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virus detection software is sht. a circular money grubbing scam. reporting false positives seems very common.  if you trust them that is your choice.  spamming lies is not a friendly activity, perhaps you show some actual virus in the software as opposed to a proprietary software generated guess list.  

with there be any mouse input added,. or should I work on my own implementation?

Left Click jump cursor to position,  hold to drag a selection box,. Right Click to move around the the grid,. Mouse wheel to zoom,.  .etc.

just keeps pulling data,. >300mb befor i killed it,. ? strange,. . 

wow,. interesting. 

nicely done,.

dankCastle_025 is the entry,. 

larger numbers will be post-deadline,. .

a tiled preview would be very welcome,. could be on the bottom of the right panel perhaps.

agree w/ navot right click to move the camera would be nice,. (zoom on the mouse wheel would be cool too.)

perhaps you could do a combo left/right +up/down for the drag control? should work for both styles.

I figured out how to save images (just click on them),. but I agree the icon is confusing, use same one as save on main page.

Also, what formats are supported? I added .png to the file name and this works,. thanks again.

Looks very good so far,. i like the way the nodes wobble when we grab them and move them around, great touch,. also love that we can create new nodes and expand on this great interface. Lua is a nice language for this.

more please,.

I just realized that you can easily open the game's folder form the itch app itself,. so this is a non-issue. Thanks.

why not take the game's name then the garbalygook?

wouldn't it be more useful to give the folders human readable names?