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How About Spikes

A 2D metroid-vania like platformer with RPG elements. · By SoulPixel

Game file only links to buy it on steam page

A topic by Teekayeh created Jun 16, 2020 Views: 320 Replies: 2
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Good Afternoon!
So I recently got the 'Bundle for Radial Justice and Equality' that included this game in it. Although as I sat down to play, the exe file only linked me to buy it on the steam page instead of opening the game from the download provided here.



I'm so sorry, I just realised that I forgot to unlink steam from the newest update.

I reuploaded the game and it's now totally DRM free.

Everything should work, if you redownload it now.

I again apologize for the inconvenience!


All good, no worries!  I look forward playing your game! c: