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Procedural pixel-art tile creator · By Led

I dont' really understand saving with tilemancer..

A topic by helyx created Apr 07, 2016 Views: 1,400 Replies: 4
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Is there a certain file extension I should use? When I try to open a saved file all files show up as folders in the file browser.

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I think this happens because I tried to save the file on the root folder of my HDD, still don't understand why that wouldn't work though


You can use any file extension you like. Tilemancer will recognize if a file belongs to it when trying to open one.

Someone said he's been using the extension .mancer, and i'm probably going to make it official because i like how it sounds.

How do I use this tool? When I try to save, write some file name (I have no idea what directory it is supposed to be looking in that custom save dialog), press enter and save dialog just closes. No file is created... Am I supposed to grab image manually with external screenshot tool?

Seems working for me to export in .jpeg but not in .png , do somebody know why ?