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Equin: The Lantern, new demo available on!

A topic by Del_Duio created Jul 19, 2016 Views: 191
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Hello guys!

I'm pleased to announce the new version of my upcoming roguelike "Equin: The Lantern" this August 2016! It's the 3rd major update to the game since it was first released in 2012. Some of the new additions include Gamepad support, A quit and save feature (permadeath otherwise), rehauled 2 handed weapon / auto equip mechanics, gave players the ability to remove equipped gear (I know, I know haha), an new "Icebox" floor event, jail cells you can open to release powerful champ enemies, A new auto kill feature where running into much weaker enemies on the dungeon map will instantly kill them and streamline the game a lot more, some new items and maps, edible flowers, teleporting statues, and mushrooms that can either heal or poison you.

ETL's page on Roguebasin (V1.3ST changes have not been added to this list yet but will be once the game is released of course):

Until that time, there is a 10 floor demo available to play from either my website or here on