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Hi ritgun,

This was happening to another guy with bitdefender because it's reading the eve as a false positive. There's no virus don't worry!

Here's the original post on the Steam forum and the resolution:

Hi Dave,

I am all done updating the game. I did spend a long time taking suggestions and etc from the ETL Steam fan base and added a bunch of other improvements however with this last one (Cleric, contest winning gear) I think it's finally as good as it should be.

But of course the choice is up to you.

Have a good weekend

Hi and hello!

I've just uploaded a massive update to my roguelike here on and it'll be on sale for the rest of the month. This includes a brand new playable class (Cleric), expanded inventory system, an Items Found log, the level 10 bonus, many new monsters, 340 items and equipment, and other improvements since it went live on Steam. I have been constantly updating the game with new and better things for almost a month in a row using the players' feedback there and it's really shaped the game into something nice :

There is also an older demo for you to try if you'd like.

October 1852: Simon Bellhump is called to investigate the predictable re-appearance of Castle Hasslevania- Count Dracula's castle. He was never seen again.

October 1952: One hundred years later, Castle Hasslevania's owner the aforementioned Count Dracula begins to stir once again. And by stirring, I mean blowing shit up, playing loud music, and helicopter flybys! This time, Rovert Bellhump- who had just bought a new house on the cheap from a mysterious "Sam Shifty of Shifty & Sons" only days prior- picks up his grampy Simon's short sword and sets out to tell Drac to knock it off or he'll call the cops.

After a long and arduious adventure, Rovert and new pal Chris Subdevil were victorious and Dracula was defeated. But in the final moments the self-destruct sequence of the Castle was initiated and only through a convienient Castle escape pod were our heroes able to jettison themselves into deep space!

But Dracula escaped as well. The chase is on.

The saga continues...


Hasslevania- Episode 2: This Space For Rent is an all-new Del Duio / DXF Games project that continues the story of Rovert Bellhump in an exicting new way. Started in December 2007, the game is a giant Metroidvania that's roughly 3 times the size of the original Quest for Shuteye. Expect more weapons and items, tougher bosses, deadlier enemies, and brand-new NPCs.

This project has been permanently canceled, however so it wasn't a giant waste of time I've decided to release it for free on It's got a lot to it, and is stable overall. You can get up to the final area of the final boss before getting walled off.

Have fun

The game and the demo are available on the page

I never heard of it before, but will check it out. And thank you for the vote, many people dismissed the game immediately due to its visuals when it had the most coverage on the front page and all that

At long last my game's latest and best version 1.3ST is now available!

It's my unique roguelike with a Dragon Quest style combat system and features a mysterious lantern that changes color phases and game rules as you play.

There's a also a demo to try if you like, it's only 10 floors but that should give you a pretty good idea on what to expect (though of course there's always more stuff further down in the dungeon).

You can find the game & demo here:

Thank you!

Thanks, guys

This is a game I started back in December of 2007, less than a month after the first game was released. I have been working on it off and on ever since over thousands of hours in my free time. And finally I can say that it's coming out in Summer of 2017. Ten years, holy crap that sucks! Haha..

If you don't know, H2 is a giant Metroidvania style game that's an homage but totally original game that spans across three planets and several side areas in space. You will quickly win a spaceship which acts like your hub area, and will collect various NPCs around the galaxy to live with you, similar to the Suikoden games. There are 12 big bosses, many weapons, different armor that shows on your guy, and power ups to get. The writing is pretty good IMO and there are many cutscenes to advance the crazy story along. Mini games are unlocked and take the form of arcade machines that look even more old school than H2 does.

Currently I'm trying to incorporate gamepad support as well as some other things that I didn't know how to do way back when. Regardless of if it gets greenlit, I'll also put it on upon release.

Thank you!


I was wondering if front page features are done by popularity / sales or if I have a shot haha. Thank you for your time :)

Well already that title should get you some free press, Endeva.

Hey Voia, this is totally different than Just a Cleric but hey who knows:

I know some of you keep away from Steam and were interested in this game. I just made it available up here on the site a few minutes ago. It's on the same page that the demo was at but I replaced the file and altered the texts a bit (and added another video, weeee).

This full game includes all the changes and additions from months' worth of good feedback on the Steam site. This also includes the "Scholar of the First Wuss" expansion pack, part of the core game as an added bonus!

If you want to give it a shot first the old demo is still available through my website here:

Thanks guys and sorry it took so long to bring it to this awesome site!!

It's not Steam exclusive anymore, buddy!

Enjoy the full game plus all the goodies from the free expansion pack rolled into one!

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Hello guys!

I'm pleased to announce the new version of my upcoming roguelike "Equin: The Lantern" this August 2016! It's the 3rd major update to the game since it was first released in 2012. Some of the new additions include Gamepad support, A quit and save feature (permadeath otherwise), rehauled 2 handed weapon / auto equip mechanics, gave players the ability to remove equipped gear (I know, I know haha), an new "Icebox" floor event, jail cells you can open to release powerful champ enemies, A new auto kill feature where running into much weaker enemies on the dungeon map will instantly kill them and streamline the game a lot more, some new items and maps, edible flowers, teleporting statues, and mushrooms that can either heal or poison you.

ETL's page on Roguebasin (V1.3ST changes have not been added to this list yet but will be once the game is released of course):

Until that time, there is a 10 floor demo available to play from either my website or here on


Yes sir, for now at least. It's set up with achievements and all that now but maybe I can put it up elsewhere. The game as it stands now is loads better than the demo too maybe I should rethink my strategy

The Steam version has tons more stuff to it, you won't be sorry. I needed something to do while it was in Greenlight, and then I made an expansion for it a couple months later. It's free though, all part of the core game as a thank you to the people who have my game a chance

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Hi guys! JAC and the recently released fully included free expansion "Scholar of the First Wuss" is now 33% off on the Steam Summer Sale.

It's like $3.49 or something, or one tenth of a Venti Starbucks coffee half latte whosie-whatsis

Hope to see you there soon!


Just so you know, moving away from simple 2d games doesn't mean your game will be more successful. In fact there are a ton of 2d games that do extremely well sales-wise! Keep it in mind!

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We thought you died!

Did you change your mind about JAC? It's okay if you did I wont be sad.*


Just a Cleric has been given the Steam seal o' approval and will be released there next Thursday, May 19th @ 3pm EST.


Just a Cleric on Steam:

The game will be released next Thursday, May 19th at 3pm EST. Thanks everybody!

Just a Cleric on Steam:

I think the chap is MIA, they've sent the search & rescue chopper out for him but it doesn't look good. There's a swell comin'

Welcome, Kevin!

Glad to see so many still carry on with Pixel art! Not everything has to be super duper ultra realistic HD all the time :)

I think he fell in

Cool! The good ol' days of GOSUB, PEEK / POKE, and NOTRACE live on

Hi Voia,

Just a Cleric waa Greenlit a few days ago, if you had anything to do with it, thanks

If you think you're old at 28, boy do I have bad news for you later on :)

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You might want to work o your handle too, It doesn't come across as very media friendly! X

Hey buddy, I'm going to be offline most likely for a few days but what sort of backlog do you have for your game videos

Good luck from an MS Painter all the way

Thanks, man.

I checked out a couple of other possible fonts of the smallish variety and so far they look even worse! I guess with a 160 x 112 frame you just can't win! I really appreciate the vote of confidence though, there's a lot to the game and I won't let you down

I'm pretty new to this site too and I gotta' say it's really Dev-friendly. Like a ton. Better late than never, right

Ouch! Bad art, bad combat, bad texts.. That's the hat trick of what you don't want to hear about your baby lol.

The funny thing is that I actually went back and made the texts larger and easier to read than what it was. The reason they are so small in the first place is that the game was made to fit a 160 x 112 pixel screen and unfortunately the only text that really even fits those dimensions is MS's own 'Small Fonts'. If I had to do it over again I'd make the frame size larger to accommodate for larger and more legible texts.

The art: Well, I like it but I can see where somebody wouldn't. There's a game on Greenlight now that has visuals that would be right at home on an Atari 2600 that I personally adore, but I can totally see why the masses there aren't upvoting it. Like Les once said, 'It's just a matter of opinion!"

The combat is pretty cut and dry, again I don't see too much wrong with it and have played games with a much worse system. But again, you have your opinion and that's cool because not everybody likes the same thing all the time. I did a lot of work making all the weapons attack differently or behave differently in some way, and to me that's an accomplishment I can be proud of!

I do thank you for your feedback though. I know it takes nuts to tell somebody else they think their game isn't that good to their face and I actually dig the honesty. Maybe the full game will be more up your alley, hey who knows

Sorry, I don't have a Twitter acct I do things super old school like smoke signals lol. Please PM my gmail account if you would, it's Thanks, miss

No way, awesome!

Let me know if you need anything else for your video and thanks a lot

Perhaps THIS will change your mind!

It's .... Scary stuff! Ahahaha

Hi Kally! You look pretty cool (I.e. Not a stuffed shirt or whatever) do you accept requests to do indie games? (Like mine maybe?)

Hey you never know if you don't ask right? PM me at if this below looks like something you want to be a part of:

Here's something new showcasing the game's optional Super Demon boss fight. You can reach him as early as the very start of NG+ however it's designed to be the ultimate end game test when you've collected really good gear and fully upgraded it: