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yeah, altough the guy had weird taste in women, so he can only blame himself for that.

My meme was mainly the "open up a cold one with the boys" as main theme of the game. In retrospect, i could've used so many other memes if i had just tought for a while... My bad!

It has been done! I made own topic for ways of communication where we will gather every ways of communication we come up with, and also we made new topic for suggestions, so if you have other ideas or have something else to suggest, please do so!

Meme game jam! community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Did we do something wrong? Or should we do something better? Or maybe we just should do something we totally forgot! Anything it is, if you have any suggestions how we could make things better, just tell us and we try our best! This is our first gamejam, so we understand if something important left undone. So help us get better and make these jams the best there is!

This is for different ways to communicate with people. For instance, someone suggested a discord channel, so we madr a discord channel for us! If there is any other ways of communication, place it here or ask us to do it. Or if you have twitch or twitter or anything alike, feel free to share it here!


Great idea! We will make Discord channel tomorrow. I'll make a new topic about it when we have it up and running!

This topic is for people looking a team for themselves. You know how to program but cant do art? check this topic! Need for a sound man? There has to be someone over here. Need for tHE MEME MASTER!? you've come to the right place. look through the messages, and if there isn't anybody you need, create a message asking for it, and hopefully, someone comes to your aid

sigh... yeah, it has the text the voice is saying in the game, dozen of people has been trying to photoshop the face picture out of it so it can be read. Also, its the face of unknown developer, or so its seems since the same pic can be found as his profile pic. also, if you look reaaaally hard, you see red dots top and bottom of the pic, which are morse and translate to "look inside". AND, when you open the PNG file in notepad (or any other text editor) and look at the last line, there is something interesting written, so you should check that also out ;) or, you know, actually read what other people have already figured out in the topic dedicated to solving this mystery...

maybe, but when you listen to the voice say it, it doesn't sound like they would say file, they say it differently. plus, there isn't any rom files found in any of these games, or atleast so i've read from here (i haven't played all of them yet)