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Thank you for the kind offer but I don't think it would fit or format well within the comments section given the character limit. Accessibility is key though so I do hope the creator uploads a print version so my dyslexic friends can join me in a game.

There is another person already asking this 3 years ago with no answer but lets try again. Can you please add a text version? The handwritten version is not that great for legibility.

I've hit the level cap for all of my main team at 17% completion of the game. I know I could grind new people up but that is a huge risk given everything is rated hard now but my motivation to play has been sapped since I'm not really getting new loot or encounters or enemies so there feels like I've seen everything this game has to offer with less than a fifth of a playthrough. . Any chance of raising the level cap or allowing mods to do that and add new elements to the game?

Hi John, I got the Bundle for Racial Equality and downloaded the player manual but when I tried to download the character sheets it came up with an error message saying the key for this product is owned. I now get that message if I click download for either file. Any suggestions? Thanks!