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Nice  - cute puzzle game all and all. Only part I kinda got stuck on was I didn't realize I could go left on the second last level and got a little confused rip, but once i figured that out I got it right away! And yeah the big Luigi is terrifying haha.

And I know it took me a second to figure out all the controls, so as little guide for anyone else playing;
Enter - Next button, and start menu (very helpful for the reset feature)
Arrow Keys - Move 
X - Drop / view current power
Z - Sword attack / Gun 
Click - Guide the Luigis / have them follow with the whistle power up (you do need to walk into them just to wake them up first tho!)

Yo! I gave it another shot this morning from my laptop instead of the computer I normally use and it worked fine, so I think it was something 100% on my end that was going weird ahh// I'm booting it up now to play though so I'm excited to start the game!


All good, no worries!  I look forward playing your game! c:

Love the game aesthetic, as mentioned by the other comment some games are a little glitchy, and I couldn't find a way to navigate back to the main menu after picking a game.

Hello! I just bought the 'Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality' with this game in it, and found after trying to download it twice it failed both times. I'm not sure if its just on my end, or a problem in general, but it looks like a cute game from the screen shots, and I just wanted to make sure I made a comment in case anyone else had the same problem. 

The pixel art for the game cards is very cute!

Good Afternoon!
So I recently got the 'Bundle for Radial Justice and Equality' that included this game in it. Although as I sat down to play, the exe file only linked me to buy it on the steam page instead of opening the game from the download provided here.

A very cute and relaxing game! The art/graphics are very nice, and the music was a perfect fit.

The only thing I kinda missed was the ability to use a hit while in the puzzle, and not just at the start of the stage, but all and all very well done!