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Impressive work. Very nice how varied the generation outputs are.

Glad you appreciate it!

I've updated the link, thank you for telling me.


Development on Tilemancer has stopped indefinitely. You find out more here, and keep an eye out for Tilemancer's successor.

Thank you for the suggestion :)

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Hello everyone!

As of 03/04/2019, Development on Tilemancer has officially been stopped. I appreciate all the support and feedback, and even though Tilemancer might have been useful, I don't feel the concept was matured enough.

Tilemancer spawned the development of a spiritual successor called Tilesetter, which is currently in development and has a slightly different focus than the first, taking into consideration aspects in which Tilemancer failed. The successor works with complete tilesets in contrast to single tiles, may incorporate more 'authentic' procedural generation in future versions, and is something i'm very excited about!

Check Tilesetter out!

For Tilemancer, you can find it's source code here:

It was a good run. Thank you all for the support and keep an eye out for the new Tilesetter!

First of all, thanks to the team for making the process of publishing a project so convenient. I appreciate how straightforward it is to release something here and get it seen by the world.

GDC might be fun but I'm glad it's not a must.

With that being said, I'd like to present Tilesetter, a tool designed to make tileset creation more convenient by auto-updating and auto-compositing tiles. Hopefully it suits other game developers.
It's not released yet, but you can pre-order it right now. Would be glad if it got a feature.

Nope. You can the source for the node effects in their respective files under /Nodes/

You can send the video to me via email:

Could you explain better the "list of [contrast%, color] nodes" idea?

Are these suggestions? Would be better in the suggestions topic. Noted.

Noted all the feedback. I apologize for the immense delay in response.

Dr Gore, did you manage to save it? I don't see why it shouldn't work.

Yeah! Project is a bit stale as of now, but i'm planning to see if a new (possibly very different) version is feasible. Thanks for the feedback.

Hey! I should have made it add a .png extension automatically, but try appending a .png to the filename to save as png. It will save as png regardless, but the extension makes it recognizable.

Hey! Sorry about the delay.

You can save files using the save icon on the top right, which can only be opened by Tilemancer. If you want to export a texture, try clicking on the texture display itself. It will export as a png regardless of the extension you put.

Hope it helped!

Hey there!

Tilemancer doesn't officially support textures larger than 64x64, but you can edit save files to set the "Size" parameter to any number.

Open any Tilemancer save file with a text editor and find the line that says "Size". Change the number next to it, save the file and reopen it in the program.

Just fixed the issue in Tilemancer 0.2.1

Hello! Thanks for letting me know about this. I'll look into the issue. Meanwhile, try setting values by typing: Hold the left mouse button on a parameter and it'll let you type a value.


I've been looking into it to no avail. Could i know your OpenGL versions? Might be related to it.

That's strange. I'll take a look.

In the meanwhile, could you tell me if any folders or files appear in the \users\<username> directory? You should be able to access a folder by double clicking it.

Hey there!

Does the up arrow crash every time you click it, or does it depend on which directory you're in? Try entering a folder than clicking the up arrow and tell me if it still crashes.

Thank you!

Done! Thanks for the help.

The source code for 0.2.0 is contained in a single main.cpp file at

I apologize for the lack of readability.

Just finished cleaning the source and am ready to make it available. I want to use the GPLv3 license, but my program depends on Lua and GLM, which are both MIT. Can i still use GPLv3? And do i upload Lua and GLM's dependency headers along with my source?


Thanks for making this! Nice job.

I let users specify the y position because it gives them more freedom when designing their node.

Good job. One thing that bothers me though is the black box behind every node's name. That shouldn't be there.

Which OS and version are you on? If possible, could you also specify your OpenGL version?


Thanks for finding this! It will be fixed in the next version.

Whoops! If possible, could you tell me your OpenGL version?

Thanks for figuring this out. Some users have also reported this and i had no idea what was happening so i couldn't help them.