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I can't unfortunately. I deleted dropbox on a whim, and don't have a local copy anymore. If someone still has these downloaded, feel free to upload.

For the windows build you need to include the [buildname]_Data folder.

Put the folder and the exe in a zip file and share that

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Three more suggestions:

  • The saving screen really needs a cursor
  • It would be nice to be able to duplicate nodes, without having to fiddle with the sliders all over again
  • In Unity, when you are dragging a slider and reach the edge of the screen, your cursor jumps to the other side and you can continue dragging, without having to click on the bar agin. This would be really useful when making big changes to a slider
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I made a normal map generator [link dead], as well as a created a sobel edge detector [link dead] in then process....

Haven't tested the normal maps yet, but I checked with images online and they seemed to match up, so they should work...

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Here are mine...

Brightness [link dead]:

You can change the brightness of the texture, also useful for creating blend masks, which you can put in the blend factor

Preview [link dead]:

Creates a tiled preview of the texture, unfortunately getting rid of some resolution

Custom Scatter [link dead]:

I found the default scattering algorithm too slow, so I did the reasonable thing and coded a new one...
It's a lot faster and offers more controll of the scale and amount, but doesn't do anit aliasing as nicely

It would also be nice to have a filextension that automatically opens with tilemancer...

Right now, when you open a saved file with tilemancer, it just shows black and the color picker, which by the way could be a bit bigger...

Another thing that is a bit annoying is the colorizer... if you have to add a color afterwards, you mess up all colours. It would be nice if the colors were mapped to a color in the pallette, and not just to a position on the color picker...

I found a bug...

When you for example subtract a white texture from another you create values below zero, which just render as black like they should. But when you pass on this seamingly black texture, the negative values get passed on. If you then pass it in for example lighting, the original heightmap is still rendered. (Basically you need to clamp values before passing them on)

Another suggestion I have is when you have for example blend modes, you should describe what a mode does.

I fixed it by simply putting the list of Modes in the description...

I personally find the controll scheme a bit odd...
Dragging with middle click of left click seems way more intuitve than shift clicking, since you could get rid of the need to keep one hand on the keyboard, which you barely need anyways...

At first I tried to drag the sliders left and right, instead of up and down, which is possibly due to my unity background.

A preview window, which shows your texture in a tiled grid would be really helpful in order to see how your texture looks in the final result.

Another cool feature would be the ability to draw on one of the tiles or to add your own image files to edit...

It would also be efficient to be able to replace connections directly, rather than having to remove one and stick the other one on...

Apart from that it's a really good tool... Keep up the good work