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Atmospheric games collection

A topic by Tiny Worlds created Feb 13, 2016 Views: 1,570 Replies: 3
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If you like to play games with a great atmosphere, here is a list of must-plays! :)
All of the following games run on Linux, Mac and Windows.


Petrichor by Sundae Month
I remember Petrichor to be a calming, wonderful experience with moments of high emotion. I'm also absolutely in love with the art and the soundtrack of the game. Did you know "petrichor" is the English word to describe the distinctive scent of rain after a long warm dry spell?


Fragile Soft Machines by madameberry
I showed you this before, because my music is in there! With or without, it is a really great, atmospheric game, which can translate quite well to personal meaning.


Secret Habitat by Strangethink
I'm a big fan of Strangethinks work and this is probably my to date favorite game by him. You can visit distant art museums in this strange world, filled with generative paintings and music.


Orchids to dusk by Pol Clarissou
In this game your spaceship crashes on a desolate planet. Running low on oxygen, you wander the world ... and maybe discover it's secrets.


The Mooseman by Shinzironine
In this game you are a shaman, who can see the mysterious spirit world. Having recently played this game I remember how it fueled my curiosity on understanding how this world works. Check it out, it's really good!


Grow by rijnswand
Last but not least, in this small game you can direct around a gardener to fill your world with plants. Growing your world and watching it's inhabitants is really fascinating.

I hope you enjoyed this list and found some wonderful, atmospheric games to play! :)


What are your favorite atmospheric games?

Excellent list Tiny Worlds, I love atmospheric games.

Good list! I love these kinds of games and the number of them out there always surprises me. Pretty much all of Nifflas' games have great atmosphere: Knytt, Within a Deep Forest, Knytt Underground, etc. Knytt Underground might be one of my favorites in the genre. It's just a nice game to play.

Nice list, I love Mooseman.