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I can confirm my project(GMC Jam 40 entry Escape of the Clowns) was also having this issue.  I'm not sure if it has to do with the fact that my room is 1920x1080, which is the same size as the monitor, and so GMS is slightly scaling the thing down in windowed mode.  It was also doing it in full-screen IIRC.

The same fix you mentioned ALSO worked perfectly for mine.  Since you want info, I'm not using any views, cameras, anything like that in this project.  All the action in every single room is the same 1920x1080 room size, Viewports are not enabled in the room editor anywhere either.

Jelly?! :)

Thanks for the consideration...sorry about the specific lack.  Would you be willing to describe the issue you are having?  If nothing else it would possibly give me an idea of a void I can fill in the package.

No, it doesn't have virtual controls included.  If you are porting a game from PC to HTML5, then you can use your own controls and have them function as the inputs for the player's actions, and then your objects would not have to change code.  I could consider in the future adding something like that but I didn't originally consider it because HTML5 games have pretty individual needs for each game.

I found this thing in quite a random way, literally ran into on itch.  I haven't done much with it but I'll keep it handy.  My current project isn't pixel art styled but I may do one in the future.  This thing to me basically seems like Substance Designer but for pixel art.  Some more nodes would make things better.  I know people have made custom nodes too, which is good, but some of the basics are missing, like shapes/polys.  It would also be nice to be able to put text to parameters instead of just numbers, so we know that shape 1 is a "pyramid."

It seems like you took some features from Substance Designer as just seems like the more the better you know.