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Thanks for the new video! I hope you enjoyed the tank section! I am currently working on actually making the tanks move! They will not get you very far, but you will be able to steamroll everything on your way :) This means fully destructible environments and total mayhem :) 

Thank you! The game made a lot of progress in recent weeks and is not available for free anymore as it is finally leaving the prototype state. This is actually the last version of the game that will still only cost 5 €. The next version will already cost the full price of 12,99 € and also launch on Steam in Early Access. The next version will include the intro to the game, a story preview for Mission 2 and Mission 3 as well as a little more content for Mission 1! I hope you stick around! Oh ... if you buy the game on I'll make sure to provide you with a Steam key :)

You just have to pay once for the game! I think this page summarizes it pretty well:

You can additionally request a free Steam key from me as soon as the Steam version is available! 

Great video! was a good moment to use a stun grenade though :) Be careful with the cover indicator too! It turns yellow if your unit is flanked! Flanked units are easier to hit! You should always try to flank your opponents before shooting at them, but be careful - if you can't kill them right away you might eat a lot of damage! It looks indeed like you are playing an older version of the game, try downloading the new one! The tank has only a 50% chance of appearing at the start of the forest though :) I'm currently working on tank battles which should make tanks REALLY fun :)

Nice video! You were wondering about the tanks! Currently, they have a 50% chance of appearing at the entrance of the forest! Not sure about the next update though -  it will probably feature hostages, molotov cocktails or smoke grenades. 

Picking up stuff from your fallen characters would be really nice though...

Thank you for playing my game and taking the time to record a video! How did you find my game though? Just curious :)

The next update will introduce armor for your soldiers and an enemy tank! Hope you stick around :)

Than you for your kind words! The game is based on the Unreal Engine! The core of the game runs on C++ and the UI runs on Blueprints which is an engine specific, visual, node-based, scripting language. 

Das klingt super! Ich arbeite in der Zwischenzeit an gegnerischen Panzern ... die sollten das Spiel noch ein wenig spannender machen!

Thank you for the review! A good rating really helps me with the visibility in the shop! The review itself is currently somewhat hidden, but I think that is supposed to change soon on I am indeed German! I was 14 when I created that nickname. I looked at the keyboard and like the simply combination of the Shift and Y key. I Germanized the word by adding a c :) 

I'm currently in the process of adding armor and an enemy tank to the game. I hope that gives the game a little more variety :) 

Look what I just found in a supply stash! It is supposed to protect your character from bullet holes :)

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Thanks again for your kind words! I hope to develop a good inventory system that makes exchanging items between units easy. I am also thinking about adding the possibility of using the mouse wheel to scroll through alternative paths to make sure that you will or will not pick up a certain item on your way. has a build in functionality in the top right corner that enables you to follow my game in order to receive a notification when I publish an update for the game. You should also have an option to leave a rating for my game - this would greatly help me out!

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I am glad to hear that you checked out the version and you did not experience any crashes. I will update the official build with the fully optimization version and hope that some of my changes fixed the issue for good. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out with this!

Thank you also for your input regarding the game design. I will look into Battalion Ghosts to find out what I can do to improve my game. The passing of friendly units might be totally something I could check out in a later version. The exploding boat at the beach just marks the end of the prototype, it's not an easter egg or anything . That is what you are talking about right? I think I want to add at least one more level and  maybe 2 or 3 more abilities to offer more variety between the units.  Really appreciate your help!

Edit: Oh by the way - have you clicked on 'Story Mode' ... it shows a little preview of what I am currently working on ;-)

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Thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate your feedback. The range of the weapon is indicated by a red enemy highlight in the movement preview. It tells you what you can shoot at from that hovered position. I will update the tool tips to detail include more info about range and critical hit chances, since a lot of people were wondering about those hidden values. 

I worked last week on the stability issues regarding this game. I was not able to reproduce a crash :-/ I uploaded a development version of the game called 'StrategyRunner_EXPERIMENTAL'. This version generates a crash log and tells me what I need to know to fix that crash.  Would you mind checking that version out? It contains some updates and debug tools that are not available in the current version too. The logs can be then found in StrategyRunner_EXPERIMENTAL\StrategyRunner\Saved

Thanks again!

Hello Skullverton! I am really happy to hear that you enjoy playing my game! I'll write you a mail as soon as I can :)

Another awesome video! Thank you! It was really fun to watch you play my game!

This is actually pretty surprising! I have never encountered that issue! I'll try to find out what happened and fix this bug in an upcoming update. Thanks for sharing!!!

The good news: the prototype ends after reaching the extraction point and you are already in the endless part of the game. I have actually never seen somebody that got this far...

PS: Nice assault rifle you got there ...

Thank you for the video! The game features multiple areas like the factory, city, forest and beach. Your mission objectives are displayed in the top left. At some point one of your characters stands directly next to a weapons stash. That stash enables you to get a better weapon than your default pistol :) Please stay tuned for the upcoming updates! I have a lot of cool stuff planned :)

Hello there,

would you like to cover my XCOM / FTL hybrid?

Thank you for taking the time to play my game! I really appreciate that! The prototype will feature an inventory system that allows you to pickup the gear of your enemies and improve / craft your load-out. It is supposed to be something like ... "Fight with what you find"

The whole game itself will be a collection of 'Escape Stories' with the prototype being one of those stories! There will be some kind of meta game but I'm not 100% sure how that will look like - I will probably look into weapon skins, new characters, hats or even a full blown tech tree. I could even add multiple difficulties for each stage to offer a fresh challenge after unlocking multiple upgrades :)

I will work on some exciting updates in the meantime :) 

thank you for your feedback! I will try my best to come up with something fun :)

sure! do you have some references? I would love to add more music when the project gains some traction!