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HOF Studios

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Thanks for the feedback! I always appreciate your input. 

I'm not sure why the tutorial is still giving you trouble but that's frustrating (for me and you haha). Are you clicking through the dialog rather quickly? I've seen things get thrown off then and am planning to fix that at some point (but haven't yet obviously). You should possibly be able to zoom the camera out and complete the tutorial in that case i think.

The mission maps are definitely going to be a point of emphasis in a future build. I have a few ideas for improving choosing objectives and navigating the maps that I will be working on soon. Glad to hear your take as it helps a lot to understand what's not working and/or confusing.

Time Units vs Actions.... Squad based vs Initiative System.... Inventory management.... base building.... these are tricky debates. Every game designer has to make choices when designing their game, and I think to some degree it just comes down to preference. I really enjoyed playing the original X-Com games back in the day, but the simple elegance of the XCOM:EU action and inventory system really impressed me.  I also  am doing most of the work myself on the game so I have to make some trade offs to be able to actually complete it :) which is the main reason I haven't attempted base building, crafting, more complex inventory management, etc. I'm hoping I can get the other stuff right enough to make the game enjoyable. Sorry if I am somewhat failing at this! But I'm trying!

I'll check out Enemy - this is the first time I've heard of it and it looks kind of weird and interesting.

Thanks for the post!

I actually notice the same thing and like the voices as well, but I have gotten a few negative comments on the voice acting over the course of the First Access. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of budget to be able to redo the current voices and/or add more voices to the game. We've been wanting to add the text dialog for a while and I do have writers that are contributing to the project who were excited to work on that aspect. 

We have on our list to improve the ambient sounds in the game. Perhaps we should do this first before making the final determination on the voices?

I'll definitely try to see why overwatch is slower than other actions.

Yes, customizing team members will return at some point. There wasn't an obvious place for it since I was just assigning random recruits now rather than using the "store" but I think this is a solvable problem.

Hiring the merc is only required for the tutorial (first objective). It just needs 3 characters in order to work correctly. We'll probably upgrade it at some point and change that but for now it kind of needs to be that way for new people.

I did not get time to test extending the loot pick up radius yet but it's definitely on the list.

I got the Kill Shot bug fixed in Build 40. 

The delays should be shorter I think. I also have it set to "auto end" the level if all enemies are dead and all loot is picked up (including enemy drops).

I did not get a chance to figure out the auto critical issue. It's buried in the cover system and I didn't have the time to dig into it yet. Definitely will be resolved and probably in the nest build.

The disappearing characters are also a mystery. I'm hoping it's due to another bug i fixed but I'll try to reproduce it some more when I get some time.

Just pushed out Build 40. I think we got this one resolved or at least we made some progress. Love to hear both of your feedback!

Cool! Thanks again for the post.

It should work when the sniper has the enemy flanked. If the shot UI says "Cover 0" then it should be a crit. I noticed the "Critical" message isn't showing up and have that one logged but I'll log that the skill might not be working also and check it out.

Having your save file might be good to help track down that character disappearing bug but I'll try reproducing it 
Save data files will start with "DOE_SaveData" and generally reside in folder: 
OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/HOF Studios/Depth of Extinction/
Windows: %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Packages\Depth of Extinction\LocalState\
Linux: {home}/unity3d/HOF Studios/Depth of Extinction/

I balanced all the enemies (and weapons) down (weaker) a few builds ago because the feedback I received was that the game was too hard. I'll take a look at the data soon as we'll be doing another balance pass. It's good anecdotally to hear that you thought it should ramp up more quickly in Zone 2. It's a tough balancing act because when you hit the wall the team generally gets wiped and I wanted to reduce that initial friction for sure. 

Thanks for posting! glad you are enjoying the game. We aren't maintaining a known issues post anywhere but I am thinking about how that could be handled. I've been considering making the "Bugs" trello board public and posting a link but it has a LOT of stuff on there that wouldn't be interesting to players (Like tech bugs or really rare edge cases we've seen like once). Plus a lot of "bugs" fall under "weird quirks of the game we aren't explaining well" :D

We're definitely going to look into shortening the delays that have been reported. A delay was added between turns loooooong ago because it seemed like there were times when things happened too fast but now maybe we can remove them? or at least try it? I'm open to that.

The shotgun def falls under the "quirks" category from above. A shotgun weapon only does max damage from 1-2 tiles away, and then scales down to half damage depending on the distance. 

The Kill Shot skill not triggering sounds like a bug and I'll log it!

So here's the "big stuff" that needs to be done before we launch the game on Steam (most likely in May)

  • Finish the "base"
  • the "bleeding" system
  • finish the weapon effects
  • add additional mission scenarios (like challenge missions) and dialog

Once we are done with that then I'll consider ideas like these to "personalize" the characters more but I will be very careful about adding features that would require new character art for now to keep costs down. I have several concepts for unique story characters (as this was in the original scope) but the reality of the cost of creating the art made me take them out. My personal wish list for characters (if there is time):

  • More hair styles (we can probably take your suggestion for making some unlockable)
  • Customize hair color
  • Customize skin tones
  • Choice of class equipment (like the bandanna for wildcat) 
  • Make all enemy armor available for male and female characters (currently they are only male but we are almost done with this)
(Edited 1 time)

The rules are that performing any action removes the "start" buff and I guess we hadn't considered the wildcat reload skill case in limiting it to an action that "costs" a point. We'll be doing more balancing soon so we'll probably consider it then but I'm logging it as a bug for now.

I read it over but haven't had a chance to decide anything yet! Been debugging all day so i can get Build 40 in your hands. I am always interesting in ideas though so if you have more, then feel free to post them!

Great question! We've not yet implemented the localization system but it's something we're going to be looking at once we have finalized all the in game dialog and encounters. 

We've had a lot of offers by fans to help with the translation and we could definitely get you all involved when that time comes. We will probably identify some languages to get "professionally" translated and then post spreadsheets where fans can provide translations (or work together on them) for other languages.

What language would you be interested in helping with?

Replied to Tchey in About v039

that makes sense. We'll do some work on that for Build 40. 

At certain stat levels the SMG weapons would fire an extra bullet. The intent was to have one extra at 3 and another at 5. I just checked and it's not implemented yet though!

Great question. I touched on it briefly somewhere but I'll give my most recent thoughts:

  • possibly "buy" access to other areas rather than having them unlock at defined intervals
  • allocate some funds to take on mission
  • buy subs (no longer have to rent)
  • repair and refuel owned subs
  • base merchant selling equipment
  • base informant providing special missions

I'm open to other ideas as well!

Replied to Drakaden in About v039

It always annoyed me in X-Com: EU that I had to go un-equip armor from injured players. Definitely an Un-equip all button makes total sense. 

Replied to Drakaden in About v039

Thinking about the solution to the inventory issue. Would you expect the character's inventory to get reset if you decide not to take them on the next objective?

Hey Cameron! Thanks for the feedback and glad you are enjoying the game. As Drakadan said, we are def aware of that problem and you can just re-equip everybody for now. We'll get this fixed in Build 40 for sure. Hopefully that will be out soon with some awesome new stuff. Stay tuned. 

That's awesome that you got to use that skill! Exactly the kind of moments i envision making this game interesting.

Thanks for the idea. I had considered adding waypoints to the movement but it's kind of low on the priority list at the moment. Maybe an easier way to partially solve this problem is to pick up loot in the tiles immediately surrounding the character's position? It would at least help. I'll definitely put some thought into how to add waypoints though.

I am also planning to improve the loot pickup feedback and give you a UI box where you can see what has been collected so far on a mission.

Yep, those are bugs :) Sorry about that!

sure we can look into that but we are planning to add more at some point. The ones we have are just placeholders at the moment. 

Hey again. Good question. Here's what's happening now: 

  • full screen should use the full monitor resolution regardless of aspect ratio
  • windowed will use 16x9 aspect ratios and only support certain ones (I'll list them below for the curious) with the max being LESS THAN the full screen size. 

This, of course, assumes you want the window to be smaller than the screen, but I see your point that you might want to just fill one monitor in a multi screen setup and be able to use the others which full screen prevents. This would be an easy change and I can add it into the next build for you!

Supported windowed sizes:

1024 x 576
1152 x 648
1280 x 720 (720p)
1366 x 768
1600 x 900
1920 x 1080 (1080p)
2560 x 1440
3840 x 2160 (4K)

Supporting only 16x9 in windowed is purely because our main UI for the missions works best in that aspect ratio.

Hey, good question. In DOE, damage doesn't randomize, but we do have critical hits. Each weapon has a critical percent stat that is used to randomly calculate when a critical hit occurs. It is much higher on a flanked character. Also, some equipment and skills can influence critical hit percentage. 

So you probably guessed by now, but the first number is standard damage and the second is critical hit damage.

I'll update the hover description of attack to make that more clear! Glad you asked! 

OK, so the missions didn't reset between objectives. thanks! I'll add that to the bug log.

OK, I'm adding it to the bug list so I can remember to take a look. Maybe what we can do is keep the delays initially but then after 1-2 missions shorten them.

that doesn't sound right. You mean like between pressing the Fire button and it actually firing? Or are we talking about during the enemy turns?

Replied to Drakaden in About v039

Kind of a bug. Everything should still be available (though I have a bug report saying multiples of the same item disappear) in your inventory since we basically reset the character inventories after completing the objective. This makes sense for mercs since you might not rehire them but for your characters we could keep their stuff equipped. We'll get that right in the next build.

Replied to Drakaden in About v039

Yeah took it out for right now. We'll bring it back at some point.

Ah I forgot to mention that a timer is already in the plan! I like your suggestions though. We might be able to get something like what you describe into the game. 

The challenge missions would certainly not be required but would unlock stuff so it's up to the player.

I don't think you should worry about console degrading the PC version. We should be able to manage to get both working effectively especially since i want to support gamepad on PC. For indie game developers you really have no choice but to try to release on multiple platforms these days. You just can't rely on Steam only. The only way I can keep making this and other games is to have this one do well!

I'd like to see the number of people who uniquely downloaded a free project.

Posted in About v039

Hey! Thanks for the feedback. I've been crunching on this build for the last week to meet a contest deadline so was too tired to finish my devlog write up last night. I'll get it up today but glad you noticed the build.

i like the map suggestion. Had another tester say something similar so always good to get feedback multiple times :)

There are a few problems that have been reported with the tutorial. Mostly just because making a tutorial is HARD. I'll work on it some more and maybe make a build 39 patch.

Definitely heard the camera feedback a few times also. I'm going to switch to support the "grab the floor" and possibly also the "edge panning" approaches to camera movement. Not sure when that will get in but I'll see if I can get it in 40.

I think it will be interesting to see how it works when you get through multiple missions. I'll talk about this in the DevLog some especially with regard to how the base levels up, getting subs, allocating equipment and funds to the objective. The goal is to make it risk/reward so that you might prefer to rent a sub and not take all your team on tougher objectives in case you lose them. 

Yes, there will be a permanent base. All we are planning at the moment is to make this the hub that you work from to launch missions. No upgrading but it will be the place you can house your characters and subs you've found. 

It's very possible we could continue to add features to the base but that's not the plan for the moment. The team is too small for me to feel comfortable adding a lot of new things into the scope and trying to keep a release date in the first half of 2018.

Replied to Snorrp in Itch.io app

I'm not planning an Early Access at the moment, so we'll be putting only the final version for sale on Steam. Of course, the plan could change in the future but it seems unlikely.

Replied to Snorrp in Itch.io app

I'm posting a DevLog tonight talking about the next build a bit so keep an eye out for that...

We will have achievements but it will not be for a while yet.

Posted in Itch.io app

I re-uploaded the build. Looks like I didn't do the switch from 64/32 to 32 only super clean but it should be good now.

Posted in Itch.io app

Hey! Thanks for the heads up. I think this might be caused by the removal of the 64 bit version. We decided that we only need to support 32 bit moving forward as we don’t gain any real optimization from 64 bit. 

Do you mind trying to uninstall and then reinstall the game in the app? If that solves it then I’ll post an alert letting people know. 


Hey! thanks for the message. I wanted to launch the Class update last week but couldn't get all the bugs fixed and then decided to redo some of the equipment UI.... anyway, it's almost ready and there will be new blog post up when it's released.

I do have a Discord set up but haven't decided yet if we will use it. I'm scared it might be a little distracting tbh. I've had to push back the release date again and have a deadline to submit the game to a few contests in mid-Feb so really going to be trying to get a few new big features ready for that stuff. I'll post some more about this stuff soon.

Hey! I'm having trouble reproducing it. would you mind taking a screen shot of the entire screen if it happens again and mailing it to info [at] hofstudios [dot] com ? maybe it would help me figure it out.

Definitely true. that's mainly why we are starting with just the 5 base classes. So far it feels pretty good as Saboteur is really the main new one and I like the Low Profile a lot. That skill makes the first attack against you miss if you are in cover. Let's you play it a bit more risky.

The other big change is really the Assault class no longer starts with Run and Gun (in fact that's part of an unlockable enemy class now) which changes a bit how you play with them. They get Snap Shot first, which is a free attack at reduced accuracy with a cooldown.