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Depth of Extinction

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Allowing modding or raising level cap.

A topic by another-scumbag created Sep 19, 2020 Views: 177 Replies: 2
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I've hit the level cap for all of my main team at 17% completion of the game. I know I could grind new people up but that is a huge risk given everything is rated hard now but my motivation to play has been sapped since I'm not really getting new loot or encounters or enemies so there feels like I've seen everything this game has to offer with less than a fifth of a playthrough. . Any chance of raising the level cap or allowing mods to do that and add new elements to the game?


hey thanks for the question. Neither modding or raising the level cap are in the plan for the game at this time. I'm working on another game now so likely only fixing bugs on DOE for the foreseeable future.

Without knowing anything about your game, I would assume at 17% complete that there is still quite a bit of content. The game does allow you to grind up characters without completing the story objectives. Mission difficulty will scale down with your team so if you take a few rookies along or basically switch to all rookies then you won't get penalized for the grind. There are 9 total character classes (guessing you only used 4?) and 5 different enemy classes (have you fought Cultists or Mechs?) and lots of other stuff to unlock so I'm sure there is more to see if you want to keep playing

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also, i want to add that new enemies get unlocked every time you complete a story objective. so if you were skipping those then that could explain why enemies seem repetitive

I should probably make lower level enemies stop giving XP at a certain point.