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I'm sure it will be.

The game is complete and no more updates are planned.

thanks, did you get the resent email?

thanks, did you get the resent email?

thanks, did you get the resent email?

oh nice! i think i chatted with him about how SuperTiled2Unity works on the LDtk discord so awesome to see it happened. I've added it to my list to check out at some point. thanks!

unfortunately no. LDtk uses a different method to integrate with engines like Unity. In theory you could probably write a scripted importer to process the LDtk file but as of last year this was not something anyone had done. I haven't checked in a while but i don't think it was on their roadmap to integrate with Unity this tightly.

In the lower right on the HUD you will see the currently equipped weapon and item. Click the button to switch them or press the left ALT key

sorry but steam keys are not included with the charity bundles.

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Just to follow up, i am prepping a bug fix update today and took a look at this issue. When i have a grenade launcher and activate the Boost Aim skill (it is active and not passive) on a character I am seeing:

  • the hit chance is increasing by 20% when Boost Aim is activated vs not active (i tested with direct aiming and area aiming)
  • Having Boost Aim active did not increase expected (on the health dot preview) or actual damage
  • Grenade launchers are not ever getting a critical hit

I'm looking into how i can fix the damage/critical portion but this is fairly complex code so i'm not sure if this will make it into the update or not.

EDIT: looks i found the problems and it's not too risky IMO to include this change so will have it in the update.

Thanks for letting me know. I added both issues to my list for the next update. Will definitely look into it and think about the right change. 

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you but i actually have been having trouble reproducing the issue when i play. Do you recall if there was a particular situation where this was happening? When the character dies from a regular attack or overwatch (when moving) it seems to revive them and keep the game going. There must be some particular situation I am not testing though because a few people have mentioned it being an issue.

Thanks! Will keep you updated on the fix

Hi, thanks for posting. Sorry to hear that is still a bug. I'll take a look and see if i can get a patch out soon.

thanks for posting. I'm not sure if i've seen a similar "experience sharing" mechanic elsewhere but if you have some examples where it has worked, i'd enjoy taking a look. It also seems unlikely that Depth of Extinction is getting any major gameplay changes at this point as i am now working on a new game. 

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sorry i forgot to include a link to the bundle in the email. I only added my games and the game of one other dev since you said they needed to be re-added.

Hey @leafo - i just submitted all the details for this bundle in a feedback ticket. I created a google doc with all the games and the rev shares. if you want me to also send it somewhere else, please let me know. thanks!

Thanks. I'm still in the process of getting it set up. I'm noticing the revenue split tool is a little tricky to use. Would it also be possible to get those percentage splits set via a support ticket? 

Hi, i am working on putting together a co-op bundle with some other developers. can you confirm that steam keys will not be given to bundle buyers? I know this was how the large (BRJE and Palestinian) bundles worked but I can't confirm anywhere in the docs that all co-op bundles can work this way.

It's a fair amount of work (that might not be obvious) and we've all moved on to other projects at this point. 

Hey, sorry for the delay in answering. It had been considered but I don't think it will happen now since it's been a while since the launch.

hey Tchey. I’ll remove it. It was not meant to imply you are the translator but only that you helped as you did make some change to the French document but I am happy to remove your name 

Not at the moment, sorry 

nice! Hope you like it!

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also check the download page again (if you haven't) because it might be there now.

Hey sorry for the delay in answering this because I just noticed it. Normally the key is available on the download page but itch support has told me in the past that there are some cases where the buyer can't access it right away. I think you maybe should try to open a ticket with them if you still can't get your key. You can email

Hey, sorry we missed this question. Unfortunately, the engine does not export to Linux and the costs for porting are too high to make sense for us. 

There was a thread on steam about playing it with proton but not sure about that and we can't officially support it.

they should activate on any attack that they can detect in their range and they don't have a side. There's no way to shut them down unfortunately.

thanks for the suggestions.

Thanks for the question! I could see how this might be confusing but Boost Aim will not give the bonus to Overwatch.

Boost Aim adds an active skill that gets removed when all a character's actions are completed so it would only apply to a shot fired on that turn.

oh i remember this one! had a lot of fun with it back in the day and cool to be able to play it in the browser. love to see a modern follow up to it.

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also, i want to add that new enemies get unlocked every time you complete a story objective. so if you were skipping those then that could explain why enemies seem repetitive

I should probably make lower level enemies stop giving XP at a certain point. 

hey thanks for the question. Neither modding or raising the level cap are in the plan for the game at this time. I'm working on another game now so likely only fixing bugs on DOE for the foreseeable future.

Without knowing anything about your game, I would assume at 17% complete that there is still quite a bit of content. The game does allow you to grind up characters without completing the story objectives. Mission difficulty will scale down with your team so if you take a few rookies along or basically switch to all rookies then you won't get penalized for the grind. There are 9 total character classes (guessing you only used 4?) and 5 different enemy classes (have you fought Cultists or Mechs?) and lots of other stuff to unlock so I'm sure there is more to see if you want to keep playing

"died fighting recklessly" - Definitely a Tchey run! I think i second all these but i have only played the demo and will be starting my "release" run soon.

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The original demo version of DOE is now available as a standalone game for free on itch! It was originally released in 2016 as a tech demo for DOE so if you are curious about the origins, check it out. You can also read more about it on our blog post:

Some vintage gameplay video

And a few screenshots

realized later that i can only add a skill every other level. 

finished the demo and the best thing i can say about it is that i was really upset it was over haha.

great work!

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Loving the game! Found a couple of small bugs

- used the book of learning when i had a level up and didn't get a skill point

- had enough stats to get Heavy Blow but couldn't add it to my bar. then on my next level up (before adding any stats) i could see it lit up and could add it

- same with Recovery (had 7 vitality but couldn't make it "lit" and add it to the bar)

It's definitely playable though. just not in the client.