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Hah, actually I don't use facebook - then I take some time and make some communication platform. And making together a game? This is brilliant idea and I cannot wait when I finally finnish my game and we start collaborate with new project. :)

Thank you, so far I didn't do much because of my regular job. I entered moment in my job where there are lot of orders and we are basicly forced to work overtime... I will post some news later if things in my company will change. The weather also isn't helping in making starcatcher... For several days it's extremly hot outside. Yesterday in the morning at 5am it was already 28 Celsius degrees...

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It might happen that bin is corrupted, but I tested few days ago this archive on my friend's computer and work's fine, sure we had some stress when game didn't launched for short time (~10 seconds) but I noticed his Antivirus (Avast) was checking files, but in the end game launched perfectly. 

Because of limitations on (max 500 files per game) I made online version on - you can play it online there. I suggest using Opera or Chrome browser for most compability. Have fun :)

Online version is a little bit outdated, but there are not that much differences between this upload and online version. You can check differences on my private development log (latest post)

Please tell me, what archiver do you use? I packed game with 7zip

(I packed it with compression method PPMd)

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These assets are amazing! Too bad that they won't compose very well with default RTP in MV, please tell me The Might Palm, can I use them in other game engine? (legal issues) (I have an idea for another game, but in different engine - Fusion 2.5)

I got deep into your game and I have feeling I did not discovered all, so I keep follow your profile, to compare what I discovered with you published. :)

Yes! Finally it is!!

True. I love this movie, but in my case... I use some more... abstract pictures :>

Tell me one thing if I may, plot is based on story from your life, or you just was inspired by movie "What Dreams May Come"? (I know only this movie similar to your game)

I did not play that much, but I have to admit, I like the portrait of that girl in 14:01 :)

Thank you!

If you wish, you can check updated version online on Indiexpo because this instalation is pretty outdated :P

Pretty far away... Demo contains only one act, where team is gathering. Scenario has in total 10 acts. But for now I'm not making maps or write dialouges. Now I focused on balancing actor classess and enemies. Implementing some new and - I think so - interesting game mechanics. Like this one [ Blindness ]. Yes, I'm aware of my shitty english (it's been many years since I used to speak in english), but I already signed up for some additional english course. Thank you for your interest in my project. I don't know do you like anime or not, but whole game is (will be) made like my favourite anime - The Slayers. One major plot, many side adventures and affairs to solve and all put in black comedy style with some spice of romance. But as I mentioned it all will develop later. What I can say now I work on this project 4 - 5 hours per day (weekends 7 - 9 hours). If you are interested you can check progress at my personal development log. I don't post here ( much since it's only demo because I want release my game in the best quality I can, considering this is my first serious project.

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Of course its a cool game, with cool heroes :)

You can play it online

If this would be not problem, I kindly ask to contact me on my FB page.

I don't like the way comment section is made here on

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yes. It has autosave and I on purpose set it for slot 30, this cave is part of gameplay, but in Tallanars house in lower basement on wall is hanging a lantern, pick it and in dingeon press F key to turn it on. It will light your path. As gor the other problems i check it when i get back from work. Wich is 15:00 in middle europe timezone. I think i record a walkthrough video, because my game has some exploring elements. And some require to think, for example. In attick There are welded doors and you need type in text field action to open them (Pick from hinges) (commands are case sensitive).

Oh. And this second issue. I have active plugin wich skips on load main menu and loads that starry map with option to view or not intro.

Hi - I am now just fixing it... I hate case sensitive languages...

Hah! I fixed!! But still disallow me for +500 files. so check it on indiexpo :)

To be honest - I'm already working on it :D I set up local web server, deployed game and I look deep inside files what is messing my game.

I'm actally no-life man. Only job even though I'm +30yrs old.

I will make online version - I have even deployed for web browsers - but I need to rewrite some of my plugins, because... They don't work properly on web browsers. In downloadable version everything is ok, but on online versions all skills (except attack) deals 0 damage and my plugin to parse skill formula directly from database returns error NaN (Not a Number), so I think I spend next weekend solving this problem.

If you are interest, before I go sleep (I have morning shift at work) I can record some of gameplay, how it all (should) works ;)

Oh btw. Your light on windows browser (Opera) on Nurock is very misslocated:

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I uploaded my game both download and online version on indiexpo - I think this is even better. I gave your game 5 stars :)

You may also check my game

Nope. It's not - I will need to remove some content, because allows only 500 files per zip file, my demo contains in total... 800 files and all of them are required... But downloadable demo itself is very light. 115MB i think with current internet speed is tiny weight. I was looking for some free server where I could make online demo, but... You know how it is with free website hosting services...

To be honest and I'm a honest person. I did not play that much to find that easter egg, I'm quite busy with my own project and full-time job. I check my dashboard and I got another problem with my project - how to get with it to the as much as possible players... This is most difficult for me, since I do it completly alone, maybe after all it's not as good as I thought?

I would also be pleased if you take my advice - don't rush things, your game already is good ;)

Good job. Just tested and works great :)

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Collect team of your friends and go to an adventure to catch a thief who steals magic and alchemic items leaded by schizofrenic wizard.

Well, I think it's about for me as well to introduce myself.

I'm Soulrender and I'm 30 years old and I'm from Poland. I'm begginer Indy Game developer and I published demo of my first serious project I'm currently working on. There is nothing much to tell about me, maybe only that as every man I have a dream for better life and a job I really, REALLY hate... I decided to try my skills as Game dev to check that my ideas, imagination and determination will help me change my gray life into something better... My primary tool of making games is RPG Maker MV, but I like to make some stuff in Fusion 2.5, these both tools are very easy and complex to use so I can swiftly create with them something interesting.

I also love to programming applications, especialy for windows (with Delphi XE) and web applications (PHP/MySQL/CSS) but recently I put PHP aside for RPG Maker.

Hey, I'd like if you could check my project too. I have some difficulties to promote myself, so any help and reviews will be appreciated.

This is great game, I love the art.

Pretty good, but Controling main protagonist I would make on mouse.

Hi, you followed me today and I checked your game "Hercules" I like style you choose and topic for game, because also I love greeks mythology. :)