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Honestly i loved it. you guys did such a great job and it would be amazing to see julia's side as hinted at the end. but as someone did point out it would be much better if it was optimized better. i have quite a good gaming rig but at times it was hard for the game to run. but all and all, good job guys and keep up the good work (i live streamed it by the way and people liked it)

That's awesome to hear Draxalore, we really appreciate you playing the game. We definitely have plans to expand the narrative, with a potential sequel focused on Julia in the pipeline :)

Our main issue is lighting at the moment, which were working on optimising in the next build, so hopefully that should help improve frame rate!

As we mentioned above, if you recorded the live stream let us know and we can retweet it from @captiveaudienc3 :)

Thanks again for playing, really glad to hear you enjoyed it!