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Hey, thanks for the question. I do same day updates for GOG, itch and Steam. In fact, I have an update almost ready that should be out tomorrow!

The only real difference for me between them is that I tend to only push beta builds out to Steam since there are more players there.

just noticed this and i think it's an interesting idea. Thanks for posting.

Hey Zoe, thanks for the support. We can certainly get you a key if you can send us an email and let us know the email address you used when you bought it (if you are not sure just email and we can figure it out!)

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Thanks. We are discussing having an "easy mode" that would give a little more starting health and more skill uses per mission. Would this be something you would be interested in using?

I've thought for a while that Stun is a little OP  so we will definitely be taking a look at that. 

We've discussed making the Wildcat "itchy trigger" bonus only affect SMG weapons but i've been resistant because that would make the early game harder or make people not as inclined to select Wildcat (though they are the least chosen class now for some reason).

YAY ;)

Just wanted to check in and be sure you got the keys. Send us an email through the website if you still didn't!

Did you get it?

Will do! It was on my list but it's a long list. I appreciate the support!


We launched the First Access for Depth of Extinction on about 18 months ago and I am excited to announce the full game is now available! We are also running a 10% off sale for the first week!

Explore an emergent storyline filled with random encounters and turn-based tactical battles as you traverse an underwater world. With just yourself and your soldiers facing an unknown enemy, gear up and prepare to engage in combat at any any given moment – uncovering the deep storyline one battle at a time. Choose from 10 different classes, each with their own unique skill set, and give your soldiers a choice of more than 150 different weapons and armor to strike back at the enemy. 

Thanks for your support. I tried to send them this morning to everyone who did not sign up for the beta key but there were some issues with the mailer tool i was using to do the mail merge. I'll try again shortly. 

good point. we'll talk about how we can solve that issue. thanks!

We'll make the official date announcement next week and are still looking at September!

i am probably sending the next round of keys out to buyers tonight. Will will also update the itch build at the same time.

ok sorry. i haven't sent the next batch of keys out yet. 

Just switched it over to 44.0 (it's been on beta for a few days) which resolves this bug.

root cause was that every mission was getting "easy" difficulty. this was resulting in a lot of issues on 43.x

Feral Androids don't have an easy spawn set which was the error

Also, you were not getting anything but tier 1 equipment or XP

thanks. I added it to my list. should have 44.0 up on the Steam beta branch tonight and I'll see if I can get this in there.

good suggestions. I’ll think about how those things could be done. Hoping to work on it this weekend. 

43.7 is live with a lot of fixes. Hopefully i'll post the Build 43 devlog tomorrow and push it out to

thanks! 43.6 is set to the main version now and I'll be pushing 43.7 to beta later today with more fixes and some new stuff.

thanks. i'll take a look at it.

thanks! I will get that fixed today. should have 43.7 out later

switch to the beta branch and it's fixed. i'll make it the default later today once i've played it a bit more.

I'm doing announcements on the Discord if you want to join

Not totally sure how I feel about adding this so I'll have to think about whether it makes sense and would add something to the game. 

It's added to my list but no promises. The list is long and ever growing and a lot of stuff won't make it...

soon. just trying to fix bugs.

almost. in a few hours i think.

It's taking a bit longer than i thought (as usual) but really coming together well. I've got to take a few days off work this week but will try to get something up by this weekend. It won't have everything I promised just yet though. Looking like i'll be adjusting the release date out a bit more as a result.

thanks! still working on it but getting closer!

I appreciate your support! Thanks for the feedback and comments.

Still working on those maps! I'm still keep it that way but I think the latest round of changes will make it seem less convoluted. It's possible I could ditch the "zone select" screen (the world map) but to me it's more of an organizational thing than a map you must navigate. I do appreciate the feedback and will keep working on it.

I agree having penalties or having to start over after the team gets wiped out is pretty harsh and makes the game much less accessible and more frustrating to first time players. This is the main motivation for the change. 

From the developer side the "ensure they are updated to the latest version" is the best part. With itch I am never sure that people know that there are updates and they are not playing the latest version (even though I do display a message on the title screen). For instance, in the last month since I released Build 42, we've had people play all of these versions. This is at least part of the reason i want to switch to Steam. As a dev, it's frustrating to see people playing older versions of the game!

Build 42.8
Build 41.8
Build 41.7
Build 40.6
Build 36.6
Build 39.3
Build 15.6 (this is the old demo)

That being said, I do understand the concern over DRM. A lot of people don't realize that Steam DRM has to be enabled by the dev and I don't plan to do that. I'm not sure that Steam can't remotely uninstall the game, but it means that you should be able to move the .exe folder and contents and break it away from Steam (at least I think that's true).

Hey thanks for the post. Always glad to get feedback/suggestions. I think most of this is on our to do list already so we are planning to address it before launch!

As for the Kickstarter, I have definitely thought about it of course, but a few things have kept me from going that route. Mainly the time it takes to run a KS is very significant (can consumer 2-3 months easily) and I am not sure it is worth that kind of time investment. The other reason is that the amount of money I would need to hire someone else full time and take another year to work on the game would require a much higher goal than I think is realistic based on the recent KS campaigns I have seen (and I do pay attention to them). Most gamers have no idea what a developer is paid and what kind of time frame and investment is required to make a game. I decided for this game I would do as much work as I could myself and pay some contractors for things like art out of my pocket. My wife and I decided we could take 3 years to try this and my time is almost up! The game I will release this summer will definitely not live up to my original vision for the project but I think it will be a decent indie game that will be competitive with other similar titles in terms of quality and playtime. 

I have several more big things to add to the game and also am planning to do some work on existing areas (like AI) and I think this will all come together to deliver a better overall experience than what you are playing now. The current version has most of the "final" systems but quite a bit is still placeholder and with a bit of expansion, i think it will seem much improved.

Thanks for the feedback. If it seems like there is demand to keep updating here on itch, then we will probably do that. 

We will definitely have at least one (and possibly multiple) DRM-free option at launch aside from Steam so you should be safe to get the final game for sure.

Thanks but let's hold off on the champagne until after August!

We will definitely have a DRM free option for First Access buyers if they don't want the Steam key. Just make sure you message us when we launch if there is any confusion. 

thanks! I logged it and we will see if we can solve it. Definitely weird. 

thanks for the bug reports!

The path not drawing is logged (and really weird) but we haven't been able to reproduce it locally for some reason. I think there is some detail I'm missing. Is it happening on every mission or only on the tutorial?

I actually meant to fix the tutorial options issue but it slipped my mind so I will log it.

The UI scaling changes definitely still need some work before they are final. We'll make some adjustments and push an update but probably not until next week unless someone finds some game breaking bugs.

What's your screen resolution? I've had reports of that before (but usually only on the tutorial) and haven't been able to reproduce it for some reason.

I'll update the version. Yet another thing haha

Thanks! I forgot to mention that the save data got reset anyway so you have to start over. I'll add that to the DevLog.

I just haven't sent the email yet. I like to have a little bit of burn in first to make sure there are no problems (like forgetting the save data was reset). I'll send it tomorrow.

Sorry about the delay. there were a lot of bugs to fix (i still didn't get them all) that kept me busy over the weekend. It's playable enough to release today so I pushed the button!

The Build 42 update is now live and actually I think we have anticipated your request to make the weapon more visible as that is a major part of the HUD redesign we have in this build.

As for the other idea to show the hit percentage of potential moves, i am somewhat opposed for a few reasons:

  • agree with @FroBodine that it's a little gamey as you couldn't do it in "real life" (though I hate saying that because this is a game after all haha) 
  • Also, what if there are multiple enemies on screen? do i show the change for each of them? It feels like too much information. 

I'll keep thinking about the "spirit" of the request though: make it more clear if I am making a mistake by moving here. 

it's not clear to be how to get to the "browse" page for the tool that you show above. 

I really like this idea and added the tools to my project. this is a good resource for beginning devs to see what things are actually being used to build games. Keep it up!