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Hey, I tested out what you have so far, and I'm certainly enjoying the art!

I would like to give my thoughts and suggestions on a few things, though.

  • When you pick up the sword with LMB, you should have the inventory boxes light up a little, to give indication to the player that he/she can put it there. When I had played, I thought I had to have the sword in my hand by holding LMB and then pressing the RMB.
  • Fix the depth issue with the inventory boxes. Right now, as I drag the sword over the boxes, the sword is actually shown beyond the inventory box.
  • The trees hitboxes/masks seem a little ridiculous, but that could just be me.
  • If the items are dropped behind trees, maybe you could fade the tree out so the player can see it? Or add some glow effect to it?
  • I think it'd look good if, when you hovered over an object, you'd be able to tell if you could pick it up. For example: right now, I can't pick up my sword because it's dependent on distance. But maybe you can add something to let the player know that they need to get closer.

That's really all I can give feedback on right now, it's a good start though, and I'm looking forward to it!

Honestly, this game blew my expectations out of the water.  I had played it for a good 4 hours, and ended up becoming pretty good(or, I think I did at least).

The fact that the game is an alpha demo, and it's this polished, is incredible.

The guns feel great to shoot, and the variety makes everything feel more exciting.

With all that said, I suggest the following:

  • Getting all the coins really feels like a grind. This might be a side effect of the game having 7 levels, but I still think getting coins without the Lucky Coin ability seems pretty rare.  You could alternatively add like pouches of coins, which are rarer, but offer more coins. Gives a little diversity in the coins then.
  • Some better music, possibly multiple music pieces. Gonna be honest, the music was nice at first, but got old by the time I beat the 2nd stage, so thanks for adding the audio settings to turn that down.
  • Maybe have some slight camera shake when the Plasma Gun is fully charged.
  • It would be nice if you could hold down & space to drop through multiple platforms. having to hit space a bunch stops you in your track for a split second, and that's enough time for some bullet/enemy to hit you.

Other comments:

  • I had never used the dash roll once.  Maybe it would've helped me, but I found other ways around to get out of tight scenarios. Ex.) The Shotgun.
  • The movement feels solid. There was never a time where I was like, "Ah man, I hit that key though! I shouldn't have died!"
  • I really like the reloading in this game. It doesn't seem to affect gameplay too much, but when it does effect it, you notice it, and I love that. The animations, and the sounds are cool too. I like just spamming the reload button to hear and see it.

I'm really excited to see the future of this project!

By the way, I'm assuming this is a decent score? I had recorded myself playing in Equipped mode with possibly the best loadout I could have. Might even be overpowered in some aspects.

Hey Jupiter, awesome! Thanks for the comment and for including it in your video, I'll be sure to check it out!

Well I don't know if you're looking for the host specifically to answer, but I don't wanna leave you in the dark so close to the jam. 

From my understanding though, yeah, you should be good, so long as you don't copy the games entirely as stated in the rules.

Hope you have fun in the jam!

I agree with CS Dev, I'd love to see this art get into a finished project, or even another small one! One thing I'd like to comment about is the chest naming system was a great addition even though it doesn't seem to have any significance, but something about this game makes it really fun, whether it be the music and sounds or just the art style, you submitted a great game, good going!

Oh my bad, Just saw these comments.

If you're familiar with gamemaker, there's some code that essentially sets the top left of the view wherever the car is(Doesn't use the object following portion under the views the in the room), minus 1/2 width, and minus 1/2 height. That's kinda the best way to explain it. Another thing to mention is the backgrounds, road and desert, are set to loop vertically & horizontally. I've learned from this game, that it also loops outside of the room. So if it loops outside of the room, and the car is moving, along with the view/camera moving, the road will of course follow because it's part of the background.

In other words, the road doesn't have anything special about it. All it does is loop itself, and because the car literally moves outside of the initial 640x500, the camera does too, and any background will follow.

I think that's what you asked. Thanks for the comments by the way!

Same thought as kanatos. One button games are always nice to have around, if you need to do something with the other hand. The 2 player function was also a nice addition, I got it on my phone and played it with my friend at lunch during school for a good bit. Pretty fun game!


Yeah I've wondered about the ghosts speed since the start. I chose the speed they are now so it's not really easy to just set up a block, stand in it, and walk to the other sides to avoid the ghosts, because I still wanted there to be a challenge, but not too terribly hard. Thanks for playing by the way!

Thanks for your comment, GosuKitta! I did indeed learn a good bit from making this, and the flashlight effect is one of the bigger things I learned from it.

You're good, not your fault. I'll just be sure to submit my game on time for future jams, since I don't think every host will be nice enough to extend it a bit longer. I didn't even know the host could do that after it ended.

Awesome! Just got mine in as soon as I saw that, thank you so much!

I would have literally need an extra minute. It was an awful moment when I went back to the game jam page and saw this jam grayed out. I had written out my game page and everything, it was all good, so I was going to turn it in to this jam. Little did I know, my clock in my room is 3 minutes behind and I actually had 43 seconds, and I'm like "Phew, that was a close one". Now there was the dropdown menu with my games, but not the newest one. Because I forget to hit Publish on my game page...

I guess good news is a demo is published on my page now, so if you want to check it out, there's where to go.

I want say, great idea though, it was really fun! It even got me to start a game I plan on updating a good bit!

For me, I'm honestly surprised by what I've come out. Or, at least it's coming out looking a lot better than what I expected, haha, I've got the main basis down, now comes the balancing and fixing up a few bugs. Rotation is a tad annoying, seeing how MS Paint can only rotate 90 degrees at a time, so if you want any less than 90, you need to draw the whole thing again at that angle. I'm planning to achieve a lot of the challenges minus the 3d and the standard palette colours.

Overall, I'm having great fun, wondering why my MS Paint animations are better than when I use piskel or another alternative and I hope I can get a genuinely fun game in the process

This might be a bit of a bizarre challenge if this is the case, but would the rule "make all your sound effects by saying stuff into a mic." apply to background music as well, or is it just up to the creator if they want background music out of their own voices and sounds?

I would think so seeing how the 3rd rule is "you can use other tools create transparency." At first I thought that meant to remove the white background, but I'm thinking about it now, it should cover opacity changes. The host of this jam should clarify though before you go and prepare a game that will require the alpha change.

Very impressive how you executed the switching bodies idea. It really made me feel cool to freeze time and appearing on the other side of the screen.

The art was great, soundtrack is really good, and controls felt solid!

The only downsides in my opinion is how little characters there are, and how they were in comparison to the others. The pyro felt incredibly slow. And I know he has that enormous tank on his back, so it makes sense, but I personally feel his speed pushes me away from controlling him. Other enemies were great though!

But that's my thoughts, so don't let this comment pull you away from this game.

Thanks a lot!

Hey everyone! I would like to say how much fun this jam was. I enjoyed the challenge of the themes and the time allotted made it a bit more fun. Personally I enjoyed most of the games submitted here, but I would like to know how specific my game(Roadway Ram) was graded. Like how it got on art, music, polish, and the others. And if you can, go in a little detail with the gradings, how I could make it better in each aspect. Thanks in advance!

PS.) I'm assuming this is where I'd post my detailed breakdown request, apologies if not.

This game idea is simple, but done pretty well.

The sword sound effect was pretty good. I may have encountered a bug, in one of the levels, when I jumped in the blue circle, my guy just fell down and that was it. Might wanna make it a bit more clear if the player beat the game. Nice short game though!

I can see where this could be a cool idea for the game, as said in the description, I experienced 2 main bugs, and I'll list em here in a the slight chance you haven't noticed them.

  • The controls for restarting seem to not work whatsoever
  • If you are moving while you press L-ctrl to throw those hacker bots, your character just moves on to infinity
Like I said, this could turn out to be a cool game, you may want to add pictures or something to this page to let it stand out more. I was just bored and went to play the most recent haha, but yeah, keep it up, surely it'll get better.

Pretty neat idea. I don't recall seeing a puzzle game that has this sorta idea. It was confusing at first, but I got the hang of it around level 8ish. The only issue I found with it is after the main levels, it sorta glitched out when I picked the wrong one and some were left standing with nothing to do. All in all, it's great, Blyant Games.