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Honestly i loved it. you guys did such a great job and it would be amazing to see julia's side as hinted at the end. but as someone did point out it would be much better if it was optimized better. i have quite a good gaming rig but at times it was hard for the game to run. but all and all, good job guys and keep up the good work (i live streamed it by the way and people liked it)

okay i did the math. it always shows 30 letters, 26 letters in the alphabet. so that means that is 30 different choices if they were fixed letters. but since not it is 26 choices in one space. when you do the math you come out to 20,280 different choices

You know that could be something. i will have to test that. at 23:00 is one i will check one tomorrow

Okay, so i spent a while listening and reserching some of the words he says

"Queue light and the fight, i dont know which for some post amusting, why dont you *gruel on it same *folgen as ever hover the table cloth *punt, do you understand me? no one does, listen there is a *bonjens at the door, should i gerent him? find me a *Ground friel

~from what i was able to make out *Gruel also ment to accept punishment or something that lacks substance or significance to an argument.

~Folgen is German for consequences

~punt to me made me think he was about to be punished from the previous statements

~Bonjens is also meaning German Sheppard (Dog)

~and garent meaning to agrivate

~ground friel is what i hear but i cant be sure

In the description of the game it says that "This game can reveal things you don't know yet.
About yourself.
Over time."

And that made me think so i put a code that the game gave me "GEHTXYCMTRNNOUNLFPKFXBEQZGJNDF" into an anagram decoder, it spit out too many things to count but i found a a couple like;

- Judgment Throne

- Broken/Judgment

- Entry of Judgment

~which to my understanding is someone thinking that they are broken. or them judging someone. or someone else, i was to find one more that would probably link to T&B's;

- F*ck her gently

~~if anyone has found more to what i posted please reply

same here