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This project has been recently updated.

Remember to contact me if you have any issues setting up the game.

_ Darling Vexa


We know that it may be tough to set up games to work on PC so there are two different set-up methods depending on which file(s) you download.


The name of the ZIP file on your computer is AntiEyeCraft1_remake

1. Find the folder

2. Right-click the folder

3. Extract the files

4. Find the application within the folder

5. Run the application as administer

The game should begin to load. 


The name of the EXE  file on your computer is AntiEyeCraft1_remakeIN

1. Find the file

2. Right-click the installer

5. Run the application as administer

The game should begin to load.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or if you need any further help.

We take any criticism we can get on our games. The price is based on the time it took to make the game and the current amount of content included. 

The game does not have an auto save function so the time it takes to beat the game is very reasonable. 

We have already added new modes and content to the game to improve it and minimized the amount of memory the game takes up. It's been optimized and runs pretty good.

We have been trying our very best to make the game worth playing and will continue to update the game every-so-often.

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you! We'll keep this in mind.

Recently, we made a major update to our game "Anti Eye Craft". 

Anti Eye Craft is a space-shooting game where you fly a ship through outerspace and blast eyebats with lasers while you avoid meteors.

The game now has 2 new modes and 8 playable characters to choose from in the extra content section.

Mission Mode

We added a mission mode for people who want a clear objective.

Endless Mode

We added an endless mode for people who just want to blast eyebats for hours on end.

Different Characters

A few characters have a different way of destroying eyebats while the rest are just cool-looking ships.

The game is now on sale for 10% off until September 1st, 2019.

You can get the game here:

Thank you for reading!

Hello, nobody has downloaded our game "Anti Eye Craft" yet and we are wondering how we could improve our game page to encourage people to play our game. If you have an answer as to why our game isn't selling then please reply.

Thank you.

This game looks really cute! We might try it sometime.

Yet another wonderful thing!

This game jam (at this time) has not yet received 10 submissions. No free game download keys will be made available. 

We'd like to thank everyone who has submitted a game and we were really happy with each entry!

Thank you for showing just how amazing the game development community is!

We will not be able to send out free game download keys unless we receive 10 submissions to this jam.

Yes, it is a very limited resource and if we had to buy a license then we would not use the service. However, that is not what we were asking. We were asking if we can make a game in the engine and then sell the game. A license of some sort is required most of the time for engines like this one and some engines can be used free of charge via a creative commons license.

It is not completely pointless for us to make a game in Bitsy but the likelihood of us continuing to use Bitsy isn't clear. We hope to hear from you on this issue.

To reiterate, we will not sell any game made using Bitsy unless we are given permission to do so. If we are not given permission then we will not make a complete game using the Bitsy engine.

Yes, we would like to know about this as well. We have no plans on making a fully made game yet but it would be helpful if we knew what we were allowed to do with the contents of the game and if we could sell it. We currently created a test project but the future is blurry when it comes to that potential game.

Our plans include: visible enemies,  no random encounters, boss battles, optional story segments, support for speedrunners, and over 20 beasts to befriend.

We should make a game in Bitsy and see how hard we can push the game engine.

We are working hard to produce a unique and quality RPG that we hope will shape the industry. and set it back on track. We do feel that saying that now is much too early to say for sure but it will be different than other RPGs on the market. It'll be cleverly written and we'll try to make it very enjoyable - although short - there'll be quite a few things that people will notice right away. If you want to share thoughts on the product then keep in touch with us. The community matters and all feedback will be respected.

It's okay to be critical of the game industry but remember that diamonds are found amongst even the worst games out there. A lot of games seem to be one-dimensional but even some of those games are worth trying. More games means less profit for those who cannot be found and those who try to make an impact sometimes get lost amongst the lesser games but the industry is thriving and there's no incoming crash anytime soon. Try one of those 'ugly' games or one of those 5/10 games. You'd be surprised at how good they actually might be. Big name AAA games are usually one-dimensional and tunnel-visioned. Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets great reviews but the gameplay doesn't feel right when you look back at older Zelda masterpieces. No game is innately bad but some game developers have waning focus on the core of their game.  Final note: Make YOUR game, not someone else's. Be unique and spread awareness of your game and why it is good.

Great! We would like you to DM us on Twitter so we can send you a soundtrack download key. The soundtrack library you will receive contains more than ten original songs you can use in your games as long as you credit us. @thatsouterspace

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Great! We would like you to DM us on Twitter so we can send you a soundtrack download key. The soundtrack library you will receive contains more than ten original songs you can use in your games as long as you credit us. @thatsouterspace

Talk about your entry or just chat with another game developer.

Our game is a Windows game and not a phone app.  There is no way to upload a game and set a release time via the game's page via the app or otherwise.

We have checked it out however, we were thinking of an online version of it that would be accessible through the game page and not via the app. Not everyone has enough space on their computers so having it readily available via the game page would improve the site.