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Knight's Trial is the prologue of the game, we're releasing it today on!

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Yes, it will be about Q3 2022

Yup, we're still working on this! ;D
There's no new demo available, but feel free to check our Steam Page or Twitter to stay up to date :D

Actually a quite nice surprise!
It's always really catchy to see a game with that classical arcade gameplay with a multiplayer mode (playing with 4 players should be a total madness hahaha)
And the character variety is a nice plus btw!

Yay, we've just seen this! Thanks a lot! :D

Yay, gracias! :D
Aun queda un tiempo hasta que lancemos el juego, pero nos alegra saber que vamos por el buen camino! ;D

Por fin es mio!!!

Yay! Thanks a lot for playing! :D

Sorry for that . Is it happends all time? only once? when you start ?

We are really glad to read that , thanks 

Sorry about that , we will investigate this error and will solve it . We encourage you to see how demo ends playing it again or viewing demo gameplay from others players . Your Feedback helps , thanks .

Hi again Gui Santos! Here you have an alternative link! Hope you like it!

Hi Gui Santos, sorry for the late answer! We'll prepare an alternative to MEGA and notice you as soon as possible! Also, if you have any further issue, feel free to ask us on our Discord! We usually answer there quite fast! ;D

We haven't planned to give Workshop support. We just didn't think about it, but it actually seems to be a good idea! First we'll focus on finishing the development of the game, but we'll take a look to the possibility of modding. Thanks for the idea!

Awesome preview picture! xD
As we said, thanks for playing, and for your feedback! We're working on that!!

Hey! Thanks for playing, and thanks for your feedback. Yeah, there's still lots of things to implement,  but yes, we totally lack of sounds (we know, we're working on that!). Also, we're sorry for that weird bug in your first run. We've never seen that before, so we're gonna try to find it and solve it (since is quite criticall!) So... thanks! 

Lots of work still to do! We're  so glad to know you liked the game!Thanks for the video!

Yeeeeesss! She's so nice (and so zombie!)
Thanks for playing, we had a great time watching your gameplay!!

It will be nice heard your feedback about that :

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Hi there,we are AweKteaM and we want to share our early Alpha game .

TowerPrincess is a 3d Roguelite , Platform , puzzle , action game with some Minigames .The map is composed off differents rooms every time that you make a new game . Player character will be different every time too (things like  combat system , health , speed , illness or seduction skills ). The goal is rescue at least one princess , seduce her and defeat every boss of each area and the final Boss.

 Feedback would be really appreciated!                      

--- Trailer ---

---Gameplay ---

As we said, we've enjoyed so much watching your #gameplay!!
Really thanks for your support and your feedback! :D

Thanks for playing! We're glad you enjoyed it! It was nice to see you smashing every box the dungeon! :D
We'll keep working to develop more quality content, for sure!