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Thanks! Glad you like it! : )

Thanks! : )

Thank you! And thanks for the heads up - that is a weird soft lock. I'll try to replicate and fix it.

Thanks! : )

I'm using a custom engine made with C# and XNA.

Hi murks,
Thanks! Unfortunately, it's not planned right now. : (  
I think some people have gotten the game partially running on WINE, but there is some sort of bug with it. If I learned how to make the game work with WINE I would.

Looks great! What's the license for these (and your other tilesets)?

Thanks! I should have chosen a more obviously different color. The grey pyramids are poorly drawn weights and do nothing.

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Sure! I got it here:

Nene uploaded a number of other good tracks like that to opengameart, you should check 'em out.


The axe one-shots everything, which I am ok with. I wanted puzzles involving the axe to be more about getting to the axe and keeping it (instead of accidentally dropping it). And the pickaxe only does 1 damage like the sword.

@Zilrax: when you put the item atop the other item, and it crashes, are you doing that specifically on top of the anvil?

@Parsley: I can't seem to replicate that issue. Is it happening to you?

@Seeric: Interesting- were you using the gamepad to play at the time, or did it just happen to be plugged in?

Thanks for the bug reports everyone!

Thanks for letting me know! I'm a dummy and I forgot. : (

It's fixed now.

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The intended behavior is that Critical Recovery procs 100% of the time if the hit leaves them in critical condition (25% HP). Originally, there was no way to prevent that. The intended counter was to only use high-damage attacks to finish them.

However, given that small, separate hits are extremely common in Alvora due to weapon augments, in v1.03 I've patched it so that Critical passives only fire if the target is not disabled/stunned/asleep/etc.

In the future, if I can figure out a good way to implement it code-wise I'd also like to make it so that Critical passives can only activate 1x per attack.

Just got the patch out. As long as you didn't delete the files, they should load just fine in v1.03. : )

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Sorry about that! That bug is fixed in v1.03, which is currently available on Steam. I was meaning to get it onto after a short test period, but I've been bad about that, and got sidetracked working on some other features...
: (

I'll try to get v1.03 onto ASAP for you.

Uhh... oops. Yeah, I just checked... bats can delete your party members if they despawn while you walk through them... woops. That's going to the top of the priority list for fixes...!

Were the corrupted autosaves created after your party member was deleted?

If it's an empty bag then you're ok. : )
I shoulda specified that only containers with items in them cause a crash.

Thanks for the reports. Sacrifice should kick in on the mage's turn if you are Blinded/Silenced. Let me know if it doesn't happen like that for you.

Good catch on the Focus Stone.

What weapon or ability did you use to kill the training dummy?

I figured out a cause of at least 1 kind of item bug. If a container is in the Stash - either bags or augmented equipment - then the game will crash on loading that save. : (

I'll get the next patch out ASAP. Until then, avoid putting bags or augmented equipment in the stash.

Hey, thanks for playing! I can give you some info on these.

  1. Each level of morale (ranging from super unhappy, unhappy, normal, happy, and very happy) grants a bonus (or penalty if bad morale) of +2 Attack and +1 Defense. So someone who has had their morale raised twice has +4 Attack and +2 Defense.
  2. Those are empty passive slots. You'll figure them out once you start playing around with passives.
  3. I'm afraid there is no item quickslotting. Those slots are all for abilities.
  4. The game creates up to 3 autosaves, never any more than that. If you let it do its thing it'll only create 3 slots worth of clutter, which is hopefully not too much. : )

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Dang, that sounds awful! I'm really sorry its corrupting saves. : (

My only guess is I did something wrong when I implemented equipment augments (inventory in Voidspire never had this kind of issue). I will perform some checks on selling augmented items. If you can remember what items you were moving when it crashed (was it an augmented piece of equipment?) then that could help me track it down.

Did you try to hit it with a weapon?

Thanks for the feedback! I agree with a lot of these. Some notes:

  • Passive system changes aren't likely to happen this game but this feedback is good so I can plan future games' system. I like the Major/Minor idea.
  • Agreed, I nerfed Warpblade a bit this patch. Gate: Onslaught is probably still too good. I'm considering making it take more than a single turn to cast.
  • Both can be socketed, so maybe I should add an icon that indicates the item is a material?
  • This is how it was in Voidspire, which did cause a small issue. However, I agree with your critique. I think this is a result of having such large parties. With a 6-character team, it's almost inevitable that you and/or the enemy will secure a KO in one turn because of the huge amount of damage you can put out. I may go down to a 5-man team next game.
  • I was hoping it would be an interesting trade-off and tactical consideration. But I should definitely offer more possibilities to solve lack of light at least (augments that provide light? material types that create brightly glowing weapons? etc).
  • Yep, agreed.
  • Also agreed, the Sell UI needs work.
  • As does the looting UI.
  • That particular encounter is one of the hardest, yeah. I should have added more bones and corpses in the path leading up to it. : P

Again, thanks for this post; good feedback like this helps me make decisions about future patches and games.

Thanks man! I'm glad you enjoyed it. That map bug sounds really weird... I'll have to investigate.

Voidspire is very similar, so you might like it.

Thanks for the offer! I'll keep it in mind. : )

Good suggestion, I'll start looking into it. Hopefully it's not too difficult to implement.

Thanks for the extra info Muspel. Is the resolution-changing still happening? If so, is there a typical time when it self-changes the resolution, or does it just seem completely random?

Regarding the enemy - "Milane" is a randomly generated nickname that can be applied to a number of different monsters. Can you describe the creature's appearance?

Thanks for the bug reports!  They've been very helpful.

I can confirm and have fixes coming for the missing XP bonus and items not being found inside bags.

I have a hunch about the Voidlight bug, will try it out.

The walls and background disappearing sounds pretty crazy. And I am not sure why the game would crash at low resolution... I'll have to investigate. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. If anyone else encounters the same bugs let me know.

Alvora Tactics community · Created a new topic Known bugs
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Thought I'd compile a list of bugs that I've diagnosed so far! Anyone experiencing these bugs, don't worry, fixes for them are coming next patch.

EDIT (6/11/17): updated list for bugs that remain in v1.03 and will be (hopefully) fixed in v1.04!


  • Exiting a boat at a certain angle can leave the boat 2 tiles out from the shore, stranding you unless you have Ice magic

There are also some bugs that I have heard of but cannot yet replicate. If you experience these, or have any info about them, sharing it here would be greatly appreciated. : )


  • A variety of resolution-based bugs that I need to investigate & replicate
  • Music fails to load on occasion for one of my testers (seems completely random)
  • Crash on placing certain items in certain places in the smithing area

Awesome, thanks! : )

Seconding this -- I'm blown away by how impressive this tool is. I didn't think it was even possible to create such good-looking tiles procedurally. Thanks for doing such awesome work!

Also I have to ask: is the content made with Tilemancer free to use even for commercial purposes?