==en wye==

  • enwye.ini
  • ny (New Your)

==Tits & Boobies==

  • erect.ini
  • (reversed) "Breathe through my mouth and lick my *ss"
  • (reversed) "I like soup and I love coffee, so remember to fu** me in the pu**y whenever you want"


  • utwya.ini
  • eye can see you
  • YAEO
  • 1951

If it helps, or if there's anything new, that would be great. And stop bothering .ttf file, it's just a Windows font.

For the Box its 0 to 9 not 1 to 9

Could someone create a Transcript for en wye?

Interesting fact: folgen translates to consequence in German.

Ya know the thing is, there might be a lot of german sentences in en wye when played backwards...i am german, but i thought of ot as being unlikely...should i post what i found?

Sure, it couldn't hurt.



There is this sentence:

The great (hormess?) is coming. Backwards I understand: Mir machts nichts. Which would mean: I does not matter to me.

There is also the sentence: Here I fromble the beloaded. To fromble is when you act like a goat....dunno if that is right.

And the last sentence backwards sounds like: Thats not mihi (me), oh god my life.

Thats all that i could hear...i thought i heard more german.....

Wow, great job!

(Edited 1 time)

What if you really have to play it 467767 times and then something happens? Or maybe we have to collect the letters every time and then analyze them in some way, maybe putting them in increasing or decreasing order... We could make a bot that presses listen again and collects the letters 467766 times, then you have to manually press it last time and maybe the oral message, the number or the letters change, or some text appears.

Also if you have Italian words hand them to me, I speak Italian and could help you out.

Interesting fact #2: garest is a german word, a second-person singular subjunctive of garen. Garen means to make or become ready (as in cooked). So, "should I garest him?" translates to "should I cook him" or "should I prepare him to be eaten". There seems to be a lot of German words. Grom friel (or gromfriel) seems german, but translation comes up empty.



  1. Second-person singular subjunctive I of garen.



  1. (ergative) to make/become ready (cooked)
(Edited 1 time)

Garest would be conditional, the second-person would be garst. and the *gar* in it is pronounced like far. Gromfriel is not a german word. If you have any more questions, concerning german words just ask me.

I did some image processing to clean up solution. Its not perfect and it cuts a bit out, but its a bit clearer.

No Filters:

Filtered to be clearer:

Raw photoshop file for anybody that can filter more


(Right click, open image in new tab to zoom in)

I dunno if this helps, but i opened the solution.png in thr 3d builder at, and somehow it created something, HELP?

Could you show what it is?

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I did that too if you adjust the levels its just the soultion image as a 3d model

I feel like the game might have some vague things to it as well? Something I noticed was the 'more information' tab in the game page, and when opening it- it shows in the tags "life simulation". I'm unsure how this could be a life simulation, at that even something that's worth looking into, but it did catch my attention. Any thoughts? I might try looking more into small stuff I notice like that.

On the bottom of the image, it shows what looks to me like Morse code. If you guys know Morse go for it, but I just used a direct translator to get (for the one on top) EUISAI and (for the one on the bottom) KOOF. Thoughts?

you translate your morse from upside-down picture... rotate it and try again. It says "look inside"

Why there are 100 comments about the same? FFS.
The morse is already solved.

eye can see you

maybe there is a correct order to play the games... :p

See, I don't know much (I just found this whole game and am FASCINATED)

But my first theory is that there are 780 SLIGHTLY different versions of this audio, and at the end it's saying which of those you listened to. Marking the differences would give you the answer? It's just a theory. I have NO clue.

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The aren't more versions. It's just one and the letters are random.

I don't know if it's of any importance, but "Don't Play This Game" resets its volume level after every listen.

What do you mean? Volume level of windows?

has anyone thought of taking the image from en wye and comparing its code to the original image of New York?

I believed that the last bit of text says 'Find me a rom file'? like a .rom file?

maybe, but when you listen to the voice say it, it doesn't sound like they would say file, they say it differently. plus, there isn't any rom files found in any of these games, or atleast so i've read from here (i haven't played all of them yet)

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Guys, I created a folder on Google Drive to organise our findings. Hopefully this'll help us work together better. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9NSRS6Wxh...

@amndaka, give me your e-mail and I'll give you permissions to help moderate it and whatnot.

pm me on Reddit! I don't feel safe giving out my email just on the forum haha https://www.reddit.com/user/amndka/

In the description of the game it says that "This game can reveal things you don't know yet.
About yourself.
Over time."

And that made me think so i put a code that the game gave me "GEHTXYCMTRNNOUNLFPKFXBEQZGJNDF" into an anagram decoder, it spit out too many things to count but i found a a couple like;

- Judgment Throne

- Broken/Judgment

- Entry of Judgment

~which to my understanding is someone thinking that they are broken. or them judging someone. or someone else, i was to find one more that would probably link to T&B's;

- F*ck her gently

~~if anyone has found more to what i posted please reply

From the photoshop edit of the picture you can see that it's the text of what the person in the game is saying including: "should I garest him". That caught my attention because garest is a German word. It sort of means "agitate." Don't know if that's helpful at all

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I took the face from this image, scaled and cropped it to match the background of solution.png, then applied it as a difference layer to solution.png to make only the text visible.

This is the result (scaled 5x).

Hopefully this is much easier to read.

Here are my notes from watching people play it on Youtube:

Moon Omen:

The number of "+"s goes up every passing day, and matches the number of days since DPTG was released. I watched a kid play it and for him he got the jumpscare at 18, but a day after it's 19.

En Wye:

The letters 'NY' are shown at the end. This obviously means New York.. But it could also mean "No, Yes". In On the Edge, has someone tried answering 'No' and then 'Yes'?

Six Books:

H, D, Y, L, F, M - Order said back.

    • Love (Love) "Kiss your Lips"
    • H (Hate) "I'd rather Burn your Face"
    • F (Life) "Breathe your Breath"
    • D (Death) "Gouge your Eyes Out"
    • M (Me) "Drink your Sweat"
    • Y (You) "Melt your Skin" - {Related to Hypno quote "Warm on your cheeks"?}
Tits and Boobies:

I watched someone stream this part, and it was mentioned that the parts that were spoken backwards sounded like "Fuck me" and "Lick my ass" - Sounds like a joke, but it's what we heard! Possibly related to this reoccurring couple - Jake and Melissa.

Don't Play This Game:

Each letter must have a set numerical value, but we don't know what it is yet. Is it our job to hit 780 somehow?

we can't hit 780 the maximum number we can get is 351

from the logic a=1 and b=2 etc.add them all up without repeat then the maximum number we can get is 351

Okay, so i spent a while listening and reserching some of the words he says

"Queue light and the fight, i dont know which for some post amusting, why dont you *gruel on it same *folgen as ever hover the table cloth *punt, do you understand me? no one does, listen there is a *bonjens at the door, should i gerent him? find me a *Ground friel

~from what i was able to make out *Gruel also ment to accept punishment or something that lacks substance or significance to an argument.

~Folgen is German for consequences

~punt to me made me think he was about to be punished from the previous statements

~Bonjens is also meaning German Sheppard (Dog)

~and garent meaning to agrivate

~ground friel is what i hear but i cant be sure

I don't think it's "Garent." I'm pretty sure it's "Garest," meaning "Cook."

For example "Should I cook him?"

i typed garest on the google translate it means more expensive

if you type "should i garest him?"

it says "should i expensive him?"

lol that don't make any sense

"why don't you grew on it" that what he says i think

and also the first word is cue as i read it on solution.png

it gets a little clear if you set the solution.png as your desktop picture

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So the XXX/780 was actually an incredibly simple "cipher" to figure out. Basically the 30 Letters Provided for each listen are generated. Those letters often repeat (but that doesnt matter). You simply take each letter provided in that 30 and count it once. so lets just say you have abcde abcde abcde abcde abcde abcde. All you would do is make a list of ABCDE and translate that to numbers 1-26. meaning you get 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 15. That would mean you get 15/780. The total 780 is actually 26 (letters of the alphabet) x 30. Its impossible to have a total of 780 ever, and the obvious maximum you could get was if you were to get all 26 letters in that list is 351. From this point on though i have no idea whats really important about those numbers though.

My Possible Hypothesis is maybe you need to take the 30 digit actual total and get its difference for the given total of "non Repeat". in this case if we take my prior example you get 15/780, but the actual is 90/780 that difference is 75. but even then idk how that is useful. If anyone can brain storm this further, possibly connect dots i never figured out that would be awesome. i did figure out the "Look inside" bit but that was about it. no idea what else to do here for now

it could even be possible we need to take that remainder and somehow divide it up into another string of letters that equal the same total, or Convert that into letters just based on all the single digit letters (ex. A-I, 253 = BEC) but honestly im lost.... there must be something else hidden that isnt obvious. I dont know there are 2 voices talking the entire time but no idea what the background is saying.

The background is just repeating or echoing what the speaker is saying. It is a "normal" voice, but the loud voice we hear is digitized.

I came to a similar conclusion on my own

However, simply put, I believe the 780 to be a red herring and only exists to get participants thinking.

There is a combination of 30 randomly generated numbers taken from the 26 English characters. 30x26=780.

What if we managed to create a basic cipher using the algorithms the game runs off? It appears as though each letter might have a designated value between 1 and 26. It would then be possible to reach 780 if the sequence was completely occupied by the character that represents 26, but that wouldn't be the purpose of course. This new cipher could be used to decrypt other messages within the puzzle.

Alternatively, it might also be the case that the value of each letter goes up dependant on it's relation to its placement within the sequence. For example, if in the correct position, 'A' might have a value of 26 in the first position but only a 18 in the second position. If that were the case then the goal of 780 would be achieved by correctly completing the sequence and possibly creating a phrase or word.

I'm pretty freakin' tired and I hope this is legible. "Food for thought" anyway.

has anyone thought to look up the pictures/music in the games? could there be clues there?

i found something that might help to solve this, first, open winrar, right click DPTG.exe and click view. there are bunch of codes that i don't understand and al lot of random irrelevant error messages in it.

so i found this in string.txt after extracting the .exe file

103 Don't Play This Game

106 Hello World!


and this in version.txt









BLOCK "StringFileInfo"


BLOCK "040904B0"


VALUE "Comments", "Don't Play This Game"

VALUE "CompanyName", "Unknown Developer"

VALUE "FileDescription", "Don't Play This Game"

VALUE "FileVersion", "1, 0, 0, 0"

VALUE "InternalName", "Don't Play This Game"

VALUE "LegalCopyright", "Unknown Developer 2017"

VALUE "LegalTrademarks", ""

VALUE "OriginalFilename", "Don't Play This Game.exe"

VALUE "PrivateBuild", ""

VALUE "ProductName", "Don't Play This Game"

VALUE "ProductVersion", "1, 0, 0, 0"

VALUE "SpecialBuild", ""



BLOCK "VarFileInfo"


VALUE "Translation", 0x409, 1200



This is a system-generated file; the 'VALUE' entries are just what the compiler collected when the UnknownDev configured his development environment.

'Hello World' is just a common programming convention to test that everything's working properly. There's no significance to the words; they're just 'something to print on the screen' when the program is first run.

now I have only looked at the first page and will look at the others in the morning I just have to put this out there now I'm sorry if someone else figured it out but I just thought I'd decode it myself The solution/what DPTG says; Cue (unsure) the fact I don't know (unsure) missing why don't you grew on it same (unsure) ever over the tablecloth punt do you understand me nobody does listen there's a (unsure) at the door should I garest him find me a grom filet thanks to Cpt.Dinosaur I was able to decode some of what it says and as Yama Maya said the speaker may have receptive aphasia every unsure means there's a word I can't read well

Cheers to everyone solving this thing

Has anyone had the following codes:



I started putting mine into a table to see if any repeat or if any words form or anything (I'm really grasping at straws here).

This is what I have so far...


I was testing if it was an ROT-13 cipher. If someone had the codes I have given above, it may prove my hypothesis.

so... Small idea. (And a rather dumb one at that...) But, what if you just have to receive a large amount of codes and somehow format the into a word search? "Look inside." Like... Look inside the codes? I dunno...

Have been toying with that, or even that there might be a specific time to run the game and see a message. I've been running it every now and then and building up a list (I have about 25 so far), and recording times.
I also did it a day later at the same time, and it doesn't appear to repeat.

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Okay, I've got a few words. I'll translate what I can.

It appears to be a cypher of some kind. I'm working on a plain-text version, and I'll post more when I know.

:Edit: Its not a ROT-13 cypher; I've got letters encyphering as themselves, which isn't possible with that system.

It's not a substitution cypher (at least, it's doesn't appear to be), because double-lettered words should return the same deciphered letter via that method; A) that's not happening here, and B) the same letter in different words decyphers as a different letter in each case.

if you flip the image it is the words the speaker is saying and by the look and sound of it i think it is a conversation between to people

What if somebody left the game running? For a straight 24 hours? It showed the time, right? It may hint that time plays a role in the game. Let someone play the game and have it running for 24 hours, checking every 30 minutes or an hour to see any changes. Or, even better, record everything to see everything.

Well this is my first comment on this thread but I've been trying to break the game structure!

I moved and replaced the three .exe files around to there opposite directories and something very interesting happens when I launch the game. It still works "the game operates as it normally would" but I get some verbose information out of it while it's launching. However, I don't have a lot of time to work with it.. I would like to know the underlying platform. I've seen some info in the .DAT files indicating:

1: Internet Explorer

2: Microsoft Visual C++ (perhaps it could be tinkered with in Visual Studio)

3: Macromedia Flash

Also in DPTG.exe/DATA/DPTG.exe/.data *CHAPTER_PASSWORD* "if that means anything"

I keep getting lost among navigating all the directories but I'll try and wrap my head around it. I'd like to extract the audio file and code generating functionality of the game to run separately. I tried opening some files with VLC and I think I remember seeing a codec somewhere in the code but I can't remember.. I need to try changing file types and break it!

Perhaps a few .BAT or .VBS scripts with VisualStudio/bin/console compiled to the game or "-no browser" or some way to get a console!

On my 4th total game run i got this SRYGODMOFO lmao that was freaky!


anyways Good luck!

There are 3'085'851'035'479'212 possible combinations of letters. Of these, though, if they must have a meaning there are way less. Tell me if I'm wrong

Hello, I'm new here, I wanted to try and help out solving this puzzle. I've noticed no one really payed attention to the audio it self. I work with video/audio programs for a living so i was thinking maybe I could play around with the recorded audio myself. If I find something that is useful or anything I'll post it here.

Try to convert all the text in the games code into audio, it really looks like audio wawes.

Ok so this is a long shot but could have something with how long the audio is played for and how many syllables are said this is probably wrong but I was just wondering.

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Uhm, i might have something here. If you look at the solution.png, you should see a bunch of dots at the top and at the buttom. I tried to translate it into words with morse code and i got this (lssk maomde) And if you flip the picture it says (euisai kooq ) ?

Im very confused.

btw, if you search the words up on google, they both have something to do with old newspapers

it says look inside,

Ok, i am. i used note++ to open the game, and its no programming language.

go look at it, its wierd.

And if you zoom out, it looks like audio wawes?

Looks like a rhythm strip/heartbeat.

In a RGB color space, hex #467767 is composed of 27.5% red, 46.7% green and 40.4% blue. Whereas in a CMYK color space, it is composed of 41.2% cyan, 0% magenta, 13.4% yellow and 53.3% black. It has a hue angle of 160.4 degrees, a saturation of 25.9% and a lightness of 37.1%. #467767 color hex could be obtained by blending #8ceece with #000000. Closest websafe color is: #336666.

i used note++ to open the game, and its no programming language.

go look at it, its wierd.

And if you zoom out, it looks like audio wawes?


I extracted DPTG.exe and it had 2 more .exe files of same game, extracted then both and i found this photo, i'm not good at programing or anything just found it interesting. It's simply called 105

call on the number 467767

call on it?

What do you mean?

idk i was just thinking that maybe it's a phone number

I think 467767 is referring to Hypno-467767, another horror game by unknown developer.

Here is the game-


I don't think the A=1, B=2 thing is right. Someone mentioned something about adding the letters you got converted into numbers and it gives you the XXX/780 but that's not the case, last night i converted and summed my letter sequence and got something different from what my actual XXX was

try adding them without repeating the alphabets and you'll get the right answer

I'll try that

just finished summing them all, still not right.

I download the audio and if you play it reversed it actually sound like some words are in German language... but I'm not sure. Can anyone that speaks German check this out?

set solution.png as your dessktop picture it gets a little less blurred

still can't understand few words

The game runs at a constant 24.9% cpu usage on my shitty laptop when I first open it and am sitting at the main menu. It drops down to about 8% when "Listening" and once finished it remains at about 1%

I find it rather curious that when it appears to be doing nothing it's using the most resources but when it's displaying digits and playing an audio track it's only using a third as much resources only to then drop down to basically nothing doing what it was before I began listening.

The game outright refused to run when I try to call it via a .BAT file with arguments. I got around this but they still didn't work :(

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ok i am going to type what he says while looking at solution.png

cue like on the fact I don't know which freser post are missing/misting

why don't you grew on it?

same folgens as ever

over the table cloth punt

do you understand me?

nobody does

listen,there is a bojens at the door

should i garest him

find me acrom friel

it says truth is deeper inside , so which means u have to go inside each file u get ...so far solution.png and DPTG.exe , which on opening gives no relevant answers.....Maybe The maker dosent want us to think our brains of...maybe just... look the easiest way....find what each keys do?...

I read its in the painful box (a youtuber tried that way I believe)

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Found out about this through Markiplier, so I made an account so I could follow along with the discussion and maybe try to help out?

So I was thinking about the words we dont understand really understand. What if they are other languages? Like I believe one thing the speaker says is "Same folgen as ever." I googled the word folgen and apparently it is a German word that means consequences.

So now we have "Same consequences as ever."

Sorry of this has already been mentioned ^^;

Will I confuse more people because I tried to write down what they said ? I will just post what I "heard" out or also read out from the picture.

First attempt:

cue light in a fight I dont know which


why dont you grew on it

same fortune as ever

hold for the table clothpunt

do you understand me ?

nobody does


there is a budgins at the door

should I garrised him ?

find me a grump for you

Second Attempt with picture:

Cue Rivals the fact I dont know

which frasse/person (maybe ? because the killing themself thing) .. .. missing

why dont you grew on it

same fortune/fallen as ever

over the tablecloth punt

do you understand me ?

Nobody does

listen there is a budgins at a door

should I garest him ?

Find me a grom friel

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cue lack in the fact i do not know

Which fase post musting

Why dont you grew on it

Same folgen as ever

Over the tablecloth punt

Do you understand me

Nobody does

Listen theres a bojens at the door

Should i garest him?

Find me a gromfriel

That sounds better actually. but I cant wrap my head around the meaning... Folgen is german..would mean in that case like: consquences.. otherwise no clue

I think its all different languages


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I do, and I am german


https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxqvcqvLNy3VdzdBd...let me know if you got that.

Listen to it, thats a reversed audio from the game (sorry for Markiplier in the background), for me it just sounds like it COULD be german


I didnt get anything. im also german but it doesnt sound like much


Me neither sadly. I even slowed it down in case there is really something. tho I doubt it needs to be reversed.. as people said its a person who has a language disorder. tho I cant picture what they mean.

Thanks for trying guys

The clock in DPTG skip a second in every around 15-20 seconds. I'm still searching for some connection between skipped seconds.

so guys(and girls) i am going to ask a real question here

what are we trying to accomplish

Are we trying to hit the score of 780?

which will never happen because the numbers will not go beyond 351

or we are trying to find some connection to get even more connections

What is our target here?

where we will write the answ

I assume to understand what the person is saying

He is basically speaking gibberish .nobody understands it

some people says that it's German

Im gonna try letting the clock go for a while, see if anything happens. I dont think too much will happen but it is worth a shot.

I do feel like the words we cant understand are German or some other language, so i will try to look into that too

As said up there on my post. someone said that its Folgen. like consequences. If you have other german words in it, tell me and I will translate it if you can provide that is

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Im german. I'll look into it too

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Hey everyone. Also here because of Markiplier. I guess you already found a few things out. If you guys use skype or discord we could all have a group dedicated to solving this.

what about for people who dont have either? Maybe a FaceBook group?

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I checked for hidden Streams in the files (.dat, .txt etc.) -> nothing found

Spectrogram of the sounds available here:

I think the developer will release more games over time that could help solve it

the games that are out already are a solution. I will post a stream i watched where someone tried 2 hours in solving it with the painful box

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Everyone, there is a stream about solving it. if anyone want to fly over it, here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PBnqAHVesc

its no promotion. its just how that guy is trying to solve it like that

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guys i dont know if you already know this but if you look at your phone contacts

467767 can be traslated to HORROR

*credits to blurry face for giving me hint

oh wow I didn't notice that. But what's next?

Now thats all i know...yet

If you put the game in audacity, you can hear some kind of conversation and laughing. There's man voice and woman(?) laugh

do you mean just take the audio from the game? Cause in the background of the audio there is a voice repeating everything the speaker says

(Edited 1 time)

no, the game

I just imported raw file (DPTG) the actual game

here's the link of what i got:


Congrats. You just deafened me...


So I looked up the words, but could only find one. "Garest" is from German and Wales. In German it means "To cook" but in Wales it means "To love" or "To like". Don't know if it helps or not.

Something I realized, is that when you unzip the game, there are many versions of it inside itself. The first one, is of course, for programming reasons, (so tha data is inside the app), but apart from Don't Play This Game.exe (but it could have been DPTG also), inside the data folder there is another one...

there's also file called "00000000" in data folder

Yeah, and also the leave.ini file might mean that there IS something hidden here... I have tried to find something in the HTML code of everything... Photos, main page, games... But nothing yet.

Hypno-467767 seems to be about an experiment involving audio, and, is a little similar to polybius. So, maybe the "listen again" might mean that the voice is related to the game.

considering that we know that the games are probably linked it is possible that the letters that you get while playing "dont play this game" can be used in "the painful box"

I tried, but after you click the letter you have to choose a number...

posted a video already about it not far up. it does add in the Painful box. just watch it

could you send a link to it?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PBnqAHVesc there

I was messing around and tried figuring out the syllables per line. Assuming the translation i used was accurate, I got '956764956'. A quick Google search led to me finding this as the first result: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Composite-AV-CVBS-3RCA-...

Would it be possible to hook up a laptop to a TV with this and try running it through there? I honestly have no idea when it comes to converting things like this so I could be reaching here but I figured it was worth a shot.

hooking up a laptop to a TV just make that your computer's screen is on a TV

I know, but my thought is the audio may be clearer played through a TV stereo system then a computer's speakers/headphones.

not gonna happen

what if that number, in combination with the letters generated in DPTG can be used in "the painful box"? The idea came from another poster about the letters needing numbers to work? I'm really tired and throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks, but it may be worth a shot

i just looked in the properties of all the games and they all have this comment except with their respective game titles








i dont know if this is just random code or waht but i hope it helps !

I think developer want us to get hypnotised. That way he can take over the world

We know quite solidly that the speaker in DPTG has Receptive Aphasia. This accounts for the nonsense words in the passage, especially considering some nonsense words are written on the script on the Solution.png E.g. "gromfriel". I doubt it's German. I fear we are trying to decipher what she's saying too obviously, and thus you probably have an incorrect translation. I think that's a coincidence. What we should be paying attention to is the last big clue we were solidly given: "467767 - Listen Again - 467767 - Listen Again - 467767 - Listen Again - 467767 - Listen Again - 467767 - Listen Again - 467767 - Listen Again" in the Solution.png when opened as a text file. Note that it says it 6 times as well.

Try getting hypnotised and listen to the message

repeat it 6 times

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I don't know why I think this puzzle is related with WW I I events

(Edited 1 time)

Can't we just mod the game and change all it's input to hit the score of 780

(Edited 1 time)

Basically we can't edit the files because they're self modifying. Just to give you an idea of how far ahead we've gotten :)

Ok, I didn't write this, someone on Mark's channel in the comments did (I forget their name, sorry) but they came up with this:

"Can you imagine the fact that I don't know which I'm supposed to be in? Why don't you go rule me on it. Same old few things as ever. You under the table trade off punts. Can you understand me? Nobody does. Listen, there is a body at the door. Should I get rid of him? Find me at grave field"

Since the person has receptive aphasia it's more of "what are they trying to say" instead of "what does it mean"

It makes a lot of sense

I think our next target is to find the grave feild

Hey there.

So after playing around with the Solution.png on Photoshop (Basically just rotating, mirroring and changing the Brightness and contrast), this came up http://imgur.com/a/tbEmY .

The Morse code says "look inside". Still, no clue of the meaning of the white dots.

-It could be meaningless, but when doing the opposite (brightening the picture instead of darkening it), the shape behind the text clearly seems like a diamond (may be my imagination, but I'm not sure)

Might not be much either, but maybe only the games in-which "unknown developer" wrote on the picture accompanied to the download page "this is not a screenshot"- are actually connected.

All in all, "this is not a screenshot" is written only on "On the Edge", "DPTG" & "Six Books" [the word "screenshot" is mentioned in "Tits & Boobies" and "en wye" though]

The solution Picture is 100x100 Pixels. The white dots may indicate symbolize a certain sequence of numbers or a code, in form of numbers. For instance, if the 70th pixel is the first white pixel to appear, the first number will be 70.

Update: it might actually be using steganography.

Using the different pixels some sort of a file might pop-up.

I didn't have any luck with the few free online steganalysis tools I threw at it, but I'm an utter neophyte in that area.

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I just realized that it is impossible to get a perfect score of 780. If repeats aren't counted and every letter is used the maximum score you can ever get is 351 because if A-1, B-2... so on then 1 + 2 + 3 ... 25 + 26 = 351

"Cue [lanak] the fact I don't know which [postere masting]

Why don't you grew on it

Same [foldgin] as ever

Over[ve] the tablecloth punt

do you undertsand me?

Nobody does

Listen, there a [Bogines] at the door

Should I garest him

Find me a gromfriel"

This is what I could make out through listening and the text on the imagine. A lot of these words seem like old words, ether old English or somthing else. I'm no exspert though, but a lot of these words I think I've heard before

"Garest him" brings up religious text

"Punt" can ether be to hit/kick somthing far or a type of boat.

From what i can find out Bogines and Lanak are last names and folgen is a result or to follow something

Gromfriel could also be different words as grom is a young participant in extreme sports and Friel is also a name

(Edited 1 time)

Maybe the numbers at the end of each cycle are also linked to the painful box... from what I've seen only 3 digit numbers are appearing, maybe the first 2 numbers are clues to which box to go to then the other number is which number to choose

Has anyone tried playing the audio backwards? Maybe it sounds like nonsense because that's not the real message?



Inside the exe files, if you paste them into notepad and turn on Wordwrap under Format, mess with the window size, you get an ASCII art of the icons for the games,


Credit to Blondebro7 for discovering this!

(Edited 1 time)

If you flip the text, it says (JTPO) or (DTPG). That could be useful for future use. I'm planning on messing with the actually coding in the game files by switching out info with info found in odd places, so, I'll post back later if this does anything

if you flip and reverse it it says DPTJ

ill try that too, thanks!

Thats what I meant. If you flip it over, its the same as the icon for the games

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Anyone else notice there is some sort of treeish design the background of the start screen?


Going off of what Spirifox said,

"Ok, I didn't write this, someone on Mark's channel in the comments did (I forget their name, sorry) but they came up with this:

"Can you imagine the fact that I don't know which I'm supposed to be in? Why don't you go rule me on it. Same old few things as ever. You under the table trade off punts. Can you understand me? Nobody does. Listen, there is a body at the door. Should I get rid of him? Find me at grave field"

Since the person has receptive aphasia it's more of "what are they trying to say" instead of "what does it mean"

I did a search for grave field and found that there is a grave field in Germany (since we've discovered some of the dialog is German)

I dont know if this has any bearing on the game or not, but there it is just in case.


Gamer Nation on youtube began to figure out his theory. He came to a conclusion that everything with the games has to do with the girl in the well in the game "On the Edge". I believe that the game "Moon Omen" is directly related to On the edge. The girl in the well in On the edge is dying at the end the game. Moon omen is the girl in the well viewing the moon and it is fading away because she is dying. The trees at the bottom left the moon gives us the setting of a forest as the same as the well.

The donation amount is 0.46 as default.


I don't know whether this thing is already mentioned or not, but I found something on the thumbnail of the "Unforgettable" game on the website.

If you see carefully there's this little dots and dashes on the upper and lower side of the thumbnail , and it turns out to be a morse code that gives you a sentence "The Answer Lies Here" .

Don't know what that's for tho, we might need to extract the thumbnail and do some more processings on the thumbnail, maybe something will come up.

Hey, I'm new to this forum and to this site, but I found out about this game, from markiplier actually and immediately became interested. I have been following along a little with you all's progress and I think I have something to add. It keeps telling us to look inside and so I did. I used 7-zip to open the games executable file and found three files the most notable of which was the .ini file, it is labeled leave.ini

And example can be seen here - http://imgur.com/FSaRAdn

Anyway I did the same for his other 9 games and found a different named .ini for each one. Not sure if this means anything but I though it was interesting. (I apologize for the spacing it made use double spaces like this)

One the edge: where.ini


The painful box: drown.ini

Six Books: books.ini

en wye: enwye.ini

Hypno-467767: hypno.ini

Unforgettable: utwya.ini

Tits and Boobies: erect.ini

Don't play this game: leave.ini

Also reversed this music at the end of Six Books, haven't been able to find the name of this music but seems like it might be a clue.

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the ****.ini files are the configurations for the game, but I've been thinking the same way about these files, the way the developer named those files , It feels like it has a purpose.

And I might be overthinking this one , but I'm also intrigued by the author's description on each game, if you open the main site ( https://unknown-developer.itch.io ) , you can see all the games alongside with each descriptions, and somehow when I read those descriptions in order , It somehow sounds related and feels like it can be combined into one phrase . (try reading from en wye -> tits & boobies -> Six Books -> Moon Omen ).

Then again, I might be overthinking about this one.

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hey there, did you try opening the .ini files? If so, it'd be awesome to see what's in them. I currently can't access my computer to do it myself, but if you could, and share what they have, that'd be awesome. If someone already did so, I'll let you know (I need to check the Google doc to see if that happened- I honestly cant remember) the configurations could have stuff hidden in it

[.ini from 'en wye']

title=en wye




Seldesc1=en wye




selurl1="Data\en wye.exe"








That's basically the configurations for all the games, i've tried changing some of the variables but it seems to have no difference in outcome.

Same, although I was able to make them not run by omitting some of the lines in the ini.

awesome, thank you for your quick reply (like, dayum son) unfortunately, I dont have my computer, but my plan is gonna be something like this:

In the color (any row with the word color in it) I'm going to try putting in 467767 one at a time to see if there's a visual change, (since aside from it spelling "horror"; someone implied it could be color coding, and changing each value one at a time could produce something different each time that would have been invisible otherwise)

Thank you once again!

Hey that's a good idea OdetteDressedInBlack I remember that color code thing too, I'll have to try that to.

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Thanks Lordbaaa, I was just about to post the ini names, since I felt that some seemed notable.

I also tried swapping some of the files around to see if anything might happen, such as putting drown.ini or DEATH.ini in On the edge, as well as changing the internal settings of these files, no noteworthy impact so far.

I thought I would try to take the 1st picture of The Painful Box, and change the perspective to see if there's anything there, but I'm having trouble mapping the horizontal axis. I don't think I can quite do it, at least not with 100% accuracy. On the 2nd picture, does anyone know what is being shown? I was thinking washing machines because of the one at the bottom mid-left, but I'm not sure looking at the rest.

I don't normally interact with communities on such a "game", but one of these days, a real psychopath is gonna think it fun or funny to do something like this with real stakes. No offence Unknown Dev, but that said, I'm gonna see what I can do with ______, if nothing is concerning, I'l keep quiet.

Best of luck to the rest of you.

EDIT: By the way, every one of these contains a data folder with 4 files, 1 is an exe that as far as I can tell does the exact same thing which is to read the .dat file of the same name, you can mix and match .dat and .exe freely in this manner and it will work so long as they have the same name. So to anyone digging through file contents, .dat is where you wanna look, and use the .exe to figure out how. Not that I care, but to all of you who are "playing" this, I can't vouch for what is and is not a legit method of "playing".

Hey, so I'm looking at the other games this developer has made, and its actually pretty interesting.

I lined looked at them up in pairs of three, and came up with a few abbreviations that for some reason seem very fitting. The bottom three games, which were arranged like this in the sight, were Six Books, Tits and Boobies, and En Wye. Now this may seem very far stretched, but I like to do this just for the heck of it. I took the first letter of all these titles and came up with STE, and searching what STE stands for it means a woman saint. The with the game Six Books, I thought of the six mother books of hadith. This is the definition of the books: The Kutub al-Sittah (Arabic: الكتب الستة‎, translit.Al-Kutub as-Sittah, lit.'The six books'‎) are six books containing collections of hadith (sayings or acts of the Islamic prophet Muhammad) compiled by six Sunni Muslim scholars in the ninth century CE. I haven't played the game, so I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but thinking back on the woman saint, I just realized how stupid this is. But I spent five minutes of my life doing this, so do what ever you want to it.

The second image in the Painful Box game appears to be the capsule-style "Micro Apartments" in tokyo.


Not sure if this is relevant, but I had a hunch these were living quarters based on the curtains/objects in windows in the image.

HEY OK SO I HAVE A QUESTION! Since the word Garest in German is "to prepare to be eaten/cooked" are we positive that it is a body/ somebody at the door? could it possibly be some type of animal because that would personally make more sense (then again this is a horror-esk game so the whole body eating thing would actually make sense too.)

Also if someone speaks German here, could you try to listen to the audio again and try to make something out of it please? Thank you!

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I've seen a lot of people talk about this, but I don't think this translation of "garest" is right . I speak german and as far as i know the correct word for "to cook" would be "garen". Though it is a form of it, "garest" does not make much sense in context, since it would be "du garest", meaning "you are cooking". So I don't really think he's talking of cooking. But I could be wrong.

I've listened to the audio several times and couldn't understand anything else, sorry.

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Someone earlier said it might be saying this:

"Can you imagine the fact that I don't know which I'm supposed to be in? Why don't you go rule me on it. Same old few things as ever. You under the table trade off punts. Can you understand me? Nobody does. Listen, there is a body at the door. Should I get rid of him? Find me at grave field"

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Ok some info, not necessarily important to the solving this game but I found it interesting non the less. I was and trying to see if moding the ini files did anything and at first it didn't appear to however after I erased the Data\DPTG.exe line from selurl1="Data\DPTG.exe" the game gave me this message


So I specified a different dir, in this case selurl1="Data\Quake 3\ioquake3.x86.exe" it ran quake. So As far as I can tell this main exe only works as a shortcut. I also tried what Arteca suggested

"you can mix and match .dat and .exe freely in this manner and it will work so long as they have the same name."

And yea I renamed the exe and dat to DPTG2 and it worked. Also the .dat files from from the other games are interchangeable in this way as well. Hopefully someone can find a way to access the archived data in the .dat files I have been trying but not luck so far.

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I don't know a lot about coding or anything, but I like checking up on this page to see the progress that has beem made. If anyone knows people / has friends in the Battlefield Easter Egg community, you should ask them for help. They are REALLY good at deciphering the hard codes/ciphers, etc..

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Okay, so I don't know if many people will see this, but I've learned that the score is the sum of the value of each unique letter in alphabetical order, so, a - 1, b - 2, and so forth. The score is the sum of these numbers added together, but it only counts a single appearance for each letter, meaning, if 's' appears twice, it only adds its value once. Also, there are a total of 13 unique symbols on the first page that the player encounters. Those symbols are, " / * & § # . \ + | % ^ and also, in a pattern below, -

For comprehension sake, they are Quotation Marks, Forward Slash, Asterisk, Ampersand, Section Symbol, Octothorp, Period (Or Full-Stop), Backslash, Plus Symbol, Vertical Bar, Percent, Caret, and Hyphen respectively.

Now, everyone is assuming that 30 * 26 is where 780 comes from, but, I think that's not quite the case. Is it a coincidence, I don't know. But I'd like to point out the sum of 39 and each number before it to 0, is also 780. I think it's interesting to note that there are 26 letters in the alphabet, and there are 13 unique symbols on the first page. Which would put us at 39.

Color green 123 adds up to 6 which is also num of hyphens. From the odd color indexing file.

Green 00ff00 fyi or { ascii

This is dev, so why would he use 1-26???

I would use 255 ascii system or 0-25.(zero is a number too u know?).

0-39 log and 26x30sum =780 (didnt someone mention the audio said "find me the logirithm"?


Oddly enough, there are 24 numbers total when the symbols on the first page are written in ascii for both sets. Then there is L and Q ...even as a command they may be the missing two. There are 30 ascii numbers in the hyphen underscore line...I thought this could be a code for how to mathmatically get the answer for that page, but it wasnt consistant on the symbols page.

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I don't know if it will help, but i noticed games change data when you play another game- when you play one game other game keeps jumping at the end of column, it means its data is changed. I don't know what it means, but still, i felt like i should tell you about this

And at files' properties, at comment bar there is some text, i don't think it should mean anything

Gimme the DAT files.

DAT files are serialized objects, I can analyze the bytes of the DAT files. It's weird that there is DAT files, as this game doesn't save data?

look in Appdata/Roaming

looking at dptg properties there is a comment it reads



Setup="Don't Play This Game.exe"

Path=%APPDATA%\Don't Play This Game




Title=Don't Play This Game...


dont know if its of use but..

you laughed at the fact i dont know

which missing poster m__sting

why dont you ____ on it

same thieves(?) as ever

over the t____ain pun_

do you under stand me

nobody does

listen there's someone at the door

should i arrest him

don't hold me accountable

this is the closest i can get to getting that text out form the image

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I've tried my best to read solution.png so we have something concrete to go off of but the words that we are having trouble with seem to have the letters too close together to be able to read well. So far I have read:

Cue lat_____ the fact I dont know

Which _____________ting

Why dont you gr___ on it?

Same _____ as ever.

Over the tablecloth punt.

Do you understand me?

Nobody does.

Listen, there's a b_____ns at the door.

Should I garest him?

Find me a __romthiel. (or ___romfriel)

The blanks are parts of the words i had trouble reading. As for "Same _____ as ever", I believe it says 'folgen,' but since I couldn't read that, I left it out.

Edit: Here is what letters I got from the image: http://imgur.com/a/kijFH


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I've downloaded this game 1 hour ago,I haven't discover anything new. But I've used some tricks I know to get the main code of the game,right now,am analyzing it. Maybe I'll find the game solution..?


EDIT 1 : Nothing useful,pretty much no sense sentences. Back to the game,learning about the alphabet meanings,and more about the Clock?! Any hints?

EDIT 2 (Confirmed) :

The game basic is that A = 1... B = 2 and so on. Well, to make it up to 780 (Full Score) , You need 30 time Z repeated. This is it (Confirmed). As I'm a developer, I can confrim this,and no more theories ! The developer is smart to make around 1K people dig about theories and so on,while the game coding is another thing (Simple as much as I can see).

Hope I didn't ruin your party guys.


in the code you analyzed, did you find anything that referenced the "score" that shows up when the speaker finishes talking?

And i'm just as confused about the clock too, although it may just be there to throw us off.

Thanks for your reply!

The game basic is that A = 1... B = 2 and so on. Well, to make it up to 780 (Full Score) , You need 30 time Z repeated. This is it (Confirmed). As I'm a developer, I can confrim this,and no more theories ! The developer is smart to make around 1K people dig about theories and so on,while the game coding is another thing (Simple as much as I can see).

Hope I didn't ruin your party guys.



Not to ruin your determination, but only the first letter of the respectable alphabet counts.

Has anyone tried matching the color of the morse code at the top of the solution picture to the picture its self?

Would like to. I'll hit you up when I do it.

do you think it's possible that we see a new message pattern depending on the time? Maybe that's the reason the clock is there?


OK I just did some stuff... don't know if this will help but... it's 1:42 in the morning cut me a break, get popcorn this might be long... I wrote down what I heard.

" can you imagine the fact I don't know the fact for which simposter musting Why don't yout gruel on it? Some Folger as ever hop on the table cloth punt do you understand me? No body does listen, there's a bodgens at the door should I garest him? Find me a grum freil."

I wrote down a key?

Some ofriends these are synonyms some are just me.

Gruel- fight

Folgen- follow

Punt- kick

Musty- lacking originality or vitality (unoriginal)

Grum freil- grum~grim

• grim- terrible, shocking, horrible etc.

Grum freil- freil~ frail

• frail- weak, delicate

° grave yard- a place for the terribly, horribly (impossibly) weak, aka dead.

°Grum freil- grave yard

Bodgens- might be code word for body.

Garest or garrest- arrest or "get rid of" also might be a code word.

Simposter- imposter

So I got that together I thought I might be a conversation.... so I put together 2 ways it could have gone the first 5 lines ended up the same....

**I changed the first few sentences from "can you imagine the fact I don't know the fact for which simposter musting" to what's below is because in the original one (the onext right up there^^) is because it could be an interruption. So... I just went with this**

A: can you imagine the fact for which imposter unoriginal? (Simposter musting)

B: I don't know the fact

A: why don't you fight (gruel) on it?

B: same follow (folgen) as ever

A: hop on the table cloth kick (punt)

My first thought was to rearrange the sentences to make more sense.

The other thought was to leAve it as it went from there.

I decided to go with my first thought....


A: listen, there's a bodgen (body) at the door

A: do you understand me?

B: nobody does

B: should I arrest/ get rid of (Garest or garrest) him?

A: find me a grave yard (Grum freil).

So I changed that to common day talk??

I came up with.....

A: can you imagine an unoriginal imposter?

B: I can not

A: why don't we fight on it?

B: it will end the same

A: hop on the table cloth and kick

A: listen, there is a Bodgen (body) at the door

A: do you understand me?

B: nobody does

B: should I arrest/get rid of him?

A: find me a graveyard.

I'm getting in fangirl modemail and I have a "story" on the characters a and b, (it might be a but easier to relize where I'm coming from if you do hear I but OK here well) but I don't wanna go there it's now 2:10

Compare the sentences

Can you imagine and unoriginal imposter?

Can you imagine the fact for which imposter unoriginal?

I can not

I dont know the fact

Why don't we fight on it?

Why dont you gruel on it?

It will end the same

Same follow as ever

Hop on the table cloth and kick

Hop on the table cloth punt

Listen, there is a bodgen (body) at the door.

Listen, there is a bodgen (body) at the door.

Do you understand me?

Do you understand me?

Nobody does

Nobody does

Should i arrest/ get rid of him?

Should i arrest/ get rid of him?

Find me a graveyard

Find me a grave yard

If you wanna hear my "story" of this"scene" let me know.

Thanks for wasting your time on this lol hopped it helped.

Byeeee~ ☆*°•

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Hey boys and girls! (beforehand sorry for my bad English. I hope someone understands me xD)

Did someone notice the LGBT tag in "T&B"? Does it mean something?

Also when you burn 6 books they appear again in order H-D-Y-L-F-M. As we know each letter means certain phrase.
If we convert this letter order and replace letters with phrases, we get a story about love and hate.

I think whole story is about the addiction of love. This explains why main character or author loved the girl very much but when they broke up he hates her and would prefer "burn her face".
And i think this game is like Cry of Fear where Saimon wrote the book about his feelings. The book whitch had a hideous world in it filled with monsters, loneliness and darkness. But in real world everything was alright. Sooo.. idk god

Oh! About DPTS. It says "This game can reveal things you don't know yet.About yourself." Could it mean words that everyone hears reveal people secret fears or problems or dark desires? Like someone understands "garest him" like "cook him" and it means that person afraid of being eaten alive or secretly wants to cook someone lol? Same thing about killing and other scary things..no? Just me? Morse code also says to look inside. Maybe it means look inside yourself?

under deep part skin in well resist my sacrifice near warning night repeats.

These are the red words in Against The Door. You can make ut a sentence, it's about the person in the well in On The Edge:

Under deep part. Skin in well. Resist my sacrifice. Near warning night. Repeats. So they are deep in the well, and it was somehow a sacrifice by going in to the well. Maybe suicide? It seems like it would be for love, as there are a lot of things suggesting the man she was with went off with someone else.

Not sure, but these words seem helpful. Please reply if you have found anything else about ATG/have a better idea on what these words mean.

There is also fool, win, mentality, reality, thought, stop, begin and you, but these seem more like gibberish or random words. If you think they fit in, try it out. I just can't at the moment though.

This is really interesting... if you actually drag the game file itself into a txt document there is english text. cant really make out exactly what it means but still interesting...

Ok so the song in against the door is 1936 I Got You Under My Skin by Ray Noble, Vocals by Al Bowlly. Bit from the game starts at time index 00:01:04 of this video.

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Ok so I opened the door in Against the door. Code is 6391 reverse of 1936 form the song under my skin. Was gonna continue but it made a loud dog bark which kind scared me and I didn't want to wake up anyone since its 3:26 AM. Anyway enjoy can't wait to see what I and you guys find tomorrow

EDIT#1 Second code is 4692 if you record the audio and there is a guy who says 1234. If you count the number of seconds between each number the guy says it is this code.

EDIT#2 Third Code is 5874 there are times when the audio is louder the length of these is this code.

EDIT#3 I am a little stuck now, in the fourth stage you are given the numbers 14 9 11 17 in this order but the amount of time between them is to large. Tried converting them in to letters which yielded jghl but the game doesn't accept letters. Also appox length between segments is 11 10 10 10. The first one could be 10/11. Counted Syllables which are 2 1 3 3 no luck. Subtracted length in seconds from numbers given, no dice.

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Doors 4-5 have been solved! Thanks to Greenhouse for the codes,

Door 4- 8469
Door 5- 0000

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under deep part skin in well resist my sacrifice near warning night repeats fool win mentality reality thought stop begin you These are the highlighted words. Can anyone make something out of them?

does anyone know what he is actually saying? I can't seem to make sense of it no matter how many times I listen to it

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The words are written on solution.png when you flip the picture upside down but it is very hard to read and nobody has yet to read all the words. However people have gotten close such as prestonono1's image http://imgur.com/a/E74AH or SpaceFawn's image http://imgur.com/a/kijFH

Edit: Fixed link

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Ok so here is an update about the newest game, For Me and You.

Just the Facts

At the start of the game you hear one verse of the song What a wonderful world however the lyrics have been changed from

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.


I see skies of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

Once in the game Pressing 7 or G on the first (left) screen will bring up the letter M, pressing 4 of D on the right screen will bring up the letter J. You can go down to a red area by pressing the down arrow key. Once you are there pressing M or J for left or right and it will give a dark silhouette of a woman/man. You will then either get the "What a wonderful Moon" (M) ending or "What a wonderful World" (J) ending. The (M) ending has a reversed audio clip. Played forwards it is the same as the (J) Ending which is Louis Armstrong singing "Oh yeah! At the bottom of the screen you will get Neil Alden Armstrong for the (M) ending and Louis Daniel Armstrong for the (J) Ending. Lastly sometimes you will get a static screen with what I interpret to be the words sik'eemsik'em but have a look for yourself. Original - http://imgur.com/vuZW4Oh Modified clear as I could get - http://imgur.com/ymEqG8k


Firstly Thanks to Thanoz85 for starting a thread for the game For Me and You. That's what got me started. Thanoz85 said "The numbers 467767 appear behind the bars that are moving up and down". I haven't seen them yet but all know this number by now, however the 6 seems to be omitted. Of the two I described earlier I believe there is a third ending. At the the end of this game there is a sentence that says The e n d. which depending on what you choose you will get the you get "world" ending (J) or the "moon" Ending (M) however there is still a letter and number missing. Also I believe M and J are the Melissa and Jake from On the Edge and that this third ending is the unnamed person trapped in the well. Finally if you compare the eyes of For Me and You to the Eye in Unforgettable they are very similar I think they are connect. Here take a look http://imgur.com/9fFhqBT

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I was checking the files and i woundered what was 467767, am i the only one who noticed that 467767 is a game from the same creator of DPTG and it's called Hypno-467767? I'm gonna try to play it now, hope it can helps

The only thing i was able to get from that game was this number 5310

You can get it by just listening what he says " Hold your breath --- Count to 5 " "Hold your breath --- Count to 3" "Hold Your breath --- Count to 10" This is the order

Good luck with that :'D

For the images , i was able to read few words more then you guys, my big monitor helped a lot, check this out ( In some sentences at the end we have even some weird placing dots and _ , maybe an extra morse code?)

Cue ishak the fact i don't know

Which eraser jost are musting.

Why don't you oregrand.?

Same _______ Ever

Overttet ____________ Pum_

Do you understand me?

Nobody Does (: or ! not sure about the last simbol)

Listen verce atres at the


Should i garest him?

Find me a cromfile.

Found another interesting thing by the way , i just noticed it now

Do you understand me? Nobody does. The truth is deeper inside. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again.

Looks like morse code repeated over and over in this sentence

.- Means A

- Means T

And we have an extra dot at the start after "inside"

. Means E

Any idea? Or just a casuality?

Just had a random thought. What if the name is the first part scrambled?


Okay, so I don't know if this is already known, but I reversed gram freil to "marg lief" which turned out to be Hindi for "way to" and "lief marg" which also translates from Hindi for "route". Hope this helps!

To me there seems to be a big clue in the phrase " there's a bodgens at the door, should I garest him?" I think there's something behind the speaking/communication disorder tied with the statement that nobody understands her. The door phrase could have easily meant "there's a banging at the door, should i greet him?" .

Everything else that is said is very cryptic with the exception of the door phrase and the statement that nobody understands her. There might be a reason these were purposefully left fairly simple and straightforward albeit random. So the question remains if every other word or jumbled phrase that is in the monologue stands for another word that might be close does the word need to be similar in sound or just start with the same letter?

So I was looking that the photoshop file that Cp.Dinosaur posted on here a little while ago, and these little green dots at the tops and bottoms of the page were bugging me for some reason. I noticed that some were a bit longer than others, which got me to thinking that it might be something in morse code. First time it translated into a bunch of gibberish, and then I decided to rotate it 180 degrees to its original position. The top then translated as "LOOK" and the bottom as "INSIDE". Itd be too far of a stretch to be pure coincidence, and I think that it confirms KupaRizu's suspicion that this game is somehow related to The Painful Box. As for Kupa's discovery upon reversing the AV, its most likely another reference to yet and other game called "tits & boobies", because when Linusfail did some work with the phrases in there, he got that got the same phrases that Kupa got.

Grumfriel might be a scrambled word game. I found the word Glurm, witch as fart as I know means something similar to regrettable, as in something happened that is regrettable.

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Not sure if this yield anything but I opened DPTG with CFF explorer and found the following.

Resource directory has 6 entries,

Entry 1, ID:2 AKA Bitmaps

Entry 2, ID:3 AKA Icons

Entry 3, ID:5 AKA Dialogs


Entry 4, ID 6 AKA String Tables

Entry 5, ID:14 AKA Icon Groups

Entry 6, ID: 24 AKA Configuration Files

Only entry 3 had something weird in it, also ID: 1033 was mentioned alot in entry 4.

10:33? I could try it tomorrow, maybe something will popup?

*edit* Nope, did not work.

Ay yall,

Been watching this thread for a while. Got a few thoughts about the game.

First of all, it has been pointed out that the speaker has receptive aphasia. A thing about this disorder is that the affected do not realize they are talking gibberish, and a sometimes words can get garbled or exchanged to words that sound similar. I guess that's what the "garest" and "grom friel" might be attributed to. Maybe the speaker is bilingual, who knows.

Regardless, I think it is pointless to try and look for any meaning behind the text. But it is there for a reason. Anyone here interested in cryptography? Cause it might be a key to a cypher of sorts.

Second, the timer. The description on unknown-developer's website says the following:

"This game can reveal things you don't know yet.
About yourself.
Over time.

Don't play this game. It's as simple as that."

So. Apparently, the timer here is crucial, and we need to keep it running. What I think is, someone should open the game up, and leave it running for a prolonged period of time, not doing anything in it. Just don't play this game for a while, see what I mean?

Also, random thing: the phrase "Don't play this game" might put emphasis on "don't play _this_ game".

Looking forward to things.

Oh btw, on unknown-developer's page there is a game called "The Storks Are Crying". When was it uploaded again? Anyone looked into it yet?

When he says it will teach us things about our selfs he means that there s no soulotoin it just shows us how disturbed our mids are to thing this stuff up.

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Okay, so i did the sound analysis of "listen to my voice" and here is what i got.

The whole sound looks like this: https://hkar.ru/OTR4

It doesn't make any image, but if you look at both ends of the spectogram you can see a difference with the rest of the picture.

So i enhanced both ends and here is what i got

Left end https://hkar.ru/OTR2

Left end with different settings: https://hkar.ru/OTR3

Right end:https://hkar.ru/OTR1

Right end with different settings: https://hkar.ru/OTR0

Okay now... the right end looks like morse code, but it is not apparent with the letters spacing. It could be treated as several different letters.

I didn't find anything that I could decypher at this point.



the hypno - 467767 description reminded me of an SCP article. The way some information is blanked out and the way and the style it is written with.

Example (best in the end)


Maybe there is a speciment of SCP connected with those numbers-467767 or with "horror"? Or with mental house?

Those "attachments" such as "1b" or "1a" mentioned are used in SCPS descriptions as well. They usually mean either part of a speciment (for example copy's of the main speciment that he produces himself are 1a, 1b etc. or it could mean some protocol of testing. Like dialog with the person who was exposed to SCP, or dialog with doctor, or dialog with the speciment itself.

Also I. SCP they usually use people from class D, which stands for the lowes class. Those are usually insane, or murderers. And the Hypno description uses the word "inmate" which is interesting and also corresponds to SCP lore



okay. Another brilliant idea: what if you make ok google or Siri listen to the gibberish that she says? Maybe the AI could interpret all This better than human brain does



So i also noticed that on the so called "screenshot" of the Storks are crying there is an audio logo.

I opened the image in the Audacity and got this:

It souds like bee.

In your original Left end and Right end images w/out the enhancements they kind of look like a digital signal. Try to see if you can get anything out of converting them into binary and translating it.

it's too deep for me, I have no idea how to do that =

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Hey guys, any new theories on either The Storks Are Crying or Unknown Dev's latest game, [ ]? Anyone figure anything new out? And now there is also The Engraved Dispatch too.

Could the solution.png have some form of steganography?

The "Look Inside" hint could be referring to hiding data via steganography.

I have tried this WITHOUT a password using this site http://www.mobilefish.com/services/steganography/steganography.php however there was nothing found. But perhaps there may be a password.

Could be a dead end but who knows?

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I think you guys have all ready tried this but I cant play the game so can one of you guys/girls try this idea. Try typing the letters you see on the screen with the ___/780 thing with it like this... (this is random typing its not from the game)

DSFHSLIDBVDIBSDIVDFGJDJD 1/780              and put them in order and post it and see what we got. i think the letters are different for ever person who plays it beacuse i saw one of the ___/780 repeat and it was a different sequence for both YouTubers. make sure you put them in order like this...(this is random typing its not from the game)


HGRIJGAHDLGAESGAIEUDHG  2/780           I know this will take awhile and might be a wast of time but can someone try it for me please!!!!!

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so i was reading through the comments about this game and i noticed the listed palindromes. aibohphobia being one that caught my attention. now i don't know if this has already been noticed but i read this: "From Ancient Greek παλίνδρομος(palíndromosrunning back again), from πάλιν (pálinback, again, back again)." it was also said most of the games are following the theme of self-hatred, the inevitability of death and the pointlessness of existence. what if this palindrome is following the ancient greek definition rather than the english? as in the character or creator doesn't want a "run back of life" or maybe a relapse of depression or failure to die altogether? just a thought. would love to know if someone can prove if disprove my theory.

Hello, New to the feed. (And reviving it) 

I have found something that pertains to his newer games. Specifically A Distressed Look At Another Uncanny Charade Casted By The Secretive Caucus Throng

Starting with #1

1~~ I did the.., "slide puzzle"? and I believe I have put it together properly. The image is attached above ^^^^^

2~~ With this game having a rather long title.. could it be the product of an acronym that means something
This would be DLUCCSCT when cutting out the non-essential linking words, however, It could also be ADLAAUCCBTSCT Which.. I have no meaning for at the moment but I'm sure someone can do something with that info.

3~~ Another post I found suggests that reverse image searching his profile picture, yields a medium profile with a similar profile image. 
Linked to this profile are twitter and facebook profiles.  The medium profile is here https://medium.com/@automatthias  
A google+ file has also been found that has the same name. Link ----> https://plus.google.com/+MaciejBlizi%C5%84ski

4~~ Very far down on this post there are some mentions of anagrams that translate into what it seen as insignificant, and rather crude sentences. 

I will have to get back to all of you when I gather information from that post, and how it pertains to T&B considering both translations are lines from that specific game.


has anyone considered looking into numerology and similar practices? Maybe we can find some sort of solution there? 

So, im not sure if anybody has figured this out yet ((the thread is kinda long, sorry)) but from what i can tell garest is a Welsh word (or a different way of pronouncing one) that translates to 'love' so the line "should i garest him" could be "should i love him" (i also put it in google translate just to see what happened and the language it detected was Basque and it translated to expensive, it doesnt make too much sense but it was just something i noted) hope this helps!

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I also tried finding anything for "Bodgins" but nothing showed up other than results for "bodkins" so i tried removing the d to make "Bogins" and it appears to be a family name 

*edit* it has a lot more results that I'll try and wade through but I thought the name was noteworthy