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Created a new topic First Access Feedback

We are now selling limited copies of the Depth of Extinction First Access only on itch.io and would love to hear your feedback or questions.

Hi, I'm getting ready to convert my demo game page on itch.io to a paid version. Will people that downloaded the game for free be able to access the new files I upload that will be paid? I am going to change the filename that butler uploads but want to be sure I am not giving the game away :)

We are still balancing this but it's currently looking quite a bit different in the full game. We consolidated the weapon classes and classes together and now allow you to assign up to 2 that can be leveled up like skills.The first class can be assigned on your first level up and the second can be added later. This system is still being developed but seems to be working well in our playtesting.

Skills can be learned either by leveling up stats or classes, so each character can access some of the same skills but still can be very unique.

Email me at games@hofstudios.com and I'll get you a key.

Thanks for the additional input. I'll give a quick overview of where we are with the game design at the moment since others might like to see this also:

  • Removed single use items in favor of items that have limited number of uses on a mission. Also items are either usable or passive bonus types and one of each can be equipped. We also have added grenades as one of the usable items which was a pretty common request
  • Weapons and armor can be freely equipped or removed and we have a lot more of both.
  • Streamlined classes down to just "weapon classes" but they are more of a combination of weapon and regular classes. A second class can be assigned also at level 5. The weapon class would not restrict weapon use but provide bonuses when using that weapon
  • Stat categories have been totally changed and are more meaningful to the game and have better effects
  • A level up will allocate 2 points that can be spent to level up a stat or a class. Certain levels of both stats and classes have skills that are assigned when you level up to that value. Leveling up a stat can improve multiple elements in combat and leveling up a weapon class can improve damage, aim, etc with weapons of that type.
  • Skills are similar to items in that they are either usable (with a cooldown) or passive bonuses. We've got 27 total skills implemented so far and they really add a lot of different tactical options
We've also got a ton more stuff that's in progress also that will address a lot of the difficulty elements. I don't want to say too much yet but I'll be posting another blog entry with more details in the next few weeks.

We also are adding some new enemy types and variations to the current characters.

Thanks for the kind words! We're hard at work on getting an early access build that has massive improvements over the current demo. It's probably 6-8 weeks from being ready and we're debating on updating the demo or leaving it as-is.

The 3/4 view will be hard to switch away from at this point but we have heard the feedback on the cover and are working on some creative solutions. We are also going to spend some time on mouse/keyboard/gamepad controls so I expect they'll be improved as well.

Interesting idea but the stuff that can block you needs to stand out a bit more. Especially the small stuff.

The game is made in Unity which uses C# as its scripting language.

Sure, it's available here. We haven't launched the Greenlight yet so it's just the concept page but you can follow the game on there and I believe Steam will let you know when the Greenlight happens, etc.

Hey moshy,

Thanks for the feedback here and on GameJolt and we are happy to hear you liked the game! We have heard the X-Com comparison but I think we will be distinguishing the game a lot more in our next update as the plan has always been to skew a bit more to the RPG side.

We've definitely got a lot of plans for character customization and a better equipment loadout screen to solve a lot of the item issues people have mentioned. We'll also have a bit more to the story and new enemies revealed soon!

Thanks for the feed back and glad you liked the game! We are definitely in agreement with you on the difficulty curve and have a plan to (hopefully) make it a little more fun for new players and ramping up the challenge as you get deeper into the game.

The UI is coming along nicely (we have a few screenshots on our twitter account https://twitter.com/depthextinction) and has a lot more options for character customization and several new equipment types. We will be posting more about this soon!

Next steps: a possible update for the demo and early access.

What's the benefit if I already have tiled2unity set up? I actually use tiled2unity Lite as I am on a Mac and just prefer it since it removes the intermediate application as well.

Thanks for the feedback! We were just trying to keep the game simple for the demo and we will be refining the entire experience for the full release. The non combat elements will actually be quite a bit different.

We'll definitely post some more about the factions and how they relate to one another. We've got some great ideas along these lines and are happy t hear thoughts and ideas from the community. I may go set up some proper topics on the board after the holidays where topics and ideas can be bounced around more freely.

We are going to email the newsletter out to our subscribers tomorrow but if you want a sneak peak:


Thanks for asking! I'm going to make a blog post about that this week.

We will definitely get that resolved. Thanks again for the input and I think you've given me a couple of ideas on how to make the turn system better. Set characters vs roguelike randomness is one of the topics we will be debating I am sure and we will try to find a good balance.

Thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate you taking the time to play the game so much and tell us your thoughts.

Sorry about the poor experience with the game locking up. We definitely did notice a few instances where that could happen and issued a patch last week. Can you confirm if you have version 15.6? It should be on the bottom right of the title screen. If you do, then our play testers have definitely missed something and we will figure it out ASAP. Appreciate the details there.

We certainly have more in mind for the full game with regards to characters. As may be evident from the title screen, we will have "fixed" characters in the game as well as characters you can design yourself. Some of them will be in the party initially and others can be recruited as you play specific missions or at specific locations in the game. We will have a lot more customization options to choose from for designing the characters.

Yeah, the "turn based" vs "squad based" decision was a tough one for the team. The original idea for the game was to go back to the "retro" JRPG "initiative" style turn order while still having the tactical element. It's definitely something we are thinking about and testing and we will take your feedback under consideration as we continue development.

I appreciate the feedback but still not too sure what you think needs improvement. Do you mean it's not clear that some cover explodes or can be damaged? Or that cover objects reduce the chance to hit? Or you think the objects need to be transparent?

Anything specific about the graphics? Do you not like pixel art?

Thanks! To change a weapon you have to unlock a weapon class on a mission. So, if you unlock the Assault or Sniper class, then you can immediately equip that weapon to one of your troops.

Sorry if that is confusing. In the full game you will have access to most classes at the beginning and will have more options on changing and upgrading weapons.

We do have sound! Effects, music and voice acting! There may be something wrong in the Linux build and I don't have one to test with at the moment. We will work on getting that resolved as sound is an important thing for sure.

We've got a relatively small team of 2 programmers and 2 artists at the moment.

We've heard that a few times but are trying to keep it simple for the demo so height is not a factor at all. The only thing that changes shooting percentage is the type of cover (indicated by the icon on the floor) so I hope that helps.

I could recommend my game Depth of Extinction as a very atmospheric game!

Agree 100% - this is really a must have for knowing how many unique downloads you have. I really think someone on the itch team needs to take a look at implementing this feature.

I would also suggest that the analytics reports be aggregated by your local time zone rather than GMT.

I used Tiled to design the levels in Depth of Extinction! Really love your product for making levels in Unity (and the Tiled2Unity plugin of course).

Thanks for responding. I really want to make sure that my game was considered for being featured. Is there something I can do?

Hi, I've been developing a game on Refinery for a while and using it to give access to my team and a group of testers, journalists, etc. in advance of the launch of the demo of the game. When I made the demo public, it did not appear on the "Recently added" list of games which I assume means that you are sorting the games by the original creation date.

I'm concerned that this resulted in my game not getting much traffic (except what I pushed from an email blast and social posts and a few category searches on itch) and possibly kept it from being considered for a feature spot on the itch homepage since perhaps your editors missed it too. This is pretty serious to me as a small developer who has invested a lot of time and money in bringing a polished game demo to market.

We got featured by GameJolt but no love so far from itch.io!

I remember the cruise ship missions being really tough. I did beat it so I guess I had the patched version? The moment where I did mind control on my first lobster man was so awesome :)

I really liked X-Com Terror from the deep also. Spent many hours when I should have been studying in college playing that game!

No osx build! I was about to check it out.

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Depth of Extinction Demo is Live!

We're excited to announce that as of today, our demo for Depth of Extinction is now available as a free download on the itch.io website.

About the Game

Depth of Extinction is a retro RPG with a modern turn-based, tactical combat system. Recruit and lead your team on raids in undersea habitats containing all that remains of humanity. Find cover and attack enemies but be careful because every move is critical if you want to keep your team alive.

Gameplay Video

Battle in the Reactor Level

This demo version of Depth of Extinction shows off the combat features and character progression elements of the game in rogue-like mission-based scenarios with randomized characters. The demo deatures about 6-8 hours of gameplay so you can get a feel for the battle mechanics in Depth of Extinction and the variety of characters and weapons the game will have.

In Robot Assembly Fighting a Mech

Full Game Teaser

The full game features a complex story arc set in an undersea world with six distinct environments that can be freely explored and characters that can be interacted with and recruited to join your team.

Screen Shots

Beams and plasma, shock and awe. Energy weapons cook your enemies like mom's lasagne.

One shot, one kill. Snipers destroy you from a distance.

In a world where your every move is constrained to a grid....

Turn Based Tactical Awesomeness

Depth of Extinction is currently in Alpha, which means that we are regularly updating the game for a small group of play testers.

If you would like to join the Alpha, please sign up on our mailing list and we will offer keys as they become available. We'll also send you important announcements about the game.