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How About Spikes

A 2D metroid-vania like platformer with RPG elements. · By SoulPixel

No compatible upload?

A topic by SabreCat created Jul 25, 2020 Views: 154 Replies: 6
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Attempted to install the game via the Itch client, but there's nothing available to download. Has the game been delisted?

Ah, maybe it doesn't have a Windows version? Though it still shows up on searches with a Windows filter...



thank you for the post. I never tried the client but the normal download on the itch io page works.

I think I forgot to specifically tag the build as a windows version. That was probably the reason, why the build did not show up in the client. I changed it now so hopefully it works for you.

Feel free to message me, if this didn't fix the problem!

- William


That appears to have fixed it! Thanks!


Thank you for downloading my game! <3