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More atmospheric games

A topic by Tiny Worlds created Jun 27, 2016 Views: 1,543 Replies: 8
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Some of you may remember my collection of atmospheric games.
Here are 3 new games I added to it!

Guppy by ninjadodo
This is a cute little game about being a fish swimming in a watercolor pond. I found it to be very relaxing in it's simplicity, with an interesting control scheme, that mimics the way fish move trough the water.

Fruits of a Feather by Samurai Punk
Be a beautiful bird flying trough the sky. This game is just beautiful with it's wonderful world and probably one of the best bird models I've seen so far. The controls are sometimes a bit tricky, but that doesn't hurt the experience too much.

Succulents by Andrew Gleeson

Last but not least, "Succulents" is a little game, where you can grow plants in a beautiful underground ruin! I love overgrown ruins and this game captured the feeling of it very well!

I can attest to Fruits of a Feather being quite awesome. It's a small game, but if you want to fly around a pretty space for a few minutes, that's the game for you.

I downloaded the game to see what it was about, and spent more than an hour just flying around.

Would recommend :D

Woah, these are awesome. I especially love the twist in Succulent on graphical stylings, you would expect a more cartoony and less retro for something to do with greenery; but the art style actually fit quite well for the game play..

Hey there Tiny Worlds! I know this is a bit weird, but yesterday was the release day of my first version of the game "Dream" (Beta 0.1)! Can you please check it out? I really need some advice and opinions. Thanks in advance! []

i made a nice Pong remake go check it out if you want. it would be much appreciated.

Great games collection. Hope you'll add Beholder I guess it have some special atmosphere. :-)

I could recommend my game Depth of Extinction as a very atmospheric game!


Enjoy atmosphere? Lost and Found

~The Storyteller