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Problem with enigma is we need a base message, where we know what it is saying, to look for matches. In WW2 they used the weather reports

I think it is based on system time, the codes, and how many times it is ran.

EDIT: Unless he gave us the switchboard and rotor codes! The numbers and letters people have seen might be right, and it would make sense if it is based on time and the counter of how many times you ran it!

We need to try getting the switchboard, rotor, reflector, and inital positions of the rotors


But the long number doesnt help. Or Most of this so far. Maybe not enigma

At first I thought it was just a simple replacement cipher, and that the letters at the top added up to the number reported after the cipher. Unfortunately it looks like that number is just adding everything up with (a-1, b-2, etc) after removing duplicates :(