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thanks, I thought there wasnt a way to remove parts.

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Dasius, I have multiple suggestions! 1: You should eneable a feature to take parts off of weapons. I hve wated many a tin accidentally throwing it a polearm grip... 2: You should add customizeable weapons, as in, a daily special! You, the player, get to name said special, and offer it up for a price, usually for a profit. 3: You should add Armor as craftable things! This would be so cool! 4: You should add combat, as in, enemies would ransack the village when you are sleeping, and you have to fight them along with warriors, to keep your shop safe! 5: You should add a new town area where you can buy personalization items and shop 'Upgrades' such as furniture, decor, etc, that have an effect on customers. Love your game, and can't wait to see future updates!

Hello There I honestly like the style of the game but dont know what to do. Do i listen to the main person, or the person in the background. Overall, very good game if i knew what to do.