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It's a fair amount of work (that might not be obvious) and we've all moved on to other projects at this point. 

Hey, sorry for the delay in answering. It had been considered but I don't think it will happen now since it's been a while since the launch.

hey Tchey. I’ll remove it. It was not meant to imply you are the translator but only that you helped as you did make some change to the French document but I am happy to remove your name 

Not at the moment, sorry 

nice! Hope you like it!

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also check the download page again (if you haven't) because it might be there now.

Hey sorry for the delay in answering this because I just noticed it. Normally the key is available on the download page but itch support has told me in the past that there are some cases where the buyer can't access it right away. I think you maybe should try to open a ticket with them if you still can't get your key. You can email

Hey, sorry we missed this question. Unfortunately, the engine does not export to Linux and the costs for porting are too high to make sense for us. 

There was a thread on steam about playing it with proton but not sure about that and we can't officially support it.

they should activate on any attack that they can detect in their range and they don't have a side. There's no way to shut them down unfortunately.

thanks for the suggestions.

Thanks for the question! I could see how this might be confusing but Boost Aim will not give the bonus to Overwatch.

Boost Aim adds an active skill that gets removed when all a character's actions are completed so it would only apply to a shot fired on that turn.

oh i remember this one! had a lot of fun with it back in the day and cool to be able to play it in the browser. love to see a modern follow up to it.

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also, i want to add that new enemies get unlocked every time you complete a story objective. so if you were skipping those then that could explain why enemies seem repetitive

I should probably make lower level enemies stop giving XP at a certain point. 

hey thanks for the question. Neither modding or raising the level cap are in the plan for the game at this time. I'm working on another game now so likely only fixing bugs on DOE for the foreseeable future.

Without knowing anything about your game, I would assume at 17% complete that there is still quite a bit of content. The game does allow you to grind up characters without completing the story objectives. Mission difficulty will scale down with your team so if you take a few rookies along or basically switch to all rookies then you won't get penalized for the grind. There are 9 total character classes (guessing you only used 4?) and 5 different enemy classes (have you fought Cultists or Mechs?) and lots of other stuff to unlock so I'm sure there is more to see if you want to keep playing

"died fighting recklessly" - Definitely a Tchey run! I think i second all these but i have only played the demo and will be starting my "release" run soon.

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The original demo version of DOE is now available as a standalone game for free on itch! It was originally released in 2016 as a tech demo for DOE so if you are curious about the origins, check it out. You can also read more about it on our blog post:

Some vintage gameplay video

And a few screenshots

realized later that i can only add a skill every other level. 

finished the demo and the best thing i can say about it is that i was really upset it was over haha.

great work!

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Loving the game! Found a couple of small bugs

- used the book of learning when i had a level up and didn't get a skill point

- had enough stats to get Heavy Blow but couldn't add it to my bar. then on my next level up (before adding any stats) i could see it lit up and could add it

- same with Recovery (had 7 vitality but couldn't make it "lit" and add it to the bar)

It's definitely playable though. just not in the client.

so i'm using the itch client and it doesn't recognize the game. Looks like it needs to be one level up in the structure to work. I'd also name the "" the actual game name? On Mac this is a self contained archive and people may drag it around. being named "game" might be too generic.

definitely not working. with mac you need to zip the containing folder  one level up since what is created from the build is a .app package (which windows sees as a folder structure)

that's really good to hear. Was hoping that might help the drift. I don't know why Nintendo doesn't add something to let you set the dead zone for the console but i guess the games have to handle it haha

Thanks! I'll take a look at the description and see if i can make it more clear in a future update

Thanks for the question. The backpack just gives you a second item use. 

Hi, sorry you are dealing with this problem. Based on what you are saying, I don't think this is a bug within the game but more likely an issue with your system like no free memory or possibly something else? I can't say for sure. You are welcome to fill out this form and provide logs, etc if you want me to look at this further.

thanks for the feedback. I'll think about how best to solve those issues.

As for the latency when switching characters, we have a patch that is hopefully almost approved that addresses a lot of that latency. I't been in the approval process for more than a month so the Switch version is significantly behind the PC and XBOX version in terms of updates and bug fixes. Even that patch is behind in fact so we'll be starting another patch as soon as that gets approved. Consoles are hard to get updates to in a timely manner.

that's weird. is up there as far I can see. Not sure why it's not able to be downloaded.

thanks. we fixed both issues.

thanks for the question. i wasn't giving away a Steam key but I decided "what the heck" so they are added and it should let you redeem one once you purchase.

Explore branching levels, fight quirky bosses, and save the day in this retro platformer inspired by the classics! Bounce, roll, and ricochet across a bug-themed world on a mission to save your friends from the clutches of the evil Kaiser Kiwi. With locked-away paths and 96 hidden gems, there will be plenty of incentive to revisit the game’s levels to uncover branching paths and secret areas.

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Hey, thanks for the question. I do same day updates for GOG, itch and Steam. In fact, I have an update almost ready that should be out tomorrow!

The only real difference for me between them is that I tend to only push beta builds out to Steam since there are more players there.

just noticed this and i think it's an interesting idea. Thanks for posting.

Hey Zoe, thanks for the support. We can certainly get you a key if you can send us an email and let us know the email address you used when you bought it (if you are not sure just email and we can figure it out!)

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Thanks. We are discussing having an "easy mode" that would give a little more starting health and more skill uses per mission. Would this be something you would be interested in using?

I've thought for a while that Stun is a little OP  so we will definitely be taking a look at that. 

We've discussed making the Wildcat "itchy trigger" bonus only affect SMG weapons but i've been resistant because that would make the early game harder or make people not as inclined to select Wildcat (though they are the least chosen class now for some reason).

YAY ;)

Just wanted to check in and be sure you got the keys. Send us an email through the website if you still didn't!