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We need someone who is good at photoshop to remove his profile picture, he overlayed ontop of it, from solution.png. Get rid of it so only the text behind it is left. Then we have an accurate version of the text without his profile picture blocking it out, so we can read it properly

I've tried but its hard to match up the images by opacity etc,and I cant find a high quality version of the profile pic



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I did some image processing to clean up solution. Its not perfect and it cuts a bit out, but its a bit clearer.

No Filters:

Filtered to be clearer:

Raw photoshop file for anybody that can filter more


(Right click, open image in new tab to zoom in)


I attempted reading the photoshopped text, and found that the words I could make out matched the script of the person speaking in the game. From there, you can suspect that it is sadly just the script of the character, but I hope this helps.

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I used the auto-level feature in paint.net.


EDIT: dunno if you guys noticed but what the person in the game says is the same as in these pictures

I think the text on the picture is what the guy says on the game Don't play this game. The voice says "can you imagine the fact that..." and the text starts the same way.

Also, this is what I could read from the picture:

"Can you imagine the fact I don't know which frases _______ missing.

Why don't you ________?

Same _____ as ever.

Over the _______ot_ punt.

Do you understand me?

nobody does.

Listen, there's a bo___ns at the door.

Should I garest him?

Find me a _rom friel."