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I enjoyed the game to the fullest, however the last boss took a while to learn the tactic and even then, took a while to beat. I suggest not an intense dodge mechanic. Other than that, enjoyed the concept VERY much, and I'm loking forward to the full release :)

My Video on Arbiter

Maybe doing it at a specific time will get an outlier, and maybe that is the one you need to find

SO mine that I got at exactly midnight, is the outlier?

I havnt found any others that havnt worked yet.

You type the letters in a letter to numeric decoder

In a letter decoder the letter sequence is 25-13-1-7-20-13-18-3-24-7-8-17-4-8-14-12-13-17-5-8-2-3-13-22-1-11-16-3-26-7

These numbers mean something, I dont know yet

Conclusion: It displays a letter sequence, and a number out of 780... At 00:00 it is YMAGTMRCXGHQDHNLMQEHBCMVAKPCZG with 271 / 780. I wonder what this could signify

I'm thinking there is a reason why there is a counter in the middle, maybe thats how many times you have to listen: I'm going to set up a clicker to automatically push L. I'll be back with an update soon. Im on 227/780. Lets see where this goes

The name title is 430495... hm