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Audio recording for faster access (Not the original audio file): https://clyp.it/fpvrf2ur

End screen when I recorded it (The time might be a few seconds out): http://imgur.com/a/08bEP

With your help( about first audio) I could hear some words.
I don't know why, but I clearly hear :"....You let on/in the fire and I don't know which/witch that (you)( supposed/support/)/from) to master(maybe ritual??Satan??).... Why don't you prove on it?....Same fortune as ever.....However, the table/tape (of) cloth print....Do you understand me? Nobody does...Listen, there's bogies(bogy) out the door...Should I gather(???) him? Find me a/at grove frill. "

I don't know, maybe I'm just crazy, because understood some of those words just in 5-10 minutes.

Spectrogram of the sound files:


Btw I checked all files (dptg, hypno, painful box) with HxD -> only the solution.png seems to have information. Hidden file search didn't reveal much either.

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I think that creator just cut some sounds ,breaking them to make words more multiple like words which have one pronounciation, and the point of the game is only to , maybe, show us how mad or crazy we are. Because my thought is that those letters never reach 780 points, and it's just like distraction.