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Hasslevania 2: This Space for Rent, canceled but released as-is

A topic by Del_Duio created Sep 08, 2016 Views: 310
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October 1852: Simon Bellhump is called to investigate the predictable re-appearance of Castle Hasslevania- Count Dracula's castle. He was never seen again.

October 1952: One hundred years later, Castle Hasslevania's owner the aforementioned Count Dracula begins to stir once again. And by stirring, I mean blowing shit up, playing loud music, and helicopter flybys! This time, Rovert Bellhump- who had just bought a new house on the cheap from a mysterious "Sam Shifty of Shifty & Sons" only days prior- picks up his grampy Simon's short sword and sets out to tell Drac to knock it off or he'll call the cops.

After a long and arduious adventure, Rovert and new pal Chris Subdevil were victorious and Dracula was defeated. But in the final moments the self-destruct sequence of the Castle was initiated and only through a convienient Castle escape pod were our heroes able to jettison themselves into deep space!

But Dracula escaped as well. The chase is on.

The saga continues...


Hasslevania- Episode 2: This Space For Rent is an all-new Del Duio / DXF Games project that continues the story of Rovert Bellhump in an exicting new way. Started in December 2007, the game is a giant Metroidvania that's roughly 3 times the size of the original Quest for Shuteye. Expect more weapons and items, tougher bosses, deadlier enemies, and brand-new NPCs.

This project has been permanently canceled, however so it wasn't a giant waste of time I've decided to release it for free on It's got a lot to it, and is stable overall. You can get up to the final area of the final boss before getting walled off.

Have fun