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"Just a Cleric", new to!

A topic by Del_Duio created Apr 04, 2016 Views: 303 Replies: 3
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Hello all, I'm brand new here and not sure how ye newfangled technology works n' all however I wanted to announce my new game's free 5 mission demo which I've just uploaded here. The game is finished, it's just in Steam Greenlight Limbo-o-rama. The feedback on this has been really positive, and the game also got its first official review the other day (see below).

Aaaaand just so you know what you might be getting into, I made a music video for the game as well. The entire game's soundtrack is done with real guitars and drums and the occasional rubber ducky (I'm not kidding!) by The Booger Myers Band.

Just a Cleric Demo

I made the mistake of NOT having a decent video and NOT having any demo when it first went live on Greenlight, which is of course when you get 98% of all your views. I was brand new, OH THE HUMANITY!

Here's something new showcasing the game's optional Super Demon boss fight. You can reach him as early as the very start of NG+ however it's designed to be the ultimate end game test when you've collected really good gear and fully upgraded it:

Just a Cleric has been given the Steam seal o' approval and will be released there next Thursday, May 19th @ 3pm EST.


Just a Cleric on Steam:

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Hi guys! JAC and the recently released fully included free expansion "Scholar of the First Wuss" is now 33% off on the Steam Summer Sale.

It's like $3.49 or something, or one tenth of a Venti Starbucks coffee half latte whosie-whatsis

Hope to see you there soon!