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Just in case the script feels like picking up late submissions. Wasn't aware of this bundle, and I'm more than happy to include my project in this. Thank you for doing this sorta thing; it's awesome!

Really enjoyable game! I suck at it- definitely- but I'm planning on getting a bit better at it. I recorded a rather lengthy video with my first attempts at the game; split it up into chapters, and threw in minor editing to help make it feel not as long.

Definitely looking forward to any potential updates, and I'm looking forward to actually facing a boss eventually too!

Haven't checked on this game in over a year, and the day that I do, you end up having a devlog showing off a bandcamp. This is good stuff too, what in the world

Ohh this definitely has potential. Can't wait for more content to be added.

As for any bugs, I noticed if you hold the mouse button as the weapon is returning to a normal state, you won't actually charge the weapon for a power attack.

I also encountered a bug with the buttons not working after you die; I couldn't replicate it  unfortunately.

I'm gonna keep an eye on this game, good job on it so far!

Found this game through the Unity discord, and felt obligated to play it due to the sprite of the turtle. The game doesn't have much content as of the time I'm typing this (version 0.61), and it's very quick to beat, but it's enjoyable and shows potential.  I enjoyed the Weaving Lasers level a lot, and played that one more than once, the last level was also pretty fun.

I did find one relatively annoying bug, which is that the player sprite seems to slightly off centered. To reproduce the bug, you need to walk the turtle very close off of the edge, but stop right after the front side of his back feet are off the edge(turtle should be almost hovering in the air). Then when you turn around, the turtle flips horizontally, and causes him to fall off.

As a side note, I don't know if it's the developer's intentions, but I could see this being a fun mobile game to play given the simple controls, and fun level designs. Overall, it seems promising. Can't wait till it gets audio!

"The starting weapon now shoots slower."


"Flak Cannon is completely reworked."

Oh thank goodness. Always thought it was a strange attack. All in all looks like a good balancing patch. I'll be giving it a go in a little bit. Thanks for the constant patches.

Ah yeah, no problem. Power ups were just an example. I was thinkin' like different bullets, or maybe a duplicate ship or something. If you were to add different ships, that would be just as effective, I'm sure!

Heyo, gave the game quick run, and I see a game like this having potential. I'd definitely recommend adding more to tone down the repetitive nature of the game(maybe power ups, or some other attacks). Mix up the enemies; perhaps have one that circles the planet before colliding.

Personal preference, but it'd probably feel a bit better if you were to smoothly rotate the player around the planet as opposed to it being static.

Also; I'm not sure if it does already, but the larger asteroids should deal more damage than the smaller ones. helps put priority on them and makes it more interesting to make decisions.

Just some thoughts and ideas I had when playing the game; take em with a grain of salt. Hope the best for your development!

Hope everything is going well for you guys, I'm back with a new update, and some awesome news. download

Have fun,

Ahhah yeah no, I've spent too long on this game, just to stop working on it. It's getting finished if it's the last thing I do. Happy to see you're still following the development.

I'm back with a new update on Oneiro!

This version's biggest addition is the consumable items, which opens a whole new array of options and choices for the player. 

The full changelog can be found here:

For a summarized version though:

  • Gear can now be found through vases/pots, and the player is limited to carrying 4 different types of items at any given time. Examples of these are Health Potions, Throwing Knives, Power Capsules, Dice, all with varying effects upon usage.
  • Gear can also "imbue" the player. Imbuing yourself will allow you to deal elemental damage through normal non-elemental weapons. In addition to this, imbuing yourself will "add" the element. Example of this is with the Torch weapon, which is considered a fire element. Using a fire Imbuement with the torch will enhance the burn effect and permit you to inflict Hellfire onto enemies.
  • Status effects work a little different and can mix and match. This works for both players and enemies alike.
  • There's an alternative music track that can be played.

Test out the update at the game page here!

-Ryan, ZSG

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Hey everyone,

Disclaimer: I'm a bit late on this forum, as I've been updating Oneiro for about 9 months on Itch,  and foolishly marking earlier update as a minor update, because in the grand scheme of things, they were minor - though that is not helping the system realize the amount of work that has gone into this game over the last year.


Oneiro is my largest project yet. It revolves around 4 natural sleep cycle stages; Non-Rapid Eye Movement 1 through 3, and Rapid Eye Movement. Dreams get more and more intense as you delve deeper into the cycles, and the game takes this sleep cycle as a skeleton for the difficulty scale.

Kickstarter page

Core Gameplay

The core gameplay for this game is as follows:

  • The player starts off in their hometown, which is cursed and everybody in the town dreams up of a similar nightmare every night.
  • The player begins the main game by going to sleep in his bed
  • The player will find themselves in a randomly generated labyrinth, with enemies, treasures, and weapons. By speaking to towns people before the dream, you can learn that the labyrinth as a whole is supported by a core. This core rests at the peak of the labyrinth, and taking that core away will cause the labyrinth to diminish, and drop you and everything else in the labyrinth into the boss arena.
  • Once defeating the boss, the player will dream up of a more intense labyrinth, different enemies, different items and weapons to discover, and different generation as a whole. These changes will really impact the variety in the labyrinths.
  • When the player reaches the Rapid Eye Movement stage, that will be shown through the aggression of the final boss, "Terror".

That's the planned gameplay loop I have for the game, and I'm working hard to see it become a reality.

Weapons, Items, Enemies, in depth

In the previous section, I spoke about labyrinths, enemies, items, weapons, and all that, but what's so special about them? Let me explain:

  • Generation of Labyrinths
    • The generation of the labyrinth has recently gotten an overhaul in 0.7.6, and is much more effecient for both the player and me as the developer. The player begins in the center of the labyrinth, and the further out you go the tougher the enemies are, and the better loot you discover. Another important thing to mention is that every wall and ceiling is destructible, and causing a ceiling to collapse will not only deal extra damage to enemies, but it can also create a ramp for you to reach the roof of the labyrinth to access more treasures.
  • Items
    • Items can be found throughout the labyrinth treasure chests, or dropped by enemies. Oneiro features unlimited item stacking as a way to encourage players to loot all the chests they find, and to feel progressively powerful the more they do so. A good example of this is an item called Magical Lamp, which grants you an extra jump in midair. However, if you find a second one, you'll end up having 3 total jumps, including your grounded jump. This item stacking mechanic works with every single item, and allows for some bizarre combinations for the player to discover.
  • Enemies
    • Enemies are split among 4 sub types of enemies; Normal, Elite, Miniboss, and Boss. Normal enemies will spawn in the main area of the labyrinth, while the Elite enemies spawn in special places, such as Weapon Chambers to test the player. The miniboss is summoned through activating special glyphs that are generated around the Labyrinth. Finally, the boss is spawned with the Labyrinth. If you really want to, you can fight him the instant you dream up of the Labyrinth.
  • Weapons
    • Weapons, like the enemies, are split among 4 sub types; Swords, Hammers, Spears, and Karambits. Each of these types have their benefits and drawbacks, so the player has to decide on which one fits their playstyle the best. 
      • Swords are the most "average" type of weapon; Decent range, and decent power, and a combo of 3 hits. Their secondary attack is a 2 hit move that can paralyze enemies and stop them in their tracks, leaving them wide open and defenseless.
      • Hammers have an emphasis on damage. They're range is typically slightly worse than swords, and their combo only includes 2 hits, and slow hits at that. Hammers make up for these drawbacks by packing a lot of power behind each swing. Their secondary attack is a 2 hit move that launches the enemies sky-high, and follows through with a slam to the ground causing a shockwave to destroy surrounding environment and push enemies.
      • Spears emphasize safety over power by providing the player with long reaching, and consecutive attacks. They are lackluster in regards to damage, though are quick to attack to make up for this. Their secondary attack is throwing the spear to impale it in enemies and walls alike. Impaling the spear in the wall will allow it to be used as a platform if you need a little extra height.
      • Karambits have an aggressive feel to them. They are ranked as the quickest attacking weapon type in the game, and are paired up with a normal 6 hit combo. They're damage output is quite high, but they are the shortest reaching weapon, meaning you have to run right up to the enemy to do any significant damage. Their secondary attack is a counter, and if landed successfully, will allow the player to teleport next to the enemy and perform a quick stab that they can link into the normal 6 hit combo.



If this game interests you, feel free to join the official discord! I'm active quite a bit on there, and I'm always happy to see a new face in there!

Thanks for your time, and I'll be sure to update this forum post with the next version!

I'm really impressed with this, gotta admit. Visually, it's pleasing, the sounds are nice, and I can't say I've seen gameplay like this. That starting area in Level 11 is brutal, and I see where the game gets the difficult tag from now.

It would be nice to be able to shift the camera a little around, and maybe have an option to decide the camera speed, because it does get a little difficult on the eyes following the camera going up and down, but that might have been how I stalled on the sword for so long at some points planning my route.

Kudos to you in regards to the page, this page is probably one of the best Itch pages I've seen in my time here on Great stuff you have here!

Happy to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!

Nice little game gotta admit. There were some issues that bugged me, like the strange collision boxes, and the minor frame drops I had when I spammed the magic, but I beat it in the entirety, restored color to the kingdom, and can definitely say that it's an enjoyable little game. The combat effects, with the screenshake and the sounds were good, and the music was good too. Nice work on it!

Hey I gave your game a shot, very fun, love the potential here! Played it by myself for about an hour and found a few things to note:

  • The game could definitely use more work in the audio department, but I do like the current sounds in the game. I think it complements the games art style very well.
  • It'd be really helpful if silhouettes of enemies showed through structures. In addition to this, it'd be nice if the player silhouette showed up behind tree branches.
  • Maybe experiment with the visual change to an object when the player can pick it up. Right now, I think it turns slightly brighter, but it's not too noticeable.

Hey, I've been creating a game for a little while at this point, and still working on it, but it is completely playable! 

It's a first person dungeon crawler revolving around the player dreaming of a labyrinth that's filled with weapons and items for the player to collect and stack onto each other.

I'm happy to hear people enjoy the transparency, I was a little worried about that. 

Thanks for playing!

I'm working hard at it! Thanks for playing!

Hey glad to hear it! I had to complete it within 24 hours so that's why there's not much to it. 

I'd like to submit a game of mine that I just updated, titled Labyrinth

The player dreams they are in a procedural generated labyrinth, filled with items and enemies. These items can stack to become more and more powerful, and the weapons have various benefits and drawbacks, but are all viable, so it's up to player to find which one fits their play style!


This game is really impressive for your first game. Took me 40-ish minutes to beat, but I learned I'm awful at platforming. I enjoyed the art, music, there were some really tough sections, but I learned with each time I died, and it was an overall really fun experience!

Good going!

Super cool concept, with how you teleport between worlds, and having the ability to transfer objects to different worlds. Loved it.

The biggest issue was that my controls felt super unresponsive throughout the whole game. Made it difficult to play for any more than 5 minutes. Mostly my mouse movement felt very off, I don't know what the issue could be though.

Thanks a lot for the video! I'm glad you caught that bug with the boss on camera. It should be fixed in version 0.7.3.

Oh hey, thanks for giving the game a try, man!
There is definitely a nerf to the vulture brain, but obviously that nerf can be nullified when you acquire enough. Hopefully the broken fang feels a little more effective if you found that.

I've never heard of that bug with the boss, that's really weird. A lot of people are finding issues with the boss recently that I've never encountered which is rather concerning. 

Glad to hear the game is looking good, much appreciated!

Oh that's awesome you've already thought about lane merging and all that other stuff. I'm using Chrome, but I may have been running it with heavier programs in the background, so they probably had an impact on performance. But the only instability I encountered was a minor slow down every now and then for a few seconds. Nothing game breaking.

Hey, I gave the game a shot, saw it Kickstarter a week ago or so, and glad to see it got updated! I love this game concept! My current highest score is $10000

Here's some stuff to mention

  • Can you make it so the shotgun knocks the enemy back towards the cursor. You could aim the gun away from oncoming cars then, and make it more of a viable combat choice.
  • Love the turn signals
  • How about getting trucks? Longer cars, like limos or something.
  • This would be a lot of work, I'd imagine, but... lane merging occasionally? I don't know how much it would change gameplay, and not sure if it's something you're going for, but it would be interesting.

I couldn't actually find any bugs or issues aside from the instability, but that's from HTML5, so I can't put it against your game. Maybe offer a downloadable file too though for those who want to play the game smoothly.

Pretty excited to see where this game goes. It's definitely one of a kind as far as I know!

Really awesome to see a video on this game, thanks a lot!

While not a platforming game, you said you'd be willing to try out other games, and recently I released a demo of a game I've been working on for the last 9 months!
In short, you explore a procedural generated labyrinth, find new items, and new weapons to face off against the physical manifestation of fear!
You can view more info here no the itch page! Enjoy!

I love the music and art. Consider adding sound effects to a few actions/events, or all of them. Sound effects really add to a game, no matter what kind of sound they are.

Also, it could just be me, but I didn't find a chest at all in the first level, and the second level just had me start with a knife. Another thing to mention is that it felt a little misleading how you couldn't climb up ladders.

I'm curious to see where this game goes, I think it'll definitely feel better with a little more polishing, keep at it!

Thanks for playing! The ending is the best part, it always catches people off guard when they play it hah!

I... I don't know what I just played but I had a really nice time with it. Huh... I really like what you did with this game. It made me feel really peaceful, and I think we all need these kind of games sometimes.

Alrighty, reached the end.

Loved it and had a lot of fun. Took me several tries with how fast you end up going, but I made it with a score of 175167.25 px

I don't really have suggestions, other than the intro of the song being slow when you have to reset multiple times, but it makes sense in this context.

Hey thanks for the comment!

I suppose it is a little difficult to tell when to hit them. I think I'm oblivious to this issue because I've play tested it so many times to the point where I just know how far they need to be. If I end up updating the game again, I'll definitely try to find a new way to show when the arrows can be hit.

Ah yeah, I can understand that issue. I tried to fix that in the new version by making the arrows move once they got in range, but maybe that's not obvious enough, hmm.

Thanks for the comment, man, I'm really happy to hear you like that shaking text on the screen, that was a lot of fun to make!

Yeah, it's certainly got that "one more game" feel, I've found recently haha! Thanks!

Hah, yeah, I can understand that. I had to find some way to show the player that they are getting closer into the abyss, but I also had to make sure it wasn't so zoomed out that the arrows were hard to see. It's a little interesting because the game gets arguably easier the closer you are to the abyss, because you get a much longer time to see the hazards come towards you(but they also move faster by the time you get there). 
Thanks for the comment! Happy you enjoyed it!