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Hey, I gave the game a shot, saw it Kickstarter a week ago or so, and glad to see it got updated! I love this game concept! My current highest score is $10000

Here's some stuff to mention

  • Can you make it so the shotgun knocks the enemy back towards the cursor. You could aim the gun away from oncoming cars then, and make it more of a viable combat choice.
  • Love the turn signals
  • How about getting trucks? Longer cars, like limos or something.
  • This would be a lot of work, I'd imagine, but... lane merging occasionally? I don't know how much it would change gameplay, and not sure if it's something you're going for, but it would be interesting.

I couldn't actually find any bugs or issues aside from the instability, but that's from HTML5, so I can't put it against your game. Maybe offer a downloadable file too though for those who want to play the game smoothly.

Pretty excited to see where this game goes. It's definitely one of a kind as far as I know!

Hi, thanks for trying it out and leaving feedback! Always appreciated. I'll bet you could get your score up with a little practice. ;)

What sort of instability did you experience? What browser are you using? I'm trying to keep it running well in WebGL/HTML5, but it can be a struggle sometimes. Chrome and Firefox seem to run it better than Edge. So many people prefer to be able to just jump in from their browser that I hadn't given much thought to including downloadables. I'll get a set in later this week.

  • I'll be adjusting the knockback (right now it's the same as a kick, which leads to weird angles). There will also be other weapons, including a magnet harpoon for pulling enemies towards you!
  • There's a whole set of vehicles planned! Different cars, big trucks, little trucks, garbage trucks, taco trucks, wood chipper trailers inexplicably left running... Hoping to get at least a few in next week!
  • Lane merging/splitting, off-ramps, on-ramps, and passing trains are all in the plans.

Thanks again!


Oh that's awesome you've already thought about lane merging and all that other stuff. I'm using Chrome, but I may have been running it with heavier programs in the background, so they probably had an impact on performance. But the only instability I encountered was a minor slow down every now and then for a few seconds. Nothing game breaking.

Just thinking about this, by any chance were the slowdowns occurring when a unit got eliminated? If so, that's an intended "cinematic" effect.