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Ah, this is great! I hope you make more levels.

Not bad.
- I pretty much just maxed out the movement? Didn't seem to be an issue. Maybe it should've been an accelerator.

- At the end, I can't see the mouse, lol. Couldn't click on the menu.

- Had some issues with the mouse controls at first. I'd try to look around and the mouse pointer would just exit the frame. I couldn't get near the buttons.

- Computer really needed sound. I basically paid little or no attention to it in my winning run.

- It's hard to tell whether you're going to hit an asteroid. I kept hitting things I thought I wouldn't.

- I thought the screen disable lasted too long.

Very nice. I would suggest having a level indicator.

Nice update, it feels much better to play now.

"Play Again" button doesn't work.

Plays alright. I would request a signifier of how far behind you the cave-in is, and maybe how fast it's going since it seems to speed up.

Doesn't seem to be any real need to not have a go-backwards button.

What are the black things that hurt you supposed to be? ...My daughter really wants to know, lol.

So can I pile up all the letters in the Credits and set them on fire? XD

Nice. Got to 18750, level 4. Had to fullscreen it to avoid clicking off the screen when trying to shoot. I wish the trees had health bars. I thought the fruit would stop respawning as the trees die, but apparently not.

Well that is well put-together. Good job! Played it through twice, won both tries. First time I didn't go in any caves until the gold one (I tried once but didn't realize I needed to hit the actual entrance, lol) and never did find any of the "Big" rock smashing warmals. The second time I went in some caves, although honestly for the most part they didn't seem worth it. One I really needed a Big warmal but didn't have one. On the second try I ran into the boss really early! Had to run.

I was surprised and pleased that there was a boss and an ending. Most Jam survival games are "go until you die" and since I wasn't really losing warmth past a certain point I got a bit bored before finding the signs and realizing there was a bit more to things.

Standard warmals get stuck on terrain - especially rocks - periodically. Game isn't really that much fun, sad to say, like there doesn't seem to much tactics or anything to it? Just collect warmals until you can start taking out enemies, and then more until you can take the boss. The special powers aren't too useful except in specific caves. It was most fun at first just trying to figure out what to do.

If there was more tactical then the fact that the controls aren't great would be more of a problem. Like, outside a few specific caves, actually selecting a specific warmal isn't useful; just mob them with everyone. But I end up selecting them by accident because you didn't do the "left select/right go" mechanic most RTS use. Preferably I'd be able to select a group and that'd be useful in some way.

Seems a bit odd that the obviously flaming warmals don't actually warm you any.

Gave it a try. I got to the like jack-in-the-box guy and couldn't figure out how to go any further. Bounced a round a bunch and soon the frame rate started going bad. It said you could get a boost from wall jumping, but I couldn't figure out how to wall-jump at all.

Yeah, this could be very helpful. I know jams that are run on that struggle with getting a decent quantity of feedback to participants (or any feedback, really), while Ludum Dare just... Doesn't. In Ludum Dare, if you want feedback and are willing to leave feedback in return, you'll get it.

BTW, a lot of people complained about being distracted by the view-blocking effect, so I've made it a mask/dimming effect. Seems to be better for most people.

Ahhh yeah I could definitely make that bigger. It's not really bullets, though. I think I'm running into the limitations of dumping people into gameplay without any tutorial or instructions. It's "capacitance" energy that powers all special abilities (currently just the hammer and shotgun). And the bar is kinda the worst place to look at it, it's also displayed on the character and on the mouse pointer. But nothing in-game tells you any of that... I think perhaps it'll be clearer when players start without any special abilities and buy them over the course of missions, getting a little video of how it works before each purchase.

Thanks again. :)

Hi, thanks for trying it out and giving feedback! Always appreciated. :) Which particular GUI elements do you think need to be bigger? What sort of screen were you playing on (PC/phone/tablet)?

I originally made this game for Ludum Dare 44 and I've been updating it weekly since, hoping to finish it up this year but you know how life goes. It's a brawler about fighting on the roofs of cars, jumping about and kicking opponents to the pavement.

This week I added delivery vans, and what they brought with them was fog of war! Delivery vans are tall - tall enough that you can't see over them unless you're on one. Fog-of-War is almost always challenging to implement and this was no exception, but it's working and uploaded now! Try it out for free in your browser on a PC or Android device.

Have fun riding around on cars and trucks and kicking enemies to the pavement in Cyborg Highway:

It's a work in progress, but has been playable and fun since it's Ludum Dare origins.

Cyborg Highway is a work in progress but it's very playable, fast and fun! Might be good viewing, kicking people off cars and stuff.

Just thinking about this, by any chance were the slowdowns occurring when a unit got eliminated? If so, that's an intended "cinematic" effect.

Hi, thanks for trying it out and leaving feedback! Always appreciated. I'll bet you could get your score up with a little practice. ;)

What sort of instability did you experience? What browser are you using? I'm trying to keep it running well in WebGL/HTML5, but it can be a struggle sometimes. Chrome and Firefox seem to run it better than Edge. So many people prefer to be able to just jump in from their browser that I hadn't given much thought to including downloadables. I'll get a set in later this week.

  • I'll be adjusting the knockback (right now it's the same as a kick, which leads to weird angles). There will also be other weapons, including a magnet harpoon for pulling enemies towards you!
  • There's a whole set of vehicles planned! Different cars, big trucks, little trucks, garbage trucks, taco trucks, wood chipper trailers inexplicably left running... Hoping to get at least a few in next week!
  • Lane merging/splitting, off-ramps, on-ramps, and passing trains are all in the plans.

Thanks again!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Stick around, I'll be adding more content every week!

Gorgeous graphics. Doesn't work on Edge for some reason; worked fine in Chrome. Played great, but I didn't "get" a lot of the mechanics. I have no idea what the numbers on the bottom left and right actually do.

I had a lot of trouble playing the web build. At first I couldn't figure out how to control it at all, I kept trying to drag up from the spider. When I finally figured out how I was supposed to play, I had another problem: I kept dragging the entire game instead of the jump indicator! (Browser: Edge) Not sure what to do about that. Neat concept. Would've liked to see the flies at the end of a play.

Nice. The AI seemed challenging; I had to "trap" it to win. The powerups could've used a description, although I was able to figure them out.

I like the concept, the graphics are well done, but I think the gameplay needed some sort of additional challenge. Maybe a third, unmoveable sheet and a time limit or scoring?

Thanks for playing and commenting! Agreed on all points, I appreciate the feedback.

Oh, I wouldn't say the text is fine yet, lol, but yeah, a certain amount is inevitable. Could space it out better, definitely. Did you see 'UUUGE wall o' txt in the description? None of the help was in the original Jam version, it wasn't even written, I ran out of time... I had to write the help text in the game description after the jam had already locked submissions, lol.

The 2nd level was a particularly bad place for a difficulty spike, in hindsight. If you fail the first mission, there's a special mission just for that scenario, and if you fail the third mission the game plot continues with only a slight difference in descriptive text. But mission 2 just sends you back, and there's not even any random elements to make mission 1 any different. Oops. I'll fix that. Thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate it. :)

Thanks again for the feedback. :)

Thanks for trying it out!

Lol I have got to nerf that second level.

Which text(s) in particular do you think needs simplifying? It's already hard to reduce without losing critical information.

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback!

Hmm, maybe I should just nerf that second level, seems to be hammering a lot of people. The undead beasts outpace their allies, so if you just wait for them and slaughter them as they arrive, it quickly becomes 6 vs 4 and straightforward to win.

There's no friendly fire in the game. I guess by specifying it for the ranged units it made you wonder about the other units? I'll change their text.

I agree that the animations need to be slowed down. And maybe an ability to rewatch a turn (everything but the AI is deterministic so not too hard to code).

Do you think an in-depth breakdown of how turns are resolved would help? I'm worried it would just put people off, but... I think I would like it if I were playing.

...Let's see:

Fast unit movement (chariots and beasts) is resolved first before and then after other units.

If two units moving at the same speed are ordered into the same square, the friendly unit moves and the enemy unit bounces off.

Units moving at the same speed can follow directly behind each other, but will bump into a unit leaving in a different direction. For example, if you move north into the square of a unit moving north, you can, but if you move north into the square of a unit moving east, you'll bounce off of it.

Most attacks happen at the end of the turn, but bumping into an enemy unit attacks it immediately, even if it's leaving the square you're attacking. Chariots inflict their side attacks as they move.

Unit deaths only happen at the end of the turn after all attacks are resolved. Dying skeletons and zombies don't get their regeneration abilities.

...I guess that wasn't that bad?

Thanks for trying it out, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Ooof, there's no diagonals in this game (except the Banshee attack), it never occurred to me that the change-facing buttons might be mistaken for a diagonal movement. I was thinking about putting "tool-tips" on them, I guess I should get on that!

This is great. I guess jams really do work better with a team, huh? Took a little bit to get into, I'm not really sure why, but by the crocodile chapter I was thoroughly hooked, and I enjoyed the story immensely. The music's fantastic, the art is lovely but would be improved by a few more "mood" drawings of each character (e.g. angry, happy, suspicious, etc.).

Oh, and "seperate" should be "separate" (in "You're trying to seperate us, aren't you?").

Thanks for trying it out! Sorry you couldn't win. One thing I'm thinking about doing is having the player continue to accumulate units when they lose, so eventually if they keep playing they'll win by sheer mass. This would be in addition to having more randomness in the level generation and a really simple "RPG" phase where you can "re-equip" one of your units between each battle.

I agree that skeletons are better than phalanxes overall. It's hard to get really good balance with such high granularity. Almost any one-full-point nerf would make the skeletons too weak.

Yeah, in-game help was always on the to-do list, but in the end having a functional game took precedence. The plan is to have a more-or-less complete help screen, and also to have the side bar show the specific help for the unit currently moused over or selected. I'd even like to have little per-unit videos, like Into the Breach has.

...Never thought I'd get complimented on the graphics, lol. Another thing on the to-do list...

Here's my question, though: Do you think this has legs, per se? Should I keep working on this, or should I just call this done and work on something else?

I really wanted to like this. The idea is great. It doesn't play well. Mostly the ball is just too bouncy, although also the characters are maybe too slow. Like, I want to be able to intercept the ball with the arm, right? But the ball moves so much faster that it just bounces around until it lands somewhere. I played alone, I played with my kid, it didn't seem to matter what we did, the ball bounced around and went where it wanted to go. Needs tuning. Could probably be made a lot of fun with relatively small changes.

This is a nice start. Looks good, plays alright, got music and options and stuff. (I love the sound effect to the scroll bar, lol.) I got the can't-replay problem.

I agree that more interest points/variation would help the game a lot.

Hmm, I thought those "glitches" were intentional.

Really fun idea. I kept trying to beat it, but only ever got to 11. My advice would be to either make it a lot easier or make it a lot tighter. Right now many deaths feel like nonsense, and I hate that.

For example, the thing where you can (and in some cases apparently must) go a fair distance into the floor/ceiling, but you can't see the limit of how far you can go before you die? The game is hard enough without having to guess where you're going to die.

Fast pendulums that come out of nowhere need to be foreshadowed somehow. Maybe a sound, I dunno.

The colliders needs to be closer to the models. Sometimes you can go through the edge of the cogs, sometimes you get hit while not even touching them.

The death sequences are great, but need to be skippable.

I'd put the checkpoints more frequent, too. Having to constantly redo a section I barely beat once because the next part kills me, isn't fun.

Kept me playing, I'll give you that. Love the aesthetic.

I couldn't get anywhere at the breathing level. At first it just seemed hard, but after several tries, it seemed like I was doing it perfectly but it still just kept blurring and fell over. I don't know what I was doing wrong.

A level with just the breathing before combining it with the head movement might've made it more accessible.

Neat idea.

The reflections are gorgeous, the little bit of messing around with the player was well done.

You really should have it move as long as the player is holding down the key. I didn't really care for the mouse use, I think you'd've been better off either having turn keys or just put the player in the center of the screen and not turn at all.

Would be nice to have more "mirror maze" puzzle like elements. I think you could take this somewhere interesting.

Nice bit of fun. 455 FtW! ...I was kinda getting bored at that point, lol. Maybe make the zombies get faster over time, as well as having more hit points.

The damage feedback could stand to be better, particularly on a per-hit basis. Maybe even just a little particle every hit. As is, it felt like I was just doing occasional damage in an aura instead of continually slicing. And I could hardly tell when I got hit myself, that should have a special sound and particle effect.

The movement ended up looking and feeling very floaty. Maybe increase the force and the drag.

Well this took the "escape" right out of "escapism" for me. I think I did better at this game than I do in real life, lol; it's so much easier to click the right response than to do the right thing. Anyway I think this does a great job at what it sets out to do. Would be interesting to expand, maybe even get voice acting into it.