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Procedural pixel-art tile creator · By Led

Opening files?

A topic by Zephec created Sep 29, 2016 Views: 927 Replies: 6
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Hey I was just wondering, when you save the files how do you open them? I want to know how to see them as a JPG or open them in Photoshop so I know its compatible when importing it into the game engine im using.

Same question. And I was just wondering, how to export as .PNG or .JPG

I have tried to add A suffix at the end of name such as abc.png, and then save.

But I can not open it as a normal picture, except by the Tilemancer.


Hey! Sorry about the delay.

You can save files using the save icon on the top right, which can only be opened by Tilemancer. If you want to export a texture, try clicking on the texture display itself. It will export as a png regardless of the extension you put.

Hope it helped!

yupp thanks

Hi, I know this is a bit of an old thread, but I have a related issue. When I click the preview node it opens the proper save window, but it seems like it is still just saving it as a tilemancer file rather than a png still. Any ideas?


Hey! I should have made it add a .png extension automatically, but try appending a .png to the filename to save as png. It will save as png regardless, but the extension makes it recognizable.

Aha, that was the answer (duh, silly me.) Thanks for the quick reply!