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Sure, go for it! I have the "uncopyright" stamp there, people can do with the text as they like!

thank you and well done! That twitchy bird sure was distracting, haha.

Fantastic, just what I was hoping for! Thanks for taking the time.

I guess I'll have to look around the rest of your ludography to see what you do with these concepts outside the constraints of OSR compatibility 😸

"Law" could work, I'll let that roll around my head a bit.

Al-Hiri, ah, I mentioned it on the project page: "The "Al-Hiri" faction is a nod to The Shab-Al-Hiri Roach by Jason Morningstar." Maybe it deserves a footnote in the main text, though? Or drop that too and promote one of the nicknames, like Swarm or Locusts.

I used the CC0 "do whatever you want, you don't even have to attribute" license, so do as you please! I'd be happy to look at whatever you feel like sharing, though!

ahh, thanks much for the shout-out! I'm just getting my teeth into World is a Fuck, there's a lot of great material. I would love to read a dev log talking about your replacements for the old six attributes!

I bet you'd love Rod, Reel, and Fist, if you've never played it! It was in the Racial Justice charity bundle a while back.

Am I misunderstanding something, or is it not actually possible for the Minnow to be a fish on the hook? (You roll 2d6 on the Fish List, meaning a minimum of 2, and it's #1 on the list...) Is it just there as a bait item you might bring to a fishing trip?

I'm intrigued, but it has some issues... all I did was look at Jules's locker, and hit a dead end. There were no hyperlinks to click and no way to navigate backward in the text.

This game is super clever! I wish I could turn off the little tour of the level it gives you every. time. you. fail. though. Having to wait several seconds to regain control over and over again takes the natural frustration at the challenge and amplifies it unnecessarily!

Ah yeah, I came to report this myself! It's cute at first, but it does get distracting, and doesn't look intentional.

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Hi, thanks for providing this resource! I just bought it, and am having some trouble downloading it using the client. It says no compatible downloads were found. (I'm on Windows 10 but I don't think that should matter, right?)

For anyone who happens to try installing this from the Itch client, it doesn't seem to work. Best you can do is install the .exe, then head to the Itch web interface to download the .pck and put it in the same location as the executable.

That appears to have fixed it! Thanks!

Ah, maybe it doesn't have a Windows version? Though it still shows up on searches with a Windows filter...

Attempted to install the game via the Itch client, but there's nothing available to download. Has the game been delisted?

There we go, thank you! I must've misunderstood the mention of the bar, thinking that was in the Nightlife District... (forgot or didn't catch its name when we were inside, earlier)


  • We've been to the NSB building twice.
  • After the second visit, we convened at an injured person's apartment.
  • There, a mysterious contact who helped us during the NSB thing gave us a task to receive a package in the Nightlife District.

That seemed like it'd be a good time to unlock the Nightlife District? or... maybe I misunderstood something, and we're supposed to take the package to the Nightlife District? In which case, where's the package? (This is where a main-quest tracker would be handy, haha...)


The subway...? That takes me to the industrial district, where I can meet with Leonid to upgrade weapons, but I haven't found another way forward from there. Or am I misunderstanding you?

Been playing and enjoying this from the big Racial Justice bundle, but I appear to be stuck. How do I reach the "Nightlife District" in Kiel? I've circled every street several times, and anywhere that looks like it might be a path somewhere new is barricaded off. Halp?

ohh, odd. I guess I must only have ever tried using it when I was targeting something behind me, oops!

You can glance back by holding the "change targets" button for an instant. But with the rear micro I don't really need to--if there's something close enough for it to lock on to, I'm happy for it to do so!

Cool, appreciated--I hadn't been paying much attention to the carriers, that's good to know! I have managed to get further now that I've unlocked more goodies; the rear-firing micro missile and Drakon jet have both proven really useful.

I'm really enjoying this game, but finding it extremely difficult once I hit about the 7th level. If I get an easy mission objective I might have a fighting chance at hitting it quickly and getting out, but if it's a DREADNAUT or multiple land targets, etc. my odds are pretty slim. It seems like the sky is completely full of enemy missiles, VETs, and ACEs, and if I fail to dodge sometimes even a single higher-tier missile I'm toast. And if it's this bad at 7, I shudder to think what it'll be like in later waves.

What strategies have y'all found for progressing further? Particular loadouts that are good, or tactics the AI opponents are vulnerable to?

I don't touch the right stick, I find it super disorienting--but I've discovered that holding A (the switch target button) goes to a rear view.

Ah, what a gem! Great find in the big bundle. One question: does the game "loop" after Sector 4? Or is there a bigger badder boss of some sort in a later sector? (I regularly manage to clear Sector 4, but 5+ have thus far been beyond my grasp...)

Yeah, I managed a win after turning it down two notches! (The slow characters are still garbage tho, haha)

OK, the input lag seems to improve a bit if you turn down the graphics settings at launch? If I'm not completely imagining things...

Part of the struggle might be that there's some substantial input lag, which on top of the natural Pong need to be where you need to be ahead of schedule at all times, makes things extra difficult. I feel like the slower characters are next to unusable as a result.

Still, this is an engaging take on the classic "strip wager" eroge conceit, and I'm determined to get a non-EZ-mode win... eventually... XD

Ah, I figured it out--I had to turn off the mouse control scheme. The ship was orienting to the mouse cursor regardless of my gamepad input.

I think I would prefer a more twin-stick-shooter style control scheme than we've got (map right stick as if it were the mouse cursor orbiting the player, map left stick to 8-directional strafe/brake), but at least this is playable!

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Hey, just bought this and it looks like a lot of fun! I'm having trouble with the control scheme, though. I can map the buttons for my Xbox 360 controller, but it doesn't respond to either of the sticks, so I can't aim or steer--just shoot and thrust forward.

This looks delightful! If you're looking for reports of specific issues with the encyclopedia, clicking "Dawnsoon" shortly after the introduction of Eina causes an exception "ValueError: <store.EncEntry object at 0x7CD76B0> is not in list" at line 1866 of script.rpyc...

Played, replayed to find animations I missed, came back to donate. Thanks for this delightful little creation!

After some replays, my interpretation is that the "Johann" and "self-esteem" outcomes are canonical, and the rest weird delusions or rationalizations brought on by trauma. ("child soldier" I'm not sure on. Could be some of both!) I think the figure who appears at the end--and who keeps saying "please, come home"--is Johann, his head bandaged and jaw wired from Laynie lashing out at him in her flight.

This is so very cool! In my first play, Laynie came to the "activated" conclusion. Now I'm really curious what y'all are doing with the feedback/data...

Yeah, the simplicity of the controls is definitely a plus! In a way I feel this'd make it even simpler, though: left click always interacts, right click always examines, no ambiguity or undesired actions except on an actual misclick. Good to know about the right-click description cancel tho!

Whoops, I accidentally started a new thread because Itch told me there wasn't anything posted yet. Sorry about that!

Hey! I enjoyed the demo and look forward to the full release. One suggestion: don't have left click default to "examine" when the target object isn't interactive. Right click works fine for that. I found myself constantly irritated by accidentally examining things (and having to click through several lines of description over and over) when I was trying to interact. This was most noticeable when spinning the combination lock, where I'd frequently hit the outside of the lock getting its description, or the wardrobe behind it.