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Thank you for playing!! <3

Ah yes the draw_layer parameter was the one issue!

The Layer id should be in the right order.

Now the layer system works in all of my menu screens.

But in-game everything included in the layer post processing effects is not getting rendered. (Right now every layer except my UI)

That's weird because the fullscreen draw functions work great in every room.

Does it have something to do with my camera?


the asset pack is really great.

But I have a couple of problems with the layer system. When I turn off the draw function to use the layer function, post processing is not being applied after a room switch.

Also the apply function randomly starts showing "layer_effects_id" as an error but also shows it as correct sometimes. Maybe that has something to do with it.

I followed all the steps in the layer section of the documentation and I can't find the error :D

Thank you for downloading my game! <3


thank you for the post. I never tried the client but the normal download on the itch io page works.

I think I forgot to specifically tag the build as a windows version. That was probably the reason, why the build did not show up in the client. I changed it now so hopefully it works for you.

Feel free to message me, if this didn't fix the problem!

- William

Visuals and Sound is really stunning. Gameplay fell a bit short. There is not much to do other than collecting meteroides and planets. Enemies or other dangers would really add to the games experience!

I already have gmlive, which is wonderful on its own. Now I found this extension. Easy to setup and works very good. Also really cheap!


I'm so sorry, I just realised that I forgot to unlink steam from the newest update.

I reuploaded the game and it's now totally DRM free.

Everything should work, if you redownload it now.

I again apologize for the inconvenience!


I would like to submit my game How About Spikes!

Thank you,

- William


if you encounter any bugs and you want me to fix them, then just comment down below with the problem and when it happened during gameplay. You can also comment ideas or features, which you want to see getting implemented. I'll write an anwser to all comments!

- SoulPixel


Thank you!


Thank you so much for playing it c:

*loves u


I think there is a resolution problem with your os. On my full hd display your os buttons are in front of the text so that i cant read them :)

But still good job!

I just looked at it and this is a pretty nice idea haha!

I would love to add the game to your store but I have almost no idea of CF.

Maybe we can find a different solution! c:

Btw: nice need for speed most wanted background :3


im actually using Game Maker Studio 1.4 for developing it! :)

Yo lets play my game!


Play my little game c:

Hey Sweetie cx

Play my game c:

What an awesome game!

Love it!

Hey Guys!

I'm new to this page and just released my new game The Pink Danger.

It would be so awesome, if some of you guys would check it out! c:


The Pink Danger is a challenging Platformer with 3 worlds right now. (New Worlds are coming soon!)

The game has a "80s Miami" flair and it's just because I like GTA Vice City so much hehe...

You're playing as "Sally", who is trying to find out, what happened to her world.

Link to the Game:

Btw Thanks to everyone who is reading this! *loves u