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I think he is talking about the characters when viewed as text, but it isnt text, the "Italian". This is normal when you try to view a non-text file, it shwows you the hex instead.

Try a hex viewer on solution.png, like HxD, at the end, "Do you understand me? Nobody does. The truth is deeper inside. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again. - 467767 - Listen again."

Also, new game, unforgettable. I found this in unforgettable, "http://imgur.com/a/v4W75".

Someone else, Pix Player said, "Morse code for "unforgettable" photo : theanswerlayshere.

He also mentioned the morse code in solution.png which others have found

green letters also spell out "eye can see you" ?

That's Unforgettable by Nat King Cole. It was released in like 1951 but the real question is how does the dev take it and how does it fit in

I hate to say this, but what if you have to read it 467,767 times? Doesn't seem likely but it does repeat itself saying "Listen again".

I have just loaded the game file and 'Listened' twice and if you actually listen carefully then you can head a second audio faintly in the background. Even when the main overlaying audio has pauses in between phrases the background audio is playing. Maybe if someone can separate the two audios you may find extra clues.