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Really weird! Hmm!

Really like how she peeks around corners and watches you through windows. Could use some better implementation gameplay wise but I really like how it looks.

Incredible! Before my first run through I was a bit apprehensive but the further I went the more impressed I was with every little bit of it. Just enough 4th wall breaking and self awareness. Amazing visuals that really feel unique compared to everything today. I love it.

This game really is something special. Rarely do I ever see something that so clearly has so much love and care put into making a vision come to life. It really feels like a look into a truly unique world.

I have an issue where every time I start the game it attempts to boot up my index and plays all sound through it but doesnt run in VR mode.

has anyone thought of taking the image from en wye and comparing its code to the original image of New York?

I don't know if it's of any importance, but "Don't Play This Game" resets its volume level after every listen.