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Procedural pixel-art tile creator · By Led

Thanks for creating and releasing this!

A topic by jph wacheski / iterationGAMES created Apr 02, 2016 Views: 764 Replies: 7
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Looks very good so far,. i like the way the nodes wobble when we grab them and move them around, great touch,. also love that we can create new nodes and expand on this great interface. Lua is a nice language for this.

more please,.


Glad you liked it! I will definitely be updating it with more features.

Seconding this -- I'm blown away by how impressive this tool is. I didn't think it was even possible to create such good-looking tiles procedurally. Thanks for doing such awesome work!

Also I have to ask: is the content made with Tilemancer free to use even for commercial purposes?


Thanks! Also, it is indeed completely free to use content created in Tilemancer for commercial purposes!

Awesome, thanks! : )

I agree with everyone else. This tool is awesome. The colorizing bit in particular is amazing. It's so simple to fiddle with the color palette, shading, etc. Thanks!

I found this thing in quite a random way, literally ran into on itch.  I haven't done much with it but I'll keep it handy.  My current project isn't pixel art styled but I may do one in the future.  This thing to me basically seems like Substance Designer but for pixel art.  Some more nodes would make things better.  I know people have made custom nodes too, which is good, but some of the basics are missing, like shapes/polys.  It would also be nice to be able to put text to parameters instead of just numbers, so we know that shape 1 is a "pyramid."

It seems like you took some features from Substance Designer as just seems like the more the better you know.


Yeah! Project is a bit stale as of now, but i'm planning to see if a new (possibly very different) version is feasible. Thanks for the feedback.