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How much would you charge for a new menue screen,logo and knight icon?

Make prices for each item.

I dont have much funds but would love to purchase a nice goork logo that fit my game.

uploading version 0.017 to play ;)

Should be fixed now as it where the late list all mod function that made it crash if the folder did not exist ;)

When i added this so did i have the folders so the crash never occured for me ;)

Thanks for the feedback..

And thanks for the feedback as its very important ;)

thats weird as it should not do that ?

Its how goggle android setups this on android as the code only checks if the permission have bin turned down or accepted on the os ?

but i will probably nead to do a kind of fallback to if android os fails this?

This happens as the modding function neads to read and write to he sd card so users can share there mods.

I nead to check if some os have other restrictions also on android.

wath mobile brand and os do you have ;)

That background is like its made for the goork map screen ;)

Supported off course.

Goork game.

Lovely so supported..

Going to use for parallax in goork.

Goork game.

Lovely so supported off course.

Going to use parts in next goork update.

Goork game

Thanks alot my friend and thanks for the donation ;)

Using parts of it for my prototype over here …

Goork the game

Inspired me when i started out to draw my own ingame alot also ;)

I also donated you some Money ;)

Iam using parts of it for my prototype over here :)

Saved me some time while prototyping…

And i donated some Money for you also ;)

Goork the game

Thanks gar :)

I tryed to wait for the prototype even if its very early until i released anything playable…..

Its about 8% done with wath i have planned for it as it only have about 9 rooms being flipped and randomized of 50 etc.

The ingame shop with the ingame curreny for weapons and other fun stuff is not activ ingame still.

and the boss rooms is still being coded.

But wanted to show it to see if anyone is intrested in funding a small indi game by a one man team so early.

so thanks for your contribution in making the game happen ;)


iam working on the modding posssibilities also with the first bit that anyone can select to play anyones shared maps ingame as a game of its own…

Thats very simple as the mapper have its own tile painter also….

but this part is also very early.

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I purchased it but your rar files refuses to unpack wathever unpacker i use?

I have windows 10.

Could you upload zip files?


Only seams to be latest winrar that managed to unpack for me ;)

tested 3 other apps Before that ?