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Posted in Melee weapons

Thanks for the question! We'd really like to have melee weapons but it's one of the things that we had to cut in order to have a chance to finish the game! Basically we decided already what will be in the final release of DOE but we have a longer list of things that will be in a sequel (assuming the first game hits our sales goals).

Hey! We just pushed out 37.4 that addresses this issue! Thanks for alerting us to the problem.

that sounds like a bug! we'll try to get that one fixed ASAP. thanks!

Thanks! Glad it's working for you so far. 

Thanks so much. Hopefully you'll like the rest of the stuff we are planning. 

Posted in Kill the boss?

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, definitely a known issue that the boss doesn't spawn. We have it resolved in Build 37 and we are just getting the final details together on that build. 

It's also worth noting that we are pretty close to finalizing Build 37 which has a lot of bug fixes and new content. Should be out within a week or so.

It will be available. We've just been raising the price (or getting closer to the Steam price) a little every time we sell out of a 100 keys.

Yes, you will receive a Steam key that will also allow you to get the Steam beta builds (once they are available)

Thanks for letting us know. We're working on getting it resolved. In the meantime you can email us at info [at] hofstudios [dot] com

in the text encounters that happen on the map some of the outcomes will cause the sub to be damaged or repaired.

In Build 37 we will have battles taking place between characters on top of the subs. We don't have that having any effect on the sub itself right now. It's possible that could change in a future build but it's not part of the plan at the moment. 

Yeah, quite a few people have reported them and the easiest to reproduce are locks when the player or enemy dies from status effect damage. That is definitely fixed and my suspicion is that the same issue was causing some of the others reported also.

We are also going to work on the "main" base generation some more also. Have several more rooms in the works and going to change the layouts a bit to make them more interesting and try to set up better fight scenarios.

Posted in Enemy grenades
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The same rules should govern grenade use by enemy or the player characters. I will say there are known issues with Grenade Launchers right now, but to my knowledge thrown grenades should be working. My guess is that the enemies probably won't throw unless they have a high percentage throw but we will check it out to make certain. We will also check on the damage on a missed grenade.

(FYI - I have definitely seen an enemy grenade miss)

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here's what I posted to our QA people the other day

  • sub to sub pirate missions (no fog of war)
  •  pirate enemy faction
  •  static (non-procedural) boss missions (no fog of war)
  •  floating platform levels (procedural w/ fog of war) - they appear just on β€œabandoned” and β€œhazard” missions right now
  •  refactored how missions get created/allocated to make it less random and less likely to see a lot of the same mission type.
  •  some bug fixes (a few soft locks got reported in 36 mostly due to status effect death)

We'll post some videos of the boss missions when the update goes live! Some of them are fun and we have a new "cinematic dialog" system that will be in 37 also.

hey thanks for the post and the positive feedback! We're definitely still working on the camera and some changes in line with your feedback are on the way. The classes are actually going to change in an upcoming build as we have reworked them completely. Our demo had the exact feature you mention but it seems unrealistic that a weapon would materialize out of thin air. Though how realistic are a lot of things in games? AMIRIGHT :)

We don't have a roadmap that is publicly viewable online, mostly because we want the freedom to adjust development priorities. We do keep the itch.io DevLog up to date with "upcoming features" though at this point I can see that what we said we would have for Build 37 turned out to be a little different than the reality of what we are testing.


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DLC is definitely a possibility. 

We will launch on PC and in English only and my guess is that the immediate work after that will be around localizing to a few different languages and getting the game on to consoles.

We'll have more thoughts on DLC or sequel and probably a definite plan after launch.

Thanks for the feedback again :)

The base building idea you are pitching is very similar to our original idea. Unfortunately in game development a lot of ideas have to be cut in order to finish the game. If we do a sequel then crafting and base building will definitely be part of it but we don't have the luxury of taking the extra year to build and polish those systems for this game.

We're actually going for the infinitely playable version rather than having a linear story. There will be some "emergent" story and questlines but nothing set.

We should also have persistent characters. Since every character is a merc, you will have the option of recruiting surviving characters again in the next mission, but they will be more expensive. We'll have a blog post to cover this in more detail soon.

hey thanks for playing and providing your feedback! 

We have a Class and Skill redesign planned for Build 38 (right now) that dramatically changes all the classes. We are removing some and adding others and redistributing the skills. We're definitely going to be tightly integrated weapons types into the classes, and are going to do something like your suggestion and have a few more things that should make using a weapon outside your class possible but with penalties.

Enemies will also have their own classes that are unique. These can be unlocked for use on the player characters as well. 

Update: Build 36 is almost ready and has the "movement interrupt" feature you mentioned (seconded by many others). Build 36 has a lot of other cool stuff like new AI and performance improvements but is taking a bit longer to test. Pretty much done though and should be available to players in the next few days.

Still working on the camera stuff and planning to do a major camera revamp in either build 37 or 38.

thanks for the feedback! I don't think we will be changing the AP system too much from the current implementation. We will be doing a few major balancing updates in the future but we are going to try to get as much content as possible in first.

A few ideas around initiative we are going to try out in future builds:

  • Allow player to freely switch between characters at the same (or similar) initiative level and remove the "defer turn" option
  • allow free movement (character by character) when no enemies are present (possibly have an "alert" meter to govern this)

Many later stage battles (like the final boss battle of each "mission") will be larger in scale and have you fighting against many enemies so we want to balance for that as well. We are probably going to have a "challenge mode" to give you a random team (or possibly a team of your players) against a large boss mission. I think this might be only in these beta builds on itch.io and should be fun since you can kind of skip ahead. It will also help us to balance the battles. If people really like it then we can try to see if we can fit it in the final release in some way. Maybe a "daily challenge" or something with a leaderboard.

The $100 is only for IOS and Mac App Store. You don't have to pay to make a Mac build from most game engines. You might want a Mac to test with but that should be it.

Yeah we could definitely do some kind of "toggle off" walls. I can at least play with it as that would be cheap to implement (i think :))

A suggestion about loot i heard is to just have the character walk over and automatically pick it up. No dialogs at all. I liked that. Reminded me of Steamworld Heist and feels cleaner.

The main problem with changing action points now is it would require a massive rebalancing. That scares me a lot as this version has been played a lot at this point. I've got Templar BF but haven't played it much yet. I'll check out the other game too and see if there is something to borrow that won't fundamentally change the game.

It's hard being a small indie. If I can't get some kind of "action point" functionality into this game then I will definitely look into it IF a sequel is to be made. I did like that system in X-Com and in other TB games that had it. 

Definitely the inputs will be worked on more to simplify the flow of the game. I've got that feedback noted but haven't decided on the exact way i want to implement a button change for every button use scenario yet. Trying to maintain consistency within the UI for now.

Hey thanks for the feedback.

That's weird how the class icons are not displaying. I've not seen that one before but will see if I can figure it out.

Are you saying that the game is still crashing if you don't do the workarounds? I'd not looked into solving that yet since I was still making so many changes.

That tile is definitely a floor (at least that is the intent) so I'll take that as feedback that it's not clear :)

I'm planning on doing work on the camera at some point but nothing has changed there since the last build.

Not sure I can change the action points at this point in the game :( since I want to release around the beginning of February. I will definitely be thinking about how I can add some more complexity to combat but I can't promise that this is going to change too significantly.... 

Posted in Where are you ?

We are also hoping to move the game updates to Steam in the next month so we can start to test achievements and other Steam functionality.

Posted in Where are you ?

Sorry for the silence but we are still working on the game and should have Build 35 ready to release this week. We skipped releasing Build 34 to our FA players while I was on boarding a new QA person. This should really help us moving forward.

We decided to change up the plan slightly and focus on visuals in 34 and 35 so we can get our release trailer done this month. All the UI got a major overhaul in 34 and the mission levels got upgraded significantly in 35.

I'll make a devlog post this week with more details!

good question. have to consider that one because i don't want to add any more animations.

The cover colors have an entry on the help screen but the meaning is pretty basic:

  • Green - you get full cover
  • Orange - you get half cover 
  • Red - you are flanked so no cover

There are definitely a few cases where it is confusing and we have those on the list to resolve before launch. Most notably:

  • when two pieces of cover form a corner
  • when you and the enemy are using the same cover some weird things are happening

For the cover angles here's a quick drawing illustrating how it should work. The angle is based on the player position to the cover and then the enemy position relative to the player.

Replied to Tchey in Game is hard


We are adding a more full featured merchant in Build 34 that will allow you to buy and sell equipment. They might also have recruits occasionally. So slavers will be the main place to get recruits in the future. 

Definitely planning to add more opportunities for acquiring credits and fuel. The option I like best is to have dead enemies sometimes drop credits and to be able to find fuel in various places on the missions.

The cancel movement on enemy sighting is planned for build 35 and I'll see if we can get an "Unlock Camera" toggle in that build as well.

Posted in Game is hard

Hey, thanks for the post. I think we do need to do some re-balancing now that the game has changed so much. You used to always face Raiders in the first 4 missions and they only did 2 damage per hit which made it a bit easier to survive. Now the enemies are randomized much more and facing the Androids in the first 2-3 missions can be really tough. Is that how you died?

Thanks for the feedback! Especially the camera controls. 

On the fuel topic, I wanted to add some more strategic elements to the menu screens and it seemed the easiest way.  I plan to have some "special encounters" when you run out of fuel. Just as in real life, someone will sense your need and want to take advantage of the situation.  In other words, you will have to give up something of value in order to get more.

Planning to also add a sub "health" meter and some encounters will lead to damage or repair of the sub.

great changes! thanks @leafo

Created a new topic Bug Reporting!
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Please report bugs in Depth of Extinction using this link and include as much information as possible.

Bug Report Form

Also we will log known crash bugs and workarounds in this document

Known Crash Workarounds

Posted in Linux

For any Linux players that run into game breaking bugs/crashes, here is a document where we will store info on known crashes and workarounds while we work to resolve the problems.

Known Crash Workarounds

You can also go to this link to report an unknown crash or bug

Bug Report Form

i would definitely recommendstaying on 7. I bought a new laptop to use for demos and had no choice. 

Also you should try out build 30. I added a recruit screen similar to what I saw in JA2. I think we will continue to build on this idea over the next few months but curious if you have thoughts. 

Okay, that actually will help me figure out what is wrong. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback. It's definitely a work in progress and I can appreciate all your thoughts. I also loved the early X-Com games (especially TFTD) and Fallout 1 & 2 so I do understand the time unit preference. My take was that the new X-Com games had an elegant simplicity and were much more accessible, which is the main reason I went in that direction. It's hard being a super small team (only 1 full time person on the project and 2 part timers now) to get all features we would like to have, and we've had to cut a lot out to get this far. We will be adding a lot more features into the game (as discussed in a previous dev log) and we appreciate hearing what features our players think are most important as we still have a chance to make some course corrections to the plan. 

One thing that maybe is not obvious enough is that you can click on the player portraits from the mission selection screen to change equipment, etc. I wonder if you will get the crash there also?

No, the logs don't really have anything which is why we think it's some higher level issue.

We think these crashes are some kind of bug with Unity itself, in their Linux runtime. We can try upgrading our version before the next build and see if that solves the problem. I will let you know when to expect that one.