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quite interesting, nice story driven game, great color work, and visual style!
one of the ones quite high up there in this game jam.
fine work!

great idea, although needs time detailing like sound and visual cues and toning back on the screen effects and tutorializing the start of the game so players have an easier time sinking into the game.

the pixel art is very cute but could use a touch more color theory.
all in all good job.

the isometric view makes it a bit hard to go the way you wanna go, though the visual style colors and music make this game shine would love to see a deeper dive into shape theory.

the game play is simple but with a twist to keep you thinking.

great work!

what a thing to wake up to, darn sucks that I know what that is too it just didn't update the link once I sent the fix, I'm currently re-uploading the current build with the fix and will update the link shortly.

the cause of the crash was actually a null pointer on initialization regarding the game trying to hook the vr services then not knowing what to do on success. so I removed that part and it started working.

Even though i am very bogged down with class work i do still read all the comments daily, and I'm super grateful for all the people coming to check this out!

Though busy I'm currently working my hardiest to expand this to a full game, I cant promise any exact time frame, but its still on the way as i find spare time.

Thanks for checking this out! And I Hope you will check the new one too once it comes out!


thank you im glad to see you enjoyed it!

i definitely want to work on this more, im just needing to prep some things first and get some more free time


id love to im just waiting trevors "go ahead" as well as some free time to work on it, ive got some plans on what i may go for too!

their game no where close to what mine looks like

you should check what twitter you are looking at mine is and i have tweeted trevor directly on the 5th when i uploaded this

i really cant express how happy i am that people are loving, this little project, thank you and everyone who has come and gave it a crack

ahh! well thank you! im glad to see you enjoyed it 

bro you got some style in that video keep it up!

i agree that its going into the same path slender once went

man i really got to fix that pathing... 
nice work on the video by the way 

thanks for your comment, although i did not ask for permission to use his character I did tweet at him on day one of the up load. now as of writing i noticed i did not properly credit slimyswampghost in anything more than the comments so now as of writing. 

so now i have edited the page to give a direct link to his twitter as credits, and if he finds that a free 5 min game is not to his liking he only needs to send a tweet to me and ill take it down.

Excellent work on this video 👌

Im glad to see you had a good time with this game

Im glad to see you enjoyed it, I hope to expand on this in an update at some point


do want to, but i have no idea when, I'm currently studying full time, so depending on this terms load will determine how much i can work on this, since initially i did work on it during my holidays.

none the less thank you for coming to check this out!

ill be trying to do that when I'm able to next, as well as actual game play mechanics {as well as better nav AI since it KEEPS GETTING STUCK} but i have no clue when that will be. i worked on this on my own holidays form class, as well as juggle the classes workload, my own well being, and this project. but I'm hoping to making it better soon

in the mean time I'm tracking player feedback, to plan out the next big update...

ooh dam, thanks for pointing this out, its nuts how many people are checking this out considering its a basically a vfx demo XD

heya! thanks for being the first person I've seen play this on youtube!

i really would like to expand on this to a full game at some point, i just need to find the time outside of my classes.

yes and no, both are original interpretations on @slimyswampghost artwork on twitter

below theirs a youtube link that does a great job of breaking down sirenhead if you want to learn more

(1 edit)

Hey I've gotten a new link up, should work now... though I'm not sure why the first one died...

Siren head was made by a freelance horror artist @slimyswampghost on twitter if you wish to learn more, the first half video attached below does a great job of breaking down siren head!

quite honestly forgot i did this, thanks for the play

haha thanks, I never got to play the witness but from what I could see it was a very beautiful game, and yea noticed that you could do that with the mouse and keyboard a bit too far in... oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

thank you! I love working with this style and Im glad to hear that it works well


you laughed at the fact i dont know

which missing poster m__sting

why dont you ____ on it

same thieves(?) as ever

over the t____ain pun_

do you under stand me

nobody does

listen there's someone at the door

should i arrest him

don't hold me accountable

this is the closest i can get to getting that text out form the image

looking at dptg properties there is a comment it reads



Setup="Don't Play This Game.exe"

Path=%APPDATA%\Don't Play This Game




Title=Don't Play This Game...


dont know if its of use but..