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Most complex one I've made so far, unfortunatley there is no zoom out :(

Probably a lot of unnecessary nodes, but also very versatile

I downloaded the game to see what it was about, and spent more than an hour just flying around.

Would recommend :D

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2. Shift + Drag :)

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I think this happens because I tried to save the file on the root folder of my HDD, still don't understand why that wouldn't work though

Is there a certain file extension I should use? When I try to open a saved file all files show up as folders in the file browser.

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Ngon node.

This node generates a regular polygon with rotation.

Source can be found here

Sorry, accidentally deleted old post. Reposted it.

So selecting colors for e.g. replacing 2 colors in a texture is not possible yet?

Is there any documentation for addCRamp()/colorize() ?

nvm I'm an idiot it's dragging up and down.

Sliding left and right seems a lot more intuitive though :).

I just downloaded Tilemancer and it looks amazing, however I just cannot use Sliders for node properties. When I click and drag nothing happens, only if I drag halfway across the screen the value increases by 1.

Hope this can be fixed because otherwise this program is amazing.

Game looks really promising,

one complain I have is that you cannot see your Oxygen level when crafting.

If you need a beta tester/assistant programmer, let me know :)

Yea, it works surprisingly well :)

Thank You!

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chrawl is a project I have been working on for some time now. As a student I don't have much time for gamedev unfortunatley, but it's slowly coming along. I am the only one working on chrawl right now. I mainly program and do some bad 3d modelling/texturing. I really like roguelikes and hate that I am too young to have experienced the times of ROGUE and the start of the genre, so I decided to make an old-school looking game with a new aspect to it. I originally wanted to have it be set in a medieval/fantasy world, but I later switched to sci-fi because I thought it would fit the aesthetics better. You can see some screenshots/gifs of how it looked before that on my devlog.

As you can see the game is 3d and rendered in ASCII art, which I think looks really nice. It also allows me to make really bad 3d models without anyone noticing. The game is essentially a FPS, and because it's roguelike I try to procedurally generate as much as possible. Guns are built up from different modules (gun parts) and are randomly textured. The map is random as well of course.

If you want to read more about the systems I use to generate guns/maps/etc, head over to my devlog. I have been writing updates there for about 6 months now. I will also try to update here when new stuff is ready to show off.