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Awesome preview picture! xD
As we said, thanks for playing, and for your feedback! We're working on that!!

Hey! Thanks for playing, and thanks for your feedback. Yeah, there's still lots of things to implement,  but yes, we totally lack of sounds (we know, we're working on that!). Also, we're sorry for that weird bug in your first run. We've never seen that before, so we're gonna try to find it and solve it (since is quite criticall!) So... thanks! 

Lots of work still to do! We're  so glad to know you liked the game!Thanks for the video!

Yeeeeesss! She's so nice (and so zombie!)
Thanks for playing, we had a great time watching your gameplay!!

It will be nice heard your feedback about that :

Thanks , we will be  excited waiting for it .

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Hi there,we are AweKteaM and we want to share our early Alpha game .

TowerPrincess is a 3d Roguelite , Platform , puzzle , action game with some Minigames .The map is composed off differents rooms every time that you make a new game . Player character will be different every time too (things like  combat system , health , speed , illness or seduction skills ). The goal is rescue at least one princess , seduce her and defeat every boss of each area and the final Boss.

 Feedback would be really appreciated!                      

--- Trailer ---

---Gameplay ---

As we said, we've enjoyed so much watching your #gameplay!!
Really thanks for your support and your feedback! :D

Thanks for playing! We're glad you enjoyed it! It was nice to see you smashing every box the dungeon! :D
We'll keep working to develop more quality content, for sure!

We are AweKteaM and we have our First Alpha , can you give a try and if you like maybe you can do a gameplay giving  us your opinion ?

Thanks for your time.