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HOF Studios

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i would definitely recommendstaying on 7. I bought a new laptop to use for demos and had no choice. 

Also you should try out build 30. I added a recruit screen similar to what I saw in JA2. I think we will continue to build on this idea over the next few months but curious if you have thoughts. 

Okay, that actually will help me figure out what is wrong. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback. It's definitely a work in progress and I can appreciate all your thoughts. I also loved the early X-Com games (especially TFTD) and Fallout 1 & 2 so I do understand the time unit preference. My take was that the new X-Com games had an elegant simplicity and were much more accessible, which is the main reason I went in that direction. It's hard being a super small team (only 1 full time person on the project and 2 part timers now) to get all features we would like to have, and we've had to cut a lot out to get this far. We will be adding a lot more features into the game (as discussed in a previous dev log) and we appreciate hearing what features our players think are most important as we still have a chance to make some course corrections to the plan. 

One thing that maybe is not obvious enough is that you can click on the player portraits from the mission selection screen to change equipment, etc. I wonder if you will get the crash there also?

No, the logs don't really have anything which is why we think it's some higher level issue.

We think these crashes are some kind of bug with Unity itself, in their Linux runtime. We can try upgrading our version before the next build and see if that solves the problem. I will let you know when to expect that one.

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We're going to look into the problem further though :)

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In the DOE_Settings.dat file, change 




And you should be able to skip the intro.

Hi. Glad you are enjoying it some so far. In auto mode the camera should always pan to a visible enemy on their turn. Making the camera always movable creates some issues but we can look into how we can make it work in a more satisfactory way.

The reverse drag is for the other mode of moving the camera with the mouse right click and drag. It reverses the orientation.

Cool! We only let you customize the character at the very beginning right now but add that into the main character menu later.

Also, we forgot to mention the new enemy faction we added: the Cultists! Still have a few things to add for them but they will show up in the 4th or 5th map area.

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just pushed out build 30 so curious if you get the same crash. 

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No worries! We are back at work as of yesterday doing the final details.

Possibly our testers have the uncommon hardware and it works there for some reason. Anyway, we will see if the texture resize solves it. 

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Sorry about the silence. We've not had a chance to get the new build for the Alpha out yet due to some conventions where we exhibited, the July 4th holiday and some other unforeseen issues. This build has a lot of new content in it and significantly changes the beginning of the game so we want to test it thoroughly.

A few changes aimed at the Linux issues you reported are in the build and we are hoping to get it up over the weekend or by Monday. We've had a few Linux testers here locally and haven't been able to reproduce the errors you describe but based on where you had the crash we think it's because the textures on the opening were not sized in "power of 2" and your graphics card might have had an issue with that for some reason. Issues with specific hardware are going to be tough for us to troubleshoot as we are just a small team with limited resources.

If it doesn't work on this build and you want the refund, we can definitely do that for you. 

Nice! Thanks.

Hey @leafo - can you please update our leader banner to use this image rather than what is there now? Thanks!

We have finally made our first mobile game Cubicle Run available on itch.io! 

Cubicle Run was released on the app stores in 2015 but we randomly decided to put it on itch.io now for your viewing pleasure. We had been planning an update to it primarily to make it an OpenGL game that will run in the browser but haven't had the time to finalize that release yet. In the meantime, you can download the Android version of the game here or get the IOS version in the AppStore.

How can I change the image that displays with the game on the home page? It looks like someone manually set it to the current icon. I think the first screenshot on the game page would display better as it's hard to see much on the current image.

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Thanks! I was actually thinking about this yesterday also and was wishing itch had a tool to make a post in a forum into a topic. This will work too and I'll make sure we have captured the data you sent to us and then will delete that thread in the feedback channel.

We really appreciate all your help and will take a look at your player.log and see if that leads us anywhere.

Thanks for the recommendation. My only PC laptop is Windows 10 and I couldn't get the Bear's Pit mod version to run there. Kept crashing and none of the troubleshooting steps worked. I was able to get the GOG version to run but it locked up as soon as I got into combat. I may try to watch some youtube videos.

Thanks for the feedback and for giving it another try! I plan to play JA2 some this coming week and get an idea about what they do well. I'm sad to say that I've never played it but bought a copy on GOG a while back and have been meaning to give it a run through.

The camera is a definite point we are going to work on for the next build. Maybe you can use the WASD or Arrow keys to make it more comfortable for you in the meantime? We definitely also plan to upgrade the minimap in a future build.

Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like you died on the mission where you can get another recruit. Right now, each "set" of missions is a particular habitat (which is why the first 4 missions look similar - they are all in the same place) and all the sets follow a similar pattern of loot, loot, hostage (new recruit) and boss. We are definitely planning to change this up somewhat and clearly we have work to do on explaining the game. 

We know the story is weak. It is basically just placeholder and maybe we should have put more focus on this than the gameplay but indie development is all about tradeoffs. :)

The game overall is meant to be more of a roguelike where you might have to replay the first few missions a few times to get the hang of it, and also to get some lucky breaks in the beginning from the RNG gods. Right now, the beginning seems a bit hard for new players but then gets easier once you level up a few characters and get equipment. We are going to be focused on balancing and content very soon and hopefully you can try it again after some updates.

We'll be making a post next week about the upcoming dev priorities and also then making a poll for our First Access buyers to vote on what other things they might like to see in the game. We will be basing these options on feedback we get, so thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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How long did you play? The character progression is much more customizable than the demo. You can assign up to 2 classes (5 now but more coming) to a character (1 at start and another at level 5) and skills are tied to stat levels. 

Character customization is on the To Do list.

We still have quite a bit we plan to add to the game and will do a post next week with some more details so hang in there with us!

Thanks for the feedback! Looking forward to hearing more :)

We appreciate it! Great work on the site, especially the butler tools :)

First Access for the Turn Based Tactics Roguelike RPG Depth of Extinction is now live exclusively on itch.io! We are offering this limited first access to the game in order to collect data to balance the gameplay before a wider release in a few months. This itch key will include a Steam key when we launch there later this year.

We are incredibly grateful to the itch.io community for the support of our demo last year and hope this release will be as successful as that one!

Thanks for the feedback! It was nice to talk to you and we like your suggestions/ideas. The character stuff will definitely get some significant work at some point and I like the ideas you mentioned and we have some other things in mind you might like. Having some unlockable options for appearance are one thing we are considering.

Thanks for the feedback! We'll be making regular updates to the game every few weeks with a blog post to say what we added/changed. Keep an eye out for those.

ok interesting. would be nice it this was configurable to maybe set the limit to $5. I ended up just making a reward for the update and requiring new downloads to purchase a reward. it worked better because I was really interested in limiting the number of keys as well. Once I had this set up I sent manual keys to those that donated $5 or more.

One other thing you can try is running it using the itch.io client that can be downloaded here: 


Which version of OSX are you using? I'm going to try to push out another build on Monday. so will see if I can resolve it for you then.

Created a new topic First Access Feedback

We are now selling limited copies of the Depth of Extinction First Access only on itch.io and would love to hear your feedback or questions.

Hi, I'm getting ready to convert my demo game page on itch.io to a paid version. Will people that downloaded the game for free be able to access the new files I upload that will be paid? I am going to change the filename that butler uploads but want to be sure I am not giving the game away :)

We are still balancing this but it's currently looking quite a bit different in the full game. We consolidated the weapon classes and classes together and now allow you to assign up to 2 that can be leveled up like skills.The first class can be assigned on your first level up and the second can be added later. This system is still being developed but seems to be working well in our playtesting.

Skills can be learned either by leveling up stats or classes, so each character can access some of the same skills but still can be very unique.

Email me at games@hofstudios.com and I'll get you a key.

Thanks for the additional input. I'll give a quick overview of where we are with the game design at the moment since others might like to see this also:

  • Removed single use items in favor of items that have limited number of uses on a mission. Also items are either usable or passive bonus types and one of each can be equipped. We also have added grenades as one of the usable items which was a pretty common request
  • Weapons and armor can be freely equipped or removed and we have a lot more of both.
  • Streamlined classes down to just "weapon classes" but they are more of a combination of weapon and regular classes. A second class can be assigned also at level 5. The weapon class would not restrict weapon use but provide bonuses when using that weapon
  • Stat categories have been totally changed and are more meaningful to the game and have better effects
  • A level up will allocate 2 points that can be spent to level up a stat or a class. Certain levels of both stats and classes have skills that are assigned when you level up to that value. Leveling up a stat can improve multiple elements in combat and leveling up a weapon class can improve damage, aim, etc with weapons of that type.
  • Skills are similar to items in that they are either usable (with a cooldown) or passive bonuses. We've got 27 total skills implemented so far and they really add a lot of different tactical options
We've also got a ton more stuff that's in progress also that will address a lot of the difficulty elements. I don't want to say too much yet but I'll be posting another blog entry with more details in the next few weeks.

We also are adding some new enemy types and variations to the current characters.

Thanks for the kind words! We're hard at work on getting an early access build that has massive improvements over the current demo. It's probably 6-8 weeks from being ready and we're debating on updating the demo or leaving it as-is.

The 3/4 view will be hard to switch away from at this point but we have heard the feedback on the cover and are working on some creative solutions. We are also going to spend some time on mouse/keyboard/gamepad controls so I expect they'll be improved as well.

Interesting idea but the stuff that can block you needs to stand out a bit more. Especially the small stuff.

The game is made in Unity which uses C# as its scripting language.

Sure, it's available here. We haven't launched the Greenlight yet so it's just the concept page but you can follow the game on there and I believe Steam will let you know when the Greenlight happens, etc.