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Thank you for the review! A good rating really helps me with the visibility in the shop! The review itself is currently somewhat hidden, but I think that is supposed to change soon on I am indeed German! I was 14 when I created that nickname. I looked at the keyboard and like the simply combination of the Shift and Y key. I Germanized the word by adding a c :) 

I'm currently in the process of adding armor and an enemy tank to the game. I hope that gives the game a little more variety :) 

Great, but in that case we can switch to German if you like. A bit silly to use English when we're both Germans :-) ... On the other hand its more international that way and I certainly like both languages equally.

Great to hear that you have plans with the game. A lot to do to get it somehow complete in a minimal sense. On the other hand I also like it as it is. Funny to play around with the debug version as I can call all those functions in the console. Wonder what language and tools you use for programming this.

Than you for your kind words! The game is based on the Unreal Engine! The core of the game runs on C++ and the UI runs on Blueprints which is an engine specific, visual, node-based, scripting language. 

Thanks for telling. Saw the UE4 label but didn't know about Blueprints. Also didn't know that UE is now free until one makes 3k per quarter. Will have to check this out sooner or later. Another little thing I noticed while playing R4C ... From time to time I misthrow a grenade because while trying to select a square I actually select a person partially covering that square. In that case the grenade goes to the feet of that person and because I usually only use grenades when I can hit at least two opponents that results in one opponent not being hit and then I find myself in a very difficult situation. Maybe it's better to only use the squares for targeting or otherwise make it more obvious that the person was selected (I seem to miss the red outline in that case). Otherwise still fun for in between. I just run out of enthusiasm after about 450m and get careless :-) ... But I have my work projects to code, so cannot play the whole day :-) :-).